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Hi everyone!

So I'm really into paper theaters ... I've been buying them and wishing for them like crazy on Hobby Link Japan. I find something about paper theaters so relaxing and meditating. You get to sit, put your headphones in, and forget about the world around you ... all while making a little world of your own. So, instead of a typical review like I did for ITEM #607388, I decided to do a new reviewing technique of my paper theaters ... or rather, sharing with you what I've learned while doing them so you don't make the same mistakes I do!

In "Episode 1" (BLOG #45273), I had a really fun time building my very first Miniatuart kit based on Whisper of the Heart. I went ahead and purchased 4 more paper theaters along with some puzzles for my mom to do during quarantine. I couldn't help but pick up another paper theater from Whisper of the Heart based on one of my favorite scenes where we hear Seiji play violin for the first time and Shizuku sings along to Country Roads (ITEM #607382. If you haven't seen the movie, take a listen to this scene as we dive deep into this magical world.


The box is standard for miniatuart, and if you've read my previous posts, I love the designs of these boxes. They are not considered "trash", but rather double for your theater's base. This is a great tool because the theaters themselves are so tiny. I've decided to place Seiji outward as the front of my box for this theater, as I have Shiziku facing forward on the other one. They'll get to look at each other on my shelf, just like lovers should.


Now, for the instructions. Read these carefully -- but you don't need to know Japanese to do them. Most of the Japanese instructions are "take care with this piece" or "color this piece this color" -- yes, I learned in my past kit that they do NOT come fully colored or decorated, but that's what makes it fun!

I actually chose this kit though to practice cutting small pieces out, since it seems like there are a lot of faces and fingers. I mangled one of the eyes for my Baron kit, so it only seemed fitting to improve. Plus, my next three kits include fake grass, which we will get to when we get there...


As with all of my paper theaters, I lay out the pieces in alphabetical order and take a good look at them. I identify some potential problem areas (but of course, I find more along the way!). The "problem areas" I thought would be were the heads and fingers, but surprisingly they were a lot easier than I imagined when cutting them out. With this kit in particular, you will have several very small pieces like bowties and shirt collars that can be difficult to place. Also, piece "U" (I believe) which has the violin inside of it is actually used as a double back piece for the bricks. so I recommend cutting out the squares that the instruments are included in. I do not, but I think it would look nicer. Or you could scrap this piece entirely, in my opinion.

As always, you will need glue, an x-acto blade, and a clean workspace. I also recommend tweezers for picking up pieces and toothpicks for helping place glue in hard to reach places.


These two look super cute together. Problem areas are as follows. The violin looks great but make sure you position it correctly. I've found that the most difficult part of this piece is making sure that you put the hands on the correct way. I put maybe two hands on backwards but realized it before my glue dried.


Gramps' friend here was probably the most difficult out of the set to make. His tambourine is oddly shaped and does require some coloring (which I did after the fact), but his bowtie and collar are difficult to place. Also, be wary of putting his hands on correctly!



All of the folks playing Country Roads look great when finished. But, man, this kit might kill your back. I'm going to get some magnifying glasses for sure.

Now, this next part killed me a bit.


This piano is by far the most difficult part of the kit to put together. I really do love the Sankei kits, but my god -- nothing notches together like it should. Assembly of bases and background pieces always frustrates me greatly. You will need to rely on glue for certain.


And, strangely enough, this piece is not recommended for coloring. I think I want to color the piano eventually but did not get around to it.


One thing I tried for this kit was coloring. I colored the hair of two of the players after I put it together, but the in inspiration struck -- coloring BEFORE you cut it out. I tried it on the music stand with a silver sharpie and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Next kit I do, I am going to color the pieces before I cut them out.


Assembly is always the hardest part for me, but I think that this kit looks great when it's done!


The pieces in this kit can be a little squished with where they say to place them. If I did this again, i might just back up the background and space them out a little more. Also, one thing to point out, tambourine man actually fits in to the stool he is leaning against. This is important as I did not realize this when crafting. If you place a little glue on his behind, he will stick much better.


All in all, what a happy bunch!


This kit looks great up on my shelf next to my other Whisper of the Heart kit. I'm very happy with it, but man was it stressful putting all of the final touches on. My parents and friends were very impressed by the kit and couldn't believe I cut it all out and put it together!

If you love this movie, I recommend doing this paper theater, but definitely not as your first one.

So what did I learn?
1) You can color in your pieces before you cut them out.
2) Put hands on the right way.
3) Faces are not always the most difficult part of the piece.
4) Do not do this when you have a bad back -- you will regret it!

I can't wait to do my next paper theater and try out a few new tricks ... see you guys next time!
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galablue1 maand(en) geleden#78091894Yours look SO GOOD!!!! I absolutely love how clean yours look, yours are basically what I am building up to and aspiring mine to be lol! Awesome set up! Where did you get those little containers to place the miniatuarts in?

Aw thank you so much! I think yours look great and very well finished as well. For mine I use precision super glue (LOCTITE brand) as they are perfect for this kind of materials, super easy to use and not messy at all! The cases I got at a local store that sell Japanese goods here in my country (I live in Peru), but I have also seen them on sites like Ali Express!
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MartinTremolada1 maand(en) geleden#78091890I ADORE paper crafts! I've built a lot myself including MiniatuArts and Paper Nanos. Love how yours turned out!! Here are some pics of mine and how I have them displayed.

Yours look SO GOOD!!!! I absolutely love how clean yours look, yours are basically what I am building up to and aspiring mine to be lol! Awesome set up! Where did you get those little containers to place the miniatuarts in?
1 maand(en) geleden
I ADORE paper crafts! I've built a lot myself including MiniatuArts and Paper Nanos. Love how yours turned out!! Here are some pics of mine and how I have them displayed:

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Such a neat little thing. Never seen these before. Thanks for sharing!
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I never knew about these types of kits. Honestly my first thought to the title was "wtf is this?" but now you have educated me.XD These are really neat! Thanks for sharing.
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This looks so fun to work on. Thank you for sharing the process with us! I've seen the kits on sale before, but admittedly didn't pay close enough attention because I didn't realize they require assembling. As someone who really enjoys papercraft art, I may have to pick one up later on.
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Nice kit of arguably one of the best scenes from the movie.

I also really like that you can set the bases to have Seiji and Shizuku looking at each other, they look so precious ^^
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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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