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This has been a question that's been on my mind for the last few weeks and with the amount of complaints that I see on this site and others related to collecting I have to wonder if you folks enjoy this hobby.

My own enjoyment of collecting has decreased rapidly over the past few months and lately reality has been draining that enjoyment away faster so I don't enjoy the collecting hobby like I used to and lately I'm more annoyed at all the waiting one has to deal with when one is a collector and having spent almost 20 years of waiting while being a collector I'm tired of that.

The last of the recent additions that were picked up should be arriving by the end of next week and then that's it because after spending the week going through totes and moving storage totes to the attic [totes full of action figures] I don't want to keep collecting a lot of things plus my energy for the hobby is drained to a point I won't be bothering with hunting for anything for a while.

With the ordered list and wish list clear and this collection's rapid grown slowing to a stop this hobby isn't that enjoyable to me now because of being very busy with it over the last few months so I've reached my mental limit with the hobby for now and hopefully can focus on relaxing and getting to working on a few other things.

The Collecting Hobby should be fun but from what I've seen it's like a lot of collectors do nothing but complain about one thing or another it makes me wonder how many collectors really enjoy the hobby.

-I have been collecting since the 90's folks and spent a lot of time in this hobby so what I've seen over the past 30 years has been a lot of grumbling in many of the series fandoms I like to collect and that can get mentally draining to deal with so I've unplugged from a lot of those fandoms and I'm planning to disconnect from the hobby for a few months to see if that helps with recharging my energy for it and restoring some of my enjoyment of it-

Do you enjoy the collecting hobby?

How long have you been collecting?
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Congrats guys. You chased another person off this site.
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I think a lot of other people summed it up pretty well, at least for my personal experience, and that’s that there are definitely times when I doubt what I’m doing, even though I love the hobby overall. There are highs and lows to life and sometimes they affect your hobbies; they may make you feel a little disconnected from something you really love and that happens to me quite often. Like, with everything.

I won’t go too much into detail but I definitely have times where I reflect on how happy collecting really makes me and question whether or not it’s something that I want to keep on doing, especially because I own so many figures and they’re taking up an immense amount of space (especially their boxes). I often think about what I could be spending the time and money on instead and seeing the amount of money I’ve spent on figures is really disconcerting at times. Sometimes it feels more like an obsession than a hobby considering the amount of stuff that I own but the biggest bother in my mind is the money. There’s no harm in collecting for me except that it’s extremely expensive and I’m at a place right now where I should be saving money instead of spending it left and right so that’s the biggest issue always nagging at me. Especially considering figures are getting ridiculously expensive (over $300 for a girl in a bunny suit????? wtf)

Anyway, I’ve lost the passion before but it always comes back eventually. I’m not picky with the hobby either; I don’t really care about delays too much, I’m fine owning secondhand figures, I’m not picky about the brand, I can deal with some blemishes, I don’t need to own the boxes, etc. so I think that helps me to enjoy it even more. I enjoy what I do and I love owning figures, so at the end of the day I’d say that yes, I love collecting and I hope it’s something that I continue to love for a long time.
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Yeah I do enjoy this hobby. However the way I collect have changed so much in the past few years.
I no longer buy tons of merchandise of a single character I like anymore, I figured it's a waste of money for me since I move on from anime to anime pretty darn fast. If I really like a character or a certain series I will buy maybe a scaled figure or a nendoroid of said series/character and that's it. I do, however, like to collect pokemon and rilakkuma merchandise (like plushes, accessories, pouches, phone charms, console cartridge cases you know, useful stuff)
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I started collecting 10 years ago and I really enjoy it, but I reached a point in my life where I have to slow down, I can't keep with the recent prices and my house ran out of storage. I'll probably trimm my collection and stop preordering figures, it's the beggining of new era where I stop betting on figures that I may not enjoy that much.
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yes but it is better if you have more space in your room and you have a big money as well. :3
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I love collecting cute Rems. I think all the complaints you hear are because people are more likely to comment when things are bad vs when they are ok.

If I had any complaint it would be that people outside the hobby find it creepy. Figure collecting has damaged some relationships with some friends and family. I'm not sure how to feel about that. They could either be very judgemental or looking out for me. My gut says judgemental though.
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Yes, i do. But sometimes, other stuff takes piority and i have to leave it. Sometimes, the hobby has his downsides,specially when i have to wait a long period for a figure, or when the dollar conversion makes thins overexpensive, in those occations, i complain a lot.
Usually i try to reseach and look for info about the figure before i buy, it has prevented me from some sour surprises.
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I wouldn't be doing this in the first place if I didn't find it enjoyable.
Been collecting anime stuff for 7 years now but my collector roots go back 14-15 years with Hasbro Star Wars and LEGO Star Wars.
Now I am mostly buying anime figures though and don't see myself slowing down. Quite the opposite even. Once I finish uni, move out and get a full time job I only see myself getting more figures for the anime section and I might even look for a few old Star Wars figures/lego sets.
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As long as I remember I always have been collecting something. I enjoy collecting as a whole. I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't collect. The figure collecting hobby is the most distinct so far though.
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I love seeing these threads because it causes some real introspection in me. VERY rarely these days do I buy new things and feel that sense of joy and pride and happiness at seeing something new, finding the right spot for it, now it's more like I'm chasing that enjoyment I once had. I've added a few new things to my collection that I kind of just set on a shelf wherever it fits and move on the next day, wondering why I spent $200 on that thing. I think there's a spot for this hobby in your life, and one that allows for happiness still, but I do think it's very important to think about what you're buying, how often you're buying, and why you're buying.
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PVC anime figure store.

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