March 2020: How often do you change your displays?March 2020: How often do you change your displays?Ask MFC

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After changing posters around and moving things around at the start of this month I find myself wondering how often other collectors change things around.


Been working to shift this room's display around to allow more room for new models and after getting a nice large sized Storage tote packed away a lot of the Transformers that filled up the upper 4 shelves on the main bookshelf to clear 2 shelves for Gundam Models since I'm getting focused on building those and need to have a nice amount of display space for the new models.


My collection has grown because I collect a lot of Action Figures and those are easy enough to move around and store so I find myself changing this room around every time I dust and clean.


While these two empty shelves will be filled with Gundam Models I'm not adding anything else to the collection for a while so I can get started on changing things around if I pack more of the Transformers away since that collection takes up the most space here.


Got plenty of kits to build so there's enough space for these kits on the shelf and after that I'll have to pack away more figures.

With everything that is here in storage every few months I'll start to rotate out some of the old figures that have been packed away and put them on display,posters are changed around often enough and I'm getting tempted to put the old Wall Scrolls that are stowed up again mainly the Final Fantasy scrolls and some of my Xenosaga scrolls so there is a ton of stuff here in storage to put on display when things are changed around.

Action Figures are easier to me to clean and dust so when things are moved around dusting is done at the same time.

The Desk Display changes a lot, just changed it around a little bit more after writing this since this way I can look at some of the older figures I like a lot more often.


Display cases around here don't change much and I will have to change them around a little bit more this year, the Shining figures in this collection are all in one display case.


So far things are easy to manage and move around, this display changes a lot during the month but some parts are left untouched.

Changed things around more today and going to work on packing away more Action Figures over the course of this month.


The corner area of the room needs to be decluttered this month so more of that will be packed away.

How often are you changing your displays?

When do you dust and clean your collection?
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Ever since I started actively collecting again in 2017, I think I've only changed my displays around like.. 2 or 3 times? I mostly change the poses of my nendoroids and of course I had to change things around when I bought a new display shelf, but otherwise I never really do. Which is why I'm going to be doing a MAJOR revamp that will last probably for all of 2020, since I plan on changing my furniture as well (getting a new desk, new place where I can hang clothes, putting contact paper on things I wanna redecorate, etc. etc.)
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KorraBeiFong5 maand(en) geleden#76133637What is that fairy picture you have? 2nd away from seven of nine

Aspen Comics Soulfire Grace Poster, it's one of my favorite posters.
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What is that fairy picture you have? 2nd away from seven of nine
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When I get a new figure.
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Things change when I add something to it. However, some wall-specific pieces are laid out on open spaces before I accumulate enough to justify moving stuff that's already on the wall. Just trying to minimize my usage of Command strips.

As for dusting, just refer to the start and end dates of my school semester, lol (sometimes I dust during the break, though). I'm looking to change it to a monthly basis upon graduation.
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Maybe once every couple of months?
I only changed my detolfs position so i could see it instead of having it behind the door
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My collection despite how much I have, feels like it's still in the formation period.

That being said I'm working towards a static display once everything is complete so I never swap things around.
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Iv'e been way more keen on cleaning and changing my displays around now that it's warming up in my area. I recently moved my Legend Of Zelda display and changed it to a Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime display.
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I used to update and re-arrange my displays a lot for new arrivals, but I've slacked off on that for a while. I'll be showing my current display before packing everything away for my move.
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I re-arrange when I get new arrivals. Sometimes my newer figures look better with certain figures, so I need to swap out some. Other than that, I don't change them much. Sometimes if I get a new shelf that fits certain figures better, I'll move some around too. As for dusting, when I get all my figures finally set up, I'm aiming to dust them once a month at least. I have a big collection, so it's a herculean effort, and I prefer to go out on weekends than stay home, but I want them all to look their best, so I'll have to find the perfect balance. Maybe I can dust a certain amount after work each day. Luckily my newer place is less dusty than my old house and I no longer have a cat who's constantly shedding, so once a month might be good enough
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