Sophie Twilight - 1/7 Broccoli - Review (picture heavy)Sophie Twilight - 1/7 Broccoli - Review (picture heavy)Review

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Hello again,

and welcome to a new review. I guess today's cutie is not as well known as the previous ones I talked about. It is Sophie Twilight from "Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san" or as I know it: 'Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood.'

Well, the title says it all. A classic 'cute girls are doing cute things' type of anime. To be honest, the series is not that great, but it's good enough for some silly and cute moments. Two reasons that kept me invested in this anime are
- the voice actor of Sophie, Tomita Miyu (probably best known for 'Tenma' from 'Gabriel DropOut'). Maybe a stupid reason but I like her voice. It's somehow relaxing.
- weak looking characters which are really strong. Sophie is, surprise surprise, a vampire. Who would have guessed by that title?

I had a hard time to decide if I should get this figure or not. Although I like the character, I don't have a big commitment to the series. But nevertheless I enjoyed watching it, I like the character and I had no figure of 'Broccoli' yet so I was curious. Not to forget: She is cute as heck. More than enough reasons to throw around some money! I am spoiling my verdict here: Oh boy, I do not regret getting her.

It's a bit hard to compare because of different styles, but she is definitely one of the best (if not the best) coloured figures I have yet. Black and white are hard to pull of and Broccoli made the right decision to use shades of grey instead. Unfortunately my cam is not good enough to catch this. Many pictures are too bright or too dark, depending on the focus or lighting. I tried to use many different angles to make up for that but this means this time there are even more pictures than usual. I apologize ;_;

Enough talk... is what I wanted to say. But this time I actually have something to say about the box! Broccoli offers a 'discrete packing service' for everyone who needs a cover story for his/her significant other. "Don't worry honey. It's not another figure, just some computer parts!"


Sorry guys, I am just messing with you. I guess it's just the way how broccoli sends their stuff to the traders and my shop kept it in there for extra protection. As I would have a reason for a discrete packing service...

But now, enough small talk. I like the box. The front artwork is adorable and the sides/back show her in different angles (no idea why so many boxes show the same picture on all sides, that's just a waste of space).





The blister. Everything was packed safely. I see more and more cut outs for faces. Good choice for better visibility through the front side and less chances of scratching the face.


There are three parts in total.


There is a tiny whole in the hair for the parasol. Easy and good way for attaching it.



At first I was a bit disappointed because the top side of the parasol is just one flat colour. But besides that this side will usually not be seen it makes sense. It's a parasol, not an umbrella. Why should there be shade if the sun is shining on it?



The base looks great. Paved stone is complementary to her old fashioned stile.


360° spin around!









Her outfit is one of the main selling points for me. It's such a lovely arrangement. I like the contrast of old fashioned/mature clothes and a young cutie wearing them.

There are many eye-catchers on the top part of the figure: Face, scarf, hands, parasol... I start with the blouse. The cast is superb, it looks natural. It's plain look is complemented by a scarf (or however it is called) together with a piece of jewellery. The varnish gives a great finish for the scarf making it appear silk-like.





The cuff links look not perfect close up, but fine enough in normal view. They fit nicely to the buttons on the... erm, I have no idea how this big belt thing is called. Not sure if this is part of the skirt or an additional clothing layer as you can see it for example on yukatas. Either way it looks good. Every detail seems to be thought through thoroughly.



The simple lower half balances out the flashy upper part. And now I reach the point were my camera (or my handling of the light) is just to bad to catch the beauty of this piece. The next images are to bright, but I include them as you can see some small painting issues on them. There are some painting streaks from the shading. On natural light they are more or less invisible. You need to know were to look to find them. Imagine the skirt much darker than that. I will get to this point again further down below. Same as the blouse, I like the casting. It looks just good and realistic. (white dots are dust)





Another favourite part of mine are the stockings and shoes. I think I said 'realistic' many times before but it's just how it looks. (I tried to capture different lighting/focus, sorry for picture spam on this part)







Her hands is the only part I can nag about. The fingernails are a bit sloppy, but they are okay. Mainly a extreme close-up issue. But besides that, the way how she is holding the parasol in front of her chest is quite cute.




Speaking of the parasol, the inside looks really good.





It's a nice frame for her face!


Not much to say about her face besides it's very cute. I like her soft and gentle smile.




Ah, there is one thing to say. Depending on the light her eyes are very shiny. Not sure if I like that or not.



Last part of the figure: The hair. It's nothing special and the cast is not perfect on some ends. But it is definitely one of the better hairs my figures have. The sculpting is mostly nice with fine strands and there is some shading end even a bit gradient on the front.







For the end I prepared some pictures to get a better feel for her colouring. Three pairs of pictures made in the same angle with different focus/light. The first picture is way too bright, the second just slightly too dark. The truth is somewhere in the middle, tending heavily to the second one.







I am not sure about her size (she comes in 1/7). Maybe she is a bit too big? But maybe not. She is about the same hight as Llenn, even a bit shorter because Llenn is not standing up right. That should be fine. (Low quality images incoming. Now you see why I need so much light for making all the pictures)


She is much smaller as Taiga in 1/6, also good.


Same hight as Megumin in a crouched position, should be good. But next to Rin she looks like a giant. Hmm, maybe it's Rin who is too small. Judge for yourself!


So my final verdict: This figure is really really good! I like her cute pose. Her clothes are put very well together and the colouring looks awesome. If I rank her in overall quality she makes it easily in the top 3 of my collection. That's even more impressive if you consider her rather plain design. It's the superb execution that makes her stand out.

I hope this was somewhat helpful despite the picture quality. I should buy a camera... Until then have one more charming smile.



All pictures can also be seen on flickr.
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Thanks for the review and pics! I never heard of the series or character before but it's cool that you're putting the spotlight for Sophie!!

Even if the outfit is "simple", it's nice to see Broccoli nailed the heck out of her outfit. It ensures that her outfit is really cute!! It's funny how she's one of your top 3 figure, even though you mentioned that the series is "meh" to you.
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Thanks for all the comments. I am glad you liked it ^.^

StaticBreed7 maand(en) geleden#75340096Such a good review.. thank you for this. Tho, there was a little hair particle causing me great anxiety on some of the dress pictures T^T

Yes, the tiny fabrics bother me a lot too... they are almost on every review ;_; (but it's not hair, so no need for anxiety^^)
Unfortunatly I have my bed and most of my clothing in the same room. That's why I always have some dust and such stuff floating in the air :-/
7 maand(en) geleden
Such a good review.. thank you for this. Tho, there was a little hair particle causing me great anxiety on some of the dress pictures T^T
7 maand(en) geleden
Not familiar with the source, but a very cute figure/character.

The details on the umbrella were really nicely done!
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kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
Lovely review!
I almost wanted to get her until I saw others with her and her photos from pre-release and the ones others took looked different. Just tiny subtle differences, but your photos make her look really nice~
7 maand(en) geleden
Nice article, really detailed with all the pictures. Not familiar with the series but this character is super adorable, as you said I like her classic choice of dress.
7 maand(en) geleden
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