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Ah so they finally have arrived

Yesssss My first pair of Megane have arrived in Canada. If you have not read the previous blog here is the link BLOG #44197. This is what I said a few weeks ago when the package arrived from Japan. I was very happy to open the package and see that they were not damaged in shipping. I have no experience with Megane’s.



So the detail on the glasses are not too bad at all. I like the Emblem on the left hand side.


And the one on the left hand side is an embossed Feuille d'Elise which is also cool nit not as much.


I was not sure I would like something like that on my glasses but I am happy. The build quality seems ok. I never owned glasses before so I have no way to compare.

I personally wish that the gold coloring on both sides of the arms would have popped more then what it actually does on the glasses. The front is like a rather nice gold color while the painted side are meh.



Though there does not seem to be much difference between the front and side gold colors in R/L there is, the gold on the side is a how should I put it like a 22 K Gold color.

While test fitting them I saw that they were rather far away from my face. I am not sure just how people prefer their glasses. As an example I can have them on and if I keep my head horizontal and just move my eyes to look down I don’t need to take off the glasses to read a page below me. There is that much of a gap between the glasses and my cheeks. That would be the only negative thing I would say about buying glasses sight unseen.

After I gave them a good look over I took the glasses to my local eye wear shop to get my prescription put into the lenses. I was told at the time that as the lenses were rather on the small side that I could not get my progressive prescription put in so I opted for the distance as this is where I was starting to have issues seeing. For those of you who may consider these in the future be aware that getting progressive lenses is not really an option.

I got them a week or so after and I could not believe the difference that getting glasses made. I though my vision was great but I can now see way better with my glasses.

I also got the cleaning rag for the glasses which I will keep in it's packaging. For the life of me I do not recognize any of the characters that are featured in the Grand-blue Fantasy series.Unless they were inspired by the LN and not the anime.


Now the box they came in is very huge for the size of the glasses at least in my opinion. I have no clue about this but the box does seem very big.I decided not to use it as I was scared the glasses would bounce around in there and possibly break.




Maybe I am wrong in worrying about that maybe not if anyone wants to chim in on my concerns please do so.

One small thing though that I would like to ask you MFC community. As I mentioned earlier there is one thing that I find a little annoying. I find that the glasses ride rather far from my face. I can fit an entire index finger between my cheek and the glasses. As I never wore glasses before would you have any suggestions as to how to resolve this? I guess you get what you pay for that is for sure but as I could not try these on before I ordered them from Japan.. well I will live with them.

Satisfaction is a solid 8.7 out of 10 for me. Would I buy anymore knowing what I know now? I honestly do not think so.

I look forward to comments below.

= )

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I won't lie... I was really looking forward to face pics in this one (you know, because we want to see how the eyeglasses look). BUT! I completely understand why you omitted such a thing. :/
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Glasses usually need to be fitted to each wearer's head. As far as I know this is done by heat forming the bend at the end of the branches to adjust the length and maybe tweaking the spacing of the nose pads a bit.
You might want to pay a visit to your local optician and ask if they can help you with that. Here in France it's a service they provide for free if you bought the pair from them but since it takes less than 5 minutes, I can't see it being expensive if they charge you.

(EDIT: I read your article a bit fast and missed the part saying you went to a shop so if they've already been adjusted I don't know what more could be done...)
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I'm curious, when say that the glasses sit far from you, what do you actually see?

And I mean, when wearing the glasses, are you viewing the world completely *though* the glasses or are you seeing the world around *and* though the glasses?

And are you also seeing arms and the temple piece frames in your vision?
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Hmmm .. for posing you could always do how it fits on your face, and for base you could always do the "frames" and how sturdy they are.

Anyhow, I was really excited for you to get these glasses. I bet they look great on you :)
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I’m currently wearing the Percival model.
Before that, I got the Saber model. After a year, the chrome got scratched up and the side trim started to fade.
The brushed color on the Percival has held up nicely so far. I was able to get my usual progessive vision + transition lenses on these..which was more than the frames themselves. :X
As for the fit, they’re fine imo. So long as the earpieces help keep the frame secured on the nosepiece. You don’t want them tight on the face.
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I kinda wish that there were a way to take the Posing and base off the review as it brings down the score dramatically. Could we get some kind of a check box that we can click on or off if the item being reviewed does not have a base or posing?

Now there is a thought.

= )

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