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AstroNAstroN9 maand(en) geleden
Hello MFC

I am considering to purchase some wall arts, sizes ranging B2, B1 or B0, and I have some doubts regarding the process of purchasing them.
I hope some experienced collectors can give me some insights into collecting wall arts.

1. Where are the best sites to purchase them?

2. Can more than one wall art be shipped in a single box? I got the perception from some retailers than only one wall art can be shipped in a single box. Another wall art would require another shipping expense.

3. How much shipping costs should I realistically expect? For a single B2 size, single B1 size, single B0 size.

4. What is the most cost effective way to purchase and ship if I am looking to purchase many wall art (buying wall art in bulk)?

5. What are your experiences with defective goods? Regarding "New" and "Pre-Owned" items.

6. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thank you. I hope to hear your experiences of buying wall art.
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I've listed some tapestries tonight, if you're interested. :D i have some GE Animation (american merch maker) sailor moon & oreimo ones, too
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Hi all,

Thank you all for taking the time to share your valuable inputs. I would like to apologise for the late response.

I was shopping on TOM wanting to add a B2 sized into my figure order but I realised, while trying to add two B2 sized under a single EMS shipment, that it was impossible (not sure if I had to email them to try and combine it). Tried a few other permutations as well (B2+B2, B2+Nendoroid), but they would only ship a single B2 in a single EMS shipment, two B2 sized would take two EMS shipments. Hence the post.

I am already shopping on AmiAmi and Mandarake.
I won't be using all the shops that were mentioned, but I look to do research into all the shops/marketplaces/proxys that everyone mentioned.
For anyone else reading the post, please do your own research, the consolidated list is as follows:

Other shops mentioned:
1. GoodRepublic
2. Play-Asia (R18+)
3. Hobby Search
4. Surugaya (require proxy)
5. CD Japan
6. HLJ
7. trinity-sin.com... (Mainly for 40Hara Artworks)
8. ec.toranoana.jp... ( Mainly 18+)
9. www.melonbooks.... (mainly 18+)

Other marketplaces mentioned:
1. Yahoo Auctions/Yahoo JP (require proxy)
2. AliExpress (China Marketplace, at your own risk)
3. Amazon JP (may require proxy)

Other proxy mentioned:
1. ZenMarket
2. FromJapan
3. www.tenso.com/e...

ProbablyANinja9 maand(en) geleden#72213577IntoOpenWaters9 maand(en) geleden#72213638
By "wall art", I do exclusively refer to "tapestries". Sorry for the miscommunication.

I do shop on Mandarake and AmiAmi. Will consider GoodRepublic.

kcf11179 maand(en) geleden#72216078Marshmallowpie9 maand(en) geleden#72216140
I do intend to shop for R18+ tapestries, though I won't be displaying them till I get my own place.

Hopefully they won't degrade if they were kept for 8-10 years?

I think I will try to avoid proxy shipping, because of bad experiences I think they do tend to overcharge.

Thank you for the price quotes so I can know what to expect. Will look into Play-Asia and Hobby Search.

Chloe-tsundere9 maand(en) geleden#72217979
Is it possible for Yahoo jp/Yahoo Auctions to directly ship outside of Japan? I know that some shops on Amazon JP can do so. Would like to avoid proxy shipping if possible.

Thank you for the price quotes so I can know what to expect. Will look into Surugaya, HLJ and Hobby Search as well.

Criscokid9 maand(en) geleden#72218411
I do shop on AmiAmi but I do become turn-off with the unpredictable shipping costs sometimes. Will look into CD Japan as well.

Thank you for the price quotes so I can know what to expect.

Helsing9 maand(en) geleden#72256435
I did lose my mind reading this. I do buy stuff from China, but "Anime goods" won't be one of those categories I would buy directly from China.

"Most of the sellers even accept custom ones if you send them a high res file", Isn't this just blatant copyright infringement?

Nontheless, thank you for your input. I do want to support officially licensed merchandise if possible, but in the rare case I require a custom dimension/designed wall art I will take a look there.

Apologetic9 maand(en) geleden#72315416
Thank you for your input. I intend to use Amazon JP, while I am generally looking for B2 sized tapestry, I am also considering B1 and B0 sized tapestries which other comments barely mentioned.

Will be looking into your recommendations, thank you. Have you any experience with this site? www.dmm.com/en/...
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Apologetic Meme Lord
Most Cost Effective I've used By far is Amazon JP if your looking for main stream Style artworks (GOT wallscrolls, COSPA) type stuff. I've averaged 1000-2200JPY for 2-6 B2 size Scrolls with shipping to Canada, and the Amazon fulfillment protects you from defects and Shipping Damage,(they'll even pay the return Shipping)

If you're looking for Dojin Style Tapestry you will most likely need to use a proxy Service Like www.tenso.com/e... [they're trustworthy and literally attached to a JP Post Office]

The sites I Frequent are
trinity-sin.com... (Mainly for 40Hara Artworks)
ec.toranoana.jp... ( Mainly 18+)
www.melonbooks.... (mainly 18+)

the shipping AFTER proxy Fees (average 500-600yen) is about 2700-3200JPY Airmail to Canada ~ 2500ish for SAL PARCEL. And if you use Tenso they throw out coupons every now and then.

AmiAmi is by far the most user friendly but its also the Shipping killer 2 B2 size scrolls average about 3800SAL PARCEL because the long box they use is considered oversized and is mostly void space, It becomes a bargain if you order around 8 at a time and keep the weight under 1.5KG

B1's and B0 Tapestry Scrolls are a shipping KILLER because of their 0.7 - 1 meter length. (*If its one solid tube for the string supports*. Alot are 2 piece plastic @ 500mm a tube) if you want one make sure your filling the void space with other ones because I ended up getting hit with a 8800 Yen (after proxy fees) shipping bill from Toranoana for a single scroll.

If you're buying Posters and Legitimate Canvas Style Art, Posters are not covered for damage on any sellers I've used and are usually only sent with other posters rolled together.

Canvas is usually sent in boxes 60mm longer than all the dimensions with carboard supporting the front and back, and air packets on the sides, shipping rates can flip flop depending on what materials they used for the frame.

Happy Hunting.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Helsing9 maand(en) geleden#72256435People will loose their mind here for saying this but for wall art I suggest aliexpress.
Most of the sellers even accept custom ones if you send them a high res file.
And you dont pay for shipping , the only drawback is that it takes around a month or so to deliver.

Just that its usually either paper or cheap fabric. Definitly not the satin feel most tapestries have :) i tried one, and i never hung it up as it simply was not good ^^;

Maybe for diamond paintings theyre good, i had good experiences there and can frame em :D but official art/tapestry is better to buy from original artist or distributor :)
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People will loose their mind here for saying this but for wall art I suggest aliexpress.
Most of the sellers even accept custom ones if you send them a high res file.
And you dont pay for shipping , the only drawback is that it takes around a month or so to deliver.
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I have purchased many B2 tapestries, mostly thru AmiAmi or CD Japan. With AmiAmi, I have them sent in my monthly order, so it's figures, tapestries and anything else for combined shipping.
With CD Japan I can provide some tapestry only shipping costs:
4 B2 tapestries cost me 3830 JPY via EMS - don't remember the packaging
5 B2 tapestries cost me 4230 JPY via EMS - in a Long Thick Box: W260 x L540 x H100 (mm)
12 B2 tapestries and 2 pillow cases(like tapestries) cost me 7430 JPY via EMS - in an A2 Calendar Box: W650 x L500 x H120 (mm)

CD Japan usually has the same tapestry for less than AmiAmi, but the price difference may be offset with combined shipping costs of my AmiAmi monthly order.
I have only purchased new and not had any problems with defects.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Not long ago i paid 50 euros total for 2 tapestries..
shipping was insane :/ the items themselves were cheap, but it didnt fit sal small package..

Items were 2000 yen on yahoo jp.. local shipping was high 910 yen plus proxy fees and bank fees and shipping of 2350 yen by veeery slow post but otherwise it was approx 2800-3000 if i recall correctly

Best place where i buy? Surugaya with proxy or mandarake :)
Preorder i rarely do, buy i recommend amiami,hobbysearch or hlj i think :)
Yahoo jp as last resort :)
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Interdict9 maand(en) geleden#72217008Maybe if your in the US, but at least for me here in australia the shipping is extremely expensive. Like the same price as the tap itself!

Sorry to hear that. The average 2,200 yen ~ 2,700 yen to me is quite expensive already without doing combined shipping. The net shipping cost plus fee for my latest tapestry that I ordered is 3,315 yen. I cannot imagine myself paying more than that for a tapestry. That's kinda sad. The net cost is close to the cost of a figure.
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kcf11179 maand(en) geleden#72216078For pre-order tapestry, I think Play-Asia has the lower shipping rate ($8.90). Play-Asia has R18+ tapestry. If you are buying released tapestry, you can look for Mandrake or other websites. Average shipping rate is 2,200¥ ~2,700¥ if the tapestry is shipped in a box instead of a tube.
I recently bought a 6000¥ oda non tapestry from yahoo auction via proxy website (ZenMarket). The yahoo seller used a shipping box, and the package weighted total 990g @@. I was charged 2,700¥ for SAL parcel, 300¥ commission and 3.5% deposit fee. There was a repacking option for 1,000¥ but I didn't know that the yahoo seller used a shipping box until I got the final bill from ZenMarket. The out the door price is around $90 USD.
The shipping cost for a poster is cheaper. A poster shipped in a mailing tube via SAL small packet only costs me $6 usd.
I prefer to pre-order tapestry if I see any tapestry that I like. I must say most of the Japanese sellers are very efficient.

Maybe if your in the US, but at least for me here in australia the shipping is extremely expensive. Like the same price as the tap itself!
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I've bought a lot of tapestries, some from preorders from Hobby Search, but most from Surugaya and Yahoo Auctions from From Japan. It's possible to ship B2 sized tapestries by small packet (Hobby Search did this for me and it cost 580 for one tapestry), but it's not always offered. When I use From Japan, I always use EMS. Getting more than one in the same order will definitely save you money on shipping. Last time I bought tapestries, I paid 2639 yen to ship two B2s to Canada by EMS. There was another FJ order where I paid 2813 to ship ONE B2 tapestry and a few small goods (strap, sticker, trading cards). I also had an FJ order that cost 2360 to ship one B1 tapestry alone; even though the poles are longer, the price was about the same.
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