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2019 has brought us a lot of great new anime series & seasons, and with them, tons of new characters to root for!

We'd like you to join us in celebrating the year 2019 in anime by voting for your favorite series, waifu, and husbando!

Head here to vote for the top anime of 2019!

In addition to anime, we've also launched a poll for the best geek entertainment of the year, and the best Gunpla releases. If you're a multi-fandom kind of person and want your voice to be heard in these polls, too, you can find them here:

Vote for the best geek entertainment of 2019

Vote for the best Gunpla releases of 2019

(A list of the standard Gunpla releases for this year can be found here.)

All three polls are open until the morning of December 26th (about 9am JST).

Results of the anime & geek entertainment poll will be announced on the Best of 2019 page at hlj.com on December 27th. Results for the Gunpla poll will be announced in the last Gunpla TV episode of the year at hobbylink.tv, going online at 5pm JST, December 27th.

Vote now, then tune in on the 27th for the winners!
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I'd reckon Kimetsu on Yaiba, Bungou Stray Dogs, Shingeki no Kyojin and BHNA would get alot of votes, so I went with Mob Psycho 100 II, Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara and Yakusoko no Neverland.
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Voted! May the best nominee wins!
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accidias1 jaar geleden#72134042Voted! I had to google around to find their Gunpla list for the poll, so I'll link it here too. I kind of wish they'd included P-Bandai stuff, now that it's becoming more accessible, but I was way too lazy to check what had released this year and just voted for all standard releases anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯There's a link of the 2019 Gunpla releases on the poll itself, but we've added a link to this article as well for easier access. Thanks!
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galablue1 jaar geleden#72144055totally accidentally put maki from fire force as my best girl instead of raphtalia ... what was i thinking lol! both are great but ... i love you raphBoth are indeed great, but Raphtalia is definitely one of the top tier girls of recent years!
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funwari1 jaar geleden#72136712Voted for 5toubon and Nino for best girl.Can't wait for season 2 to start!
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ZoidsFanatic21 jaar geleden#72115432There are a lot of animes not on the list (my top three included. No Strike Witches Parody, no Azur Lane, and no Cop Craft)We didn't want the list of options to get too long, so we stuck with adding many of the major releases from each season. You're welcome to list all three of those series in the free space instead of choosing ones from the drop-down menus if you like!
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Attack On Titan, Bungou Stray Dogs & Dororo
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totally accidentally put maki from fire force as my best girl instead of raphtalia ... what was i thinking lol! both are great but ... i love you raph
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Voted for 5toubon and Nino for best girl.
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Kimetsu no yaiba!
Dr. Stone
Rising of the Shield Hero
en en no shouboutai
The promised neverland
my hero academia s4
one piece
pokemon new series
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