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https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4297/35976410596_98e5de9c59_o.jpgJANUARY-APRIL 2019 LOOT

Better late than never, right? X'D I originally meant to do just a Jan-Feb 2019 loot as my last loot post since I've decided to go on a figure collecting hiatus, but it didn't really happen. I ended up getting Ash and Eiji in April, as well as going to Bangkok where I raided Kinokuniya and Animate for manga, artbooks, and CDs. This year, I focused mainly on getting manga rather than figures, and honestly it was liberating.

The reason I decided to just do a separate loot post for this instead of combining it with my October-December 2019 orders is because I wanted to keep track of what I bought before I went on my collecting hiatus. I didn't buy anything figure-wise (either pre-order or aftermarket) from May to September, and some of the ones that came in on Jan and Feb were leftover preorders from last year; I only got back into the hobby this month.

May I just say though, it was the best decision I've ever made. Prior to going on hiatus, I had been feeling burned out and less excited about my purchases; receiving figures in the mail no longer gave me joy. But taking a break from it and stepping back really helped me rekindle my love for figure collecting! I don't think I'll be buying as much as I did before, but it certainly helped me regroup and reassess what I really want to be a part of my collection, especially since space is now becoming an issue.


That's... a grand total of five figures, hahaha. Yamanbagiri and WBC were leftover preorders from last year; I bought Ash and Eiji the day it released on AmiAmi because I had missed preorders and really wanted the figure. It was the best decision I've ever made.

The pictures were taken yesterday when I got home from work; it was already dark outside so I couldn't use natural lighting, but I hope they turned out okay anyway. Excuse the sudden change in background/setup. TuT

Praying to Asahisus, Patron Saint of Volleyballbois

As soon as I finished watching Haikyuu last January, I pretty much immediately bought Asahi and Tanaka. Funny enough, before even watching Haikyuu, I was very averse towards sports anime; I just hate sports (playing and watching) irl and I didn't think it would be enjoyable for me. Alas, I got sucker punched into sportsbois hell; Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket turned out to be freaking amazing so I just had to.

I actually did not like Asahi at first, but after finding out just how adorkable and gentle his personality is, I fell in love. Tanaka was my first favorite, but by the end of the second season I ended up liking the third years best, with Asahi as my main son. I don't mind owning Tanaka as well, though; I plan on getting all of Karasuno, Kuroo/Kenma, and Akaashi/Bokuto anyway.


Leftover swordboi preorder from last year. I actually slowed down on collecting them because I have no more space on my swordboi shelf; I only got Mutsunokami and Hachisuka from this year because they're my main swordbois. I might pick up Jiji just to even out the numbers and make my shelf look more complete.


Who'd have ever thought a single cell in my body would end up being my husbando? I absolutely love this nendoroid, this character, and this series. I can't live without him (literally) X'D


Of course, saving the best for last. My OTP. My poor, poor, OTP. I still cry every time I hear the OSTs of Banana Fish, but at least my heart has been healed (partially) by this wonderful figure. It's stunning. This figure really made me love Kotobukiya so much more.



Tanya is bae. The only ones that are part of this loot are the actual Tanya keychains; the badge I bought last year.


A set of Haikyuu Shikishi and a nitotan of Kuroko. Nitotans are so cute; I'm aiming to collect my favorite characters but some of them are ridiculously expensive in the aftermarket or impossible to find, argh.


Sample of the shikishi. I'm planning on making frames for them and putting them up on my wall - or just sticking them up on there if I get too lazy lmao.


WBC hat keychain because it's cute, and a random shelf. I actually already made the shelf, but for some reason I lost the pics of my WIP and finished product. Oh well. It's pretty small, I'd say 1/12 scale. Perfect for both figmas and nendoroids.


Finally got myself some proper HypMic MTC itabags! They are the only ones I'm ever motivated to make an itabag for anyway. I use the bigger one exclusively for display; the smaller one I do use when I go out.


Of course, what's an itabag without merch, right?


Here's the bigger bag in all its glory. I keep it hanged up on top of my second display shelf.


And here's the smaller one I use whenever I go out!


I also got this acrylic stand because I love their outfits.


And these because I love how cute they look as if they're floating in drinks. X'D

I actually pretty much stopped collecting MTC stuff when April rolled around and just took a collecting hiatus (in terms of merch and figures anyway) completely. I'm planning to get back into it when I get back into HypMic. I still need to read the manga, and listen to the new songs. And I heard we even have two new divisions. Lord have mercy on my wallet. TuT


This is where my money went. X'D


First up, from Animate Bangkok: the MTC CDs, and the Arii Memeco artbook as well as the first Kuroshitsuji artbook. Before I went on my collecting hiatus, I thought I was going to focus more on getting artbooks; in the end, these are the only two I've added to my collection since then.


From Kinokuniya Bangkok, I got these volumes. They are two of my most favorite manga. These were the only volumes that were available though, so I had to order the rest from my local Kinokuniya (which I will detail later in the article).


Of course, would this be me without BL manga? That Blue Sky Feeling is actually really good; I just ordered Vol. 3 from my local Kinokuniya and I'm so excited. <3 Star Collector is drawn and written by western artists; the art is really nice, but the story leaves much to be desired. I didn't end up liking it so I didn't order the second volume.


For those curious, these are the Japanese manga I got. Tadaima Okaeri Vol. 1 and 3 (they did not have 2, sadly) and Okusama wa Alpha. Both are of the omegaverse genre, which is a genre of BL I am absolutely in love with. Tadaima Okaeri happens to be my most favorite manga of all time; it's absolutely beautiful. Perhaps I may focus my collection on getting more merch and stuff for it next year - we'll see.


From my local Kinokuniya. I ordered these volumes as soon as I got home. X'D Vol. 3 of Girl's Last Tour and Vol. 10 and 11 of School Live are on their way to me; they will probably be part of my November or December haul.


Last but not the least, Yakusoku no Neverland! I fell in love with the anime so hard I had to buy the manga. God, this is one of the most awesome manga I've read in the last decade. It's really freaking good, and things are getting exciting! (No spoilers though please - I only read the physical copy as they are released, so I'm pretty behind compared to the online releases!)

GRAND TOTAL: 5 figures, 35 media (manga/artbooks/cds), 21 merch

It's been a great experience stepping away from the hobby and then getting back into it after a while. If you're feeling burned out or your orders are giving you anxiety instead of joy, I'd really recommend just getting away from it for a moment to have time to reflect on what you really want to be part of your collection. It helps not only budget-wise, but also... mental-wise, I guess? Now, even if I'm still pretty much on hiatus, I'm able to really focus and hunt down/preorder the only ones that really matter. That's not to say I regret any of my past purchases - but for some of these figures, I just wish I didn't buy them right away because I could have bought something else more important. I'm no longer making that mistake, though.

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!
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Solarstormflare10 maand(en) geleden#69729001Awesome loot! I also read the promised neverland manga and mostly enjoyed it but i was really surprised when i heard there will be a second season (even though imo the story peaked with the first arc). I also have that banana fish figure and i agree they are sooo good :D

Honestly, I'm so happy there's a second season. I doubt they'd be able to adapt everything that happened after in just one season, but I'll still be happy to see everything animated! :D Especially View spoilerHide spoilerthe Goldy Pond arc. I am in love with Lucas and old man. Idk how far you are in the manga tho so I hope I didn't spoil anything X'D But you're probably further on than me; I've only read up to Vol. 11 so far.

And yeees, the BF figure is one of my most favorite figures ever TuT
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kishitani10 maand(en) geleden#69691846Wow!!! What a great haul~! Your mad trigger crew itabag looks so good <3ChocolateSpider10 maand(en) geleden#69727834Such a great haul! Thanks for sharing it with us! :D

Thank you for your kind words! It's certainly not as big as my other hauls, but I'm still glad you enjoyed it :D
10 maand(en) geleden
Awesome loot! I also read the promised neverland manga and mostly enjoyed it but i was really surprised when i heard there will be a second season (even though imo the story peaked with the first arc). I also have that banana fish figure and i agree they are sooo good :D
10 maand(en) geleden
Such a great haul! Thanks for sharing it with us! :D
10 maand(en) geleden
Wow!!! What a great haul~! Your mad trigger crew itabag looks so good <3
10 maand(en) geleden
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