Sonoda Umi - 1, 2, Jump! - Kotobukiya - REVIEW 06Sonoda Umi - 1, 2, Jump! - Kotobukiya - REVIEW 06Review

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Thank. God. It’s. Friday!
Not that this has been a long week, but I don’t remember Monday AT ALL. LOL
I hope that you all are looking forward to your weekend, and wish you safe travels and gatherings, along with relaxing rests – whatever your schedule holds for you!

Back Story
I like to sample a lot of manga on an app I downloaded for my iphone, Manga Rock, and one of the titles that kept coming up in the recommended and most-read sections was Love! Live! I read a synopsis of the storyline, and it sounded kind of intriguing, so I started reading through the first dozen or so chapters. While it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting (I had a really difficult time placing the ages of the main characters), it also wasn’t devoid of entertainment value and more than a few chuckles.

Almost all of the nine main female characters are innocent, kind, sweet, cute girls – that’s the best way I can describe them. There are a couple that act a little more mature than the others, and I naturally gravitate toward them – sorry, I’m just not much of a chibi fan. What I like most about all of the characters is their dedication to their school, the traditions of their culture and families, and their continued efforts in saving something that is very special to them. I feel like this is a very common theme in the Japanese culture, and I wish that more people in the west had the same sense of honor and duty in regards to their communities that these girls present.

Sonoda Umi is one of the girls in the idol group Love! Live! that is trying to save her school, and while she isn’t a particular favorite of mine in the manga, when I saw this particular figure, and recognized that it was her, I knew that if there was ever an idol image in my collection, it would be this one.

Perusing through the list of ads that pop up on my MFC feed every morning, I found a sealed-box of this figure at a fantastic price, so I went ahead and bit the bullet. SO glad that I did!


Sonoda Umi - 1/8 – 1, 2, Jump! - ITEM #166885
Sculptor: Kawagoe Hiromitsu - ENTRY #27973
Vendor: private MFC seller ($69.99 in August of 2019)

The Box
For a figure that isn’t necessarily at the top of the price bracket, the box was pretty much what I expected. It’s nicely decorated with bold colors and images of the figure, but has more of a toy/doll-like feel to me than other figure boxes I’ve opened recently. There are a couple of good windows on the front and top that allow viewing of the figure pre-opening, and another really nice lotus-shaped window on one side – for me, this is the strongest part of the box. All of the UPC codes, warnings, etc., are printed on the bottom (not photographed).

The blister packaging was excellent, held everything in place properly, and each piece was protected with additional sheets of thin plastic.


The Figure
One of the things that attracted me most to this figure was the base. It has a flat lower portion that sits evenly on the shelf surface, but there is a second section above from which the plastic “splash” eminates as Umi runs through the puddle. The sculpt has such a natural feel, and the flow and movement of the plastic water (along with the floating flowers) is wonderful.


In the center of the splash is a square cutout (with a corner notch) into which you must place the similarly shaped peg at the end of Umi’s foot during figure assembly.


Umi is a single, solid piece. Attaching her to the base is quite simple, though a bit of pressure was necessary to get the peg to seat properly. Once mounted, though, she felt very stable.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
This is one of those figures that caught my eye because of the implied movement, and how beautifully it was presented by the sculptor. Every aspect of the figure is in a state of motion, and the attention to detail in the many features is wonderful.

From her carefree limbs, hands, and feet …


To her skirt, with it’s semi-transparent fringe …


(and don’t fail to notice the fringe at the bottom of her bikini top – an awesome touch by the artist) …


To her beautiful purple hair!


While her head feels oversized to me, it’s consistent with the artistic style of the character, and I love how the sculptor incorporated her right hand into the flow of her hair!


The hiding of the hair/head seam is masterful with a beautiful, flowered headband.


To my eyes, there really isn’t a single sculpting flaw in this figure at all. From muscle tone, to fabric layers, to the balance of the entire piece while showcasing such strong movement – everything is top notch!

And WOW, the colors. If you don’t have a particular penchant for purple, I apologize now for my ravings. The painting is crisp and clean – I couldn’t find a single spot to complain about in regards to the craftsmanship of the figure.


From light to medium to dark lavender … to deep plum … with the inclusion of a blue bow and bright pink jewelry, this is a feast for the eyes from the blue/violet end of the spectrum. Keep your eyes peeled for a lavender floral “tattoo” above her right knee – very cute!


In contrast with the blue/green (teal-ish) water color, the violet hues stand out even more. I also like the two-toned brown sandals she’s wearing with the wrapped lacing – nicely sculpted and painted.


And the color of the semi-transparent trim of the skirt and bikini top is absolutely perfect.


Umi’s skin tone is a little on the yellow side for me (in comparison with the other figures in my display), but I like that she appears to have caught some sun at whatever beach at which she’s frolicking.

And though she isn't wearing a smile on this figure, I think they presented her face with a passive enough expression that I’m not worried about whether she’s having fun on her trip to the water.


Overall Presentation
For the price-point, I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this figure. Even the fact that I’m not a huge fan of her manga/anime doesn’t bother me. I just love the flow of the figure, the colors and vibe in the movement, and I think she adds a unique presentation to my display – other than my Hatsune Miku figures, there really isn’t another figure in my collection that looks quite like her, and that makes her special to me.

I only did two comparison shots this time – sorry, but I need to get more figures to add more variety to this series of reviews! :)

The first comparison is what I like to call, “the sisters” – Fate/Grand Order - Scáthach - 1/7 - Heyagi Mode (Alter)-- ITEM #464672

When I placed these two figures next to each other, I instantly got a sibling vibe – Umi is the younger, more impulsive and energetic, while Scáthach is the older, more mature and reserved sister who comes home to visit from university from time to time. This comparison gives a great example of how lots of color or minimal color can really flavor a figure. I love them both for their unique approach to this aspect.


The second comparison is principally a size comparison – though it really doesn’t give an accurate reading -- NieR: Automata - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - Regular Edition (Flare, Square Enix) -- ITEM #549472

These two are pretty much opposites in every way, shape, and form. Umi looks so small and colorful next to the Amazonian height of YoRHa, and even though Umi is a 1/8 scale, she’s larger than most of the other 1/8s in my collection. I think of these two as “life” and “death”. LOL


Lessons Learned
There really wasn’t a lesson learned with this figure, other than to continue working at strong communication with private sellers. She was delivered just as promised, and I feel (to this day) that she was one of the best purchases I’ve made. Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut, and if you see a picture of a figure that knocks your socks off, go ahead and take the plunge.

And as always, feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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broken-Toybox10 maand(en) geleden#69612005Nice review.
Just as a heads up though, ENTRY #107942 isn't called YoRHa (that's the organization or the android type), she is generally referred to as 2B.

Thanks for that! I haven't played the game and don't really know anything about her storyline character, so I was guessing that YoRHa was her name. I appreciate your gentle education! :)
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Nice review.
Just as a heads up though, ENTRY #107942 isn't called YoRHa (that's the organization or the android type), she is generally referred to as 2B.
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PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
Really, really, really nice photos! The depth of field totally enhanced the topic of description.
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love live! is actually my next show in my queue, so i'm excited to see you reviewing this figure! there are sooooo many figures from the show. i typically stay away from swimsuit figures, but i love how demure this one is so i might have to consider getting it. great review as always!
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