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I'm over 18
So I bought ITEM #212685 / ITEM #560277 (it´s some Kind of mixture or as I like to call it Frankenstein, she has the LED Base and blonde hair but the black Outfit, all legit though). She is in great condition except the tip of her Little tail Thingie Breaking during Transportation but it´s alright. I never bought any figure from Orchid Seed OR any figure with an LED Base so I´m Kind of lost here. The seller said he doesn´t know whether the base works so I was Aware but I would like to check whether it works. So it has like the Basic Android phone charger plug on the base but do I Need like Special cable or is ther anything to activate it I´m Kind of helpless please don´t Judge me I don´t want to break it
If it doesn´t work it would be a bummer but I bought it at my own Risk so I´d also be fine with it
Maybe anyone more experienced with LED bases can help me out

(Also I tried Looking for a Forum for this but I only found one from a year ago and no one ever responded to that so MFC please don´t delete this I´m sorry)
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I don't think there's any forum for this kind of question. Usually shop questions get deleted, not figure problems. Anyway, if it has an android charger port, just try charging it for a little while.
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LED(s) will likely be 5v if the cable is USB. If you try to drive a higher voltage LED with 5v it won't light up (or may light up very dimly - depends how under the voltage is). A too-large voltage can fry a lower-voltage LED (they won't be lower than 5v), so starting with 5v is a good ideas then doing some diagnostics if it doesn't light up (including looking for a switch).

If the LEDs aren't lighting up, chances are you'll need to open it up and do a continuity test (you do this with a multimeter) - find out if any of the LEDs have failed or a wire has come loose. If you know someone with basic electronic skills (or willing to buy a soldering iron and solder, and replacement LEDs if one died) it usually is a fairly easy fix.
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