Berichten Binding figures are larger than Freeing figures, what?

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  • I think it depends on figure.
    Sin Nanatsu no Taizai - Lucifer - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver. (FREEing)
    is same in size with
    Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~ - Olga Discordia - Character's Selection - 1/4 (BINDing, Native)
    And they have similar posture
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    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Yeah as many mentioned it is indeed body proportions.

    My kokonoe rin who is a child, is definitly not as big as the kongou bunny girl i now own :) cause shes a more grown up lady.

    Binding just mainly made more developed ladies or even milf type i think.
    So yeah explaine a lot :)
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    I love both Native and FREEing bunny figure.
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    take123 Bunny Farm
    So yes, like others say, some of the girls are just smaller. They are petite or not reach their full size yet. Some anime art has larger heads and some smaller. Some art has a emphasis on certain parts, like thicker legs or rears or chest area (seems to be Native/Binding's thing to emphasize these).

    Megumin (ITEM #549389), Shiro (ITEM #593300), Koneko (ITEM #331693), Hellscythe (ITEM #166166), they are tiny girls. I remember seeing this new 1/4 Freeing in person and she is hilariously small ITEM #806265, she is standing and is a full 3 inches shorter than other standing bunnies.

    Some of the other girls are HUGE because they are depicted as tall girls in the anime. Houki (ITEM #331721), Seraphim (ITEM #166180), Medaka (ITEM #183938) are very tall because they have very long legs. They sit in my second from left cabinet on the top row.


    I have so many bunnies I never really notice this, but then again when you have so many you don't tend to look at them individually, you just set them on a big wall and only see them from far away.

    I had noticed some large discrepancies in past (but these models were when FREEing was very new) and over time I notice the size discrepancy is improved in latest models. I don't own these anymore.

    These ones were very big (big heads notably):
    ITEM #167036
    ITEM #103194
    ITEM #103193

    This one looked smaller (small head, not tall enough looking):
    ITEM #292668
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    SkaylerOtakuCat9 maand(en) geleden#67972693I think they aren't alot differnt, it's the matter of body proportions. 1/4 scale figure of a girl that is tall 160 cm won't be the same as the girl that is tall 175 cm. Even if scaling is complietly same, figures will be different

    Thats exactly that what I was always thinking when seeing comments or threads about figures not having same size. It makes sense to compare 2x 1/7 scales of the same character, but everything else... To be honest I‘m even thankfull that they all are quite different in size, what makes it more realistic.
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    I think they aren't alot differnt, it's the matter of body proportions. 1/4 scale figure of a girl that is tall 160 cm won't be the same as the girl that is tall 175 cm. Even if scaling is complietly same, figures will be different
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    Same scale does not necessarily mean the same size, I'd say. Also, art styles of the original illustrators can be quite different, resulting in different body proportions (e.g. head size).

    The girl on the left looks way more petite and younger/smaller than the more adult-looking BINDing bunnys in the middle, so I'd expect the figure to look smaller. For the right one it's a bit harder to tell on the picture: Her body doesn't look much smaller than the BINDing figures, but her crouched down position and the smaller head makes her look a little smaller, as far as I can tell.

    I only have one FREEing and three BINDing figures here, so can't really compare much. Oliga ITEM #236363 looks about the same size as Yuuko ITEM #604761 and Hiromi ITEM #549584, maybe a little less "thicc". But Olga ITEM #604603 looks pretty massive and even thiccer next to either of these, despite the kneeling position. I guess it really varies by character and artist.

    Since BINDing's figures are also much more lewd by nature, maybe they intentionally choose or design characters with bigger "features" compared to the more cute FREEing bunnies. E.g. make the boobs and butts bigger, exaggerate the womanly curves, which then naturally results in the character looking larger in some cases.
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    Wow that's interesting! Thanks for sharing. Definitely raise my interest in Binding's figures. I still can't get over how small this figure from Freeing turned out. ITEM #604595
    Love her but I was hoping she would be bigger.
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    My guess is, there is no standard for size, every company have it own scale, plus every anime character is different in a way, but I know that Native/ binding got more detail then FREEing when compared, price are different also.
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    I do agree with your points aigis
    I mainly did this article out of curiosity to see if the article I saw held true
    It somewhat did even though it is not a huge difference
    Also, they are more noticeable bigger in person in terms of thickness and height
    However, Binding does make their figures more thicker in relation to the illustrations which the figures are based off of

    aigis9 maand(en) geleden#67946332different manufacturers can have very liberal interpretations of scaling... i know in the past ques q had an issue with their 1/8 figures being super tiny. not sure if they still have the same issue but i've always been wary of their stuff because i don't like mismatched sized figures from the same series.
    you also have to take into consideration that scale will differ depending on the height of the character. obviously a 1/4 figure of a really short character can seem off next to a canonically tall character in the same series. as TAKE123 said the size of the head can also be a big factor in things too; smaller head will make a figure seem smaller all together.
    it might be more noticeable in person but from the photos the difference doesn't seem to be that different. the girl on the far left does seem smaller but like i mentioned she seems like a much more petite character so obviously she'll look smaller next to taller girls.
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