Too many figures, not enough space. How do you deal with it!?Too many figures, not enough space. How do you deal with it!?Ask MFC

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Hello Beautiful People,

We have too many figures, not enough space. What do you do to finesse this problem? Please and thank you in advance for leaving a poll vote and a comment.

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Space is one of our greatest threats. A recent poll showed 29% of our community believe space is the hardest part of being a collector BLOG #43507. Two terrible issues come from space problems. Firstly, it forces us to perform annual Survivor eliminations between our figures. Each of them fights for their viability within the composition of our homes. Did I pick the right one? Will they hold a grudge? It sucks. The second issue of space comes from boxes. You know, the things you have carefully stacked up and hidden away somewhere (mine are in my closet). The MFC community had some wonderful options for taking care of what is the bulkiest part of our collections. Both of these issues create so much strife!

This article is so we can create a list of ways to deal with space as a problem. What do you do to deal with space? Have you had to do a Survivor-style battle-of-the-figures to see who stays and who goes? What kind of shelves do you use? For boxes do you use your closet, back of the room, or maybe a storage unit? If you had unlimited money what would you do? What are the challenges your current way of dealing with space poses to you?

Who knows, maybe we can create real solutions for each other like shared storage units or something. Let's make this collecting lifestyle the best thing we can!

Thank you in advance for voting in the poll and leaving a comment.
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How do you deal with figure space?

4%I don't/can't =(
12%Survivor-Style elimination to make room
9%I order more figures as a way to deal with my stress caused by figures
19%Closet filled with boxes
2%External storage space
0%Pray for fire, flood, selective tornado or lightning micromanagement strikes all preferably covered by insurance
5%Trash the box, save the fig. Sacrifices have to be made...
1%Ikea kallax and fabrikör for figures, storage of boxes behind a hatch/panel in the attic
9%Stop buying so many figures / sell figures you can't display
1%It's called collapsing the box
1%Get larger place to live
0%Climate Controlled Storage Facility (example: Public Storage, Self Storage, Pods, US Storage).
0%Put a few figures in my cart that strike my fancy and use a random generator to pick the name of the figure, then purchase it.
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As for me, i sell/trade them (less favored one). Often selling 2 (or more) to make additional space for 1 new/latest figure and keeping the quantity in control.
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Personally, this is what works for me:

Step 1: Lament about the lack of space to display my figures.
Step 2: Buy more figures anyway.
Step 3: Weep and regret not saving up for a new display cabinet/ new house.
Step 4: Buy more figures anyway.
Step 5: Rinse and repeat.

... //weeps
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I used to store all my figure boxes on top of each other (with the figures still inside of the box) in a corner of the room where I have my Detolfs and some posters inside the cardboard box where they came inside of behind my couch but then I had a water pipe leak in that room and had a bunch of posters get stained/ruined and some figure boxes get water damaged as well. I had to move all the figure boxes away from that room before they got wet and in the process I found out that stacking figure boxes on top of each other horizontally was a bad idea because it crushes the figure inside of the box when you stack other figure boxes on top of it (I stacked the boxes horizontally to save space) but I ended up having like 2 figures that were crushed when I removed the big pile of figure boxes from the room. The damage was hair damage, the hair rubbed up against the blister package and some pieces of hair broke off.

Originally I didnt want to pay for a storage facility because I felt that it was a waste of money to pay rent every month but after that experience I changed my mind and I took all my collection (except for like 5% of my collection) inside of Home Depot Heavy Duty moving boxes to a climate controlled storage facility where their being stored until this day. I eventually plan to display them but thats when I have a house of my own (right now I live with family).

The stuff that got water damaged I still havent been able to replace, some of it has become really rare now. I guess it took that experience to really sink it in that I need to protect my investment/collection properly.
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How do you deal with no space?

Oh hi sorry for the late reply. Fortunately I still don't have a space problem. I have a storage room downstairs in the basement, and if that becomes full one day, I still can use my garage as a storage, since I usually only park my bike in there and my car in front of it. Of cours a good cover against dust is needed though.
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minix2poo10 maand(en) geleden#65678417Where you put your clothes if your closet is full with boxes?

I have a few door-hanging gadgets that can hold all most of my clothes. Gym stuff gets put into a dresser because I don't care if it gets creased. The closest struggle is real but I guess it makes forces me to be smarter; Dr. Stone would be proud.

How do you deal with no space?
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I ended up getting a shed as big as my bedroom built in my back yard.

Now it wasn't only for figures, I more got it built to be a nice personal work space for projects and stuff. But extra room for figures is a welcome side effect.
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I get by with tetris skills and turning box stacks into makeshift tables.:P I also have a whole bedroom wall stacked floor to ceiling with boxes.^^; My bedroom is pretty small and I don't have a closet, so I actually feel a sense of accomplishment with how many boxes I've managed to fit.
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this is my solution, a garage in my second house...
PICTURE #2283591
(u cant see well but there are around 100 prepainted inside atm)
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I do survivor style eliminations and sell figures that just dont make it. I keep a list of previously owned figures on my page. Many of them were things I really did like but not as much as others. I feel sort of bad about selling things but then I think someone else may love it more, and I usually try to price very reasonably. I want to have the space and have my display be things that I really do like without looking a mess. And about boxes, I keep all my boxes in those large clear plastic tubs so i know whats where. But the boxes do take up space. I keep them in the corner of my “dinning nook” which is empty as I have no table and my actual closet has all my clothes, shoes and linens.
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I've finally hit the point where I can no longer display figures and it's a massive stress for me at the moment.
I've resulted to not opening figmas and nendoroids that arrive, which makes me feel terrible.

All of my boxes, and unopened figures, are either in closets (I have an obscenely large combo closet and laundry space) or in a stack/tower in the corner of a room (which was the solution before I started stacking them in the closet)
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