Berichten Figmas VS Nendoroids: Which One Do You Like Better? (And Why)

  • Figmas are just more fun to play with imo, and the designs are more... not the same? I just find every nendo ever has basically the same overall shape. Also nendos are a pain in the butt to pose while those figma joints are soooo smooooth
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    I've collected figma for quite a few years now and they'll always be my go to simply because they're accurate representations of the characters that I love.
    But!! While I've only owned one Nendo which is Morgana (due to the proportions being in-keeping with how he officially looks) I've caved and have Akane from SSSS Gridman on the way.
    Also with the chibi proportions it means they can be more diverse with who they include since they all follow the same/ similar body type, and therefore same size joints so you don't have to pay figma Hulk prices.
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    I just got D.Va figma(my first ever figma!) to go along with her nendoroid counterpart. I have to say I love them both, though I feel it is a bit difficult to swap faceplates for figma since they are so small.
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    I prefer nendos just because it's easier to mix and match parts, and they tend to come with more accessories and faceplates. Even though prices are rising a bit and some don't come with many extras (ex. the Jojo and HxH nendos), I feel like I'm getting my money's worth for the most part. I do own a few figmas but if I want a non-chibi figure I'd rather buy scales or prizes, since they're a larger and more detailed representation of the character.
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    Nendoroids for me! I love the style, size, and price of them. There is also an ample amount so it feels almost guaranteed at this point that even for niche series there will be a Nendo. Not to mention they're fun to display considering all the parts that come with them. I can see the appeal of figmas, but personally really not a fan (mainly cuz of the the size.)
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    As they're dominating my collection it's quite obvious: definitely Nendoroids for me. They're super cute, don't need much space and are... somewhat cheap?

    I don't find figmas appealing at all tbh. Due to that I never owned one.
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    Neither truth be told, but if I had to pick, it’ll be figmas.

    That said, the only “figmas” I fell in love with are the figfixes and you saw how well they ended up lmao
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    I'm definitely not into one or the other (although I owned a Figma and two Nendoroids a long time ago), but I'd be more inclined to go with Figmas, mainly because I prefer their "accurate to the anime/game" style to Nendo's chibi style. Now, Nendoroids' sturdiness is a an undeniable good point, compared to the relative frailness of Figmas.
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    I'm a figma person all the way. I just prefer the dynamic poses you can pull off and the anime accurate appearance. My child self would have his mind blown away by how far we've come from the 5 points of articulation action figures used to have to what we have now. Figmas (at least most of them) can also stand up under their own power, without an base or stand.
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    Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
    Nendoroids, but only because they come with more accessories and have more of a character variety. And are cheaper. And figmas very often just come with the character plus one face, so they aren't worth the money for the most part.

    Once in awhile, the figma is better than the nendoroid, though, or characters wouldn't work as well. This is when I appreciate them more. Examples of the 'nendo wouldn't be as good' are the Magic Knight Rayearth ones, as the nendos would have to be those squashy chibis from the anime. Which don't look as good to me as the Magic Knights do normally.
    As for figmas being better than the nendo, I feel the Astolfo figma is better than his nendoroid in terms of posing. The nendo lacked a battle face for some reason, something that does bother me. The figma has it, everything the nendo does, has a fur trim on his cape, and comes with a book. It's like the nendo +2.
    The Mordred figma is also a bit better TBH, as they gave her better faces in general.
    I also feel the Sinon figma is better than her nendo, as the figma's posing is a lot more dynamic. The nendo is mostly just cute, while the figma is badass. I'm going to assume the Llenn one will be similar, once GSC finally releases her.

    But like I said, I feel nendos are usually better on the whole. They usually come with more, are way cheaper, bigger, and easier to show off (figmas are difficult to display, as their bases are weird and don't fit on tiered risers, which they need to be seen well). I have to place figmas randomly through my room/collection, and only in front of scales or large prizes.
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