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In a discussion in one of my articles not long ago, people dismissed the idea that a major company would use 3D printing to produce figures. However, I've seen 3D printed toys being sold at Designer Con by independent artists for several years already so I didn't think it was much of a stretch.

On my visit to the Kaiyodo shop in the Radio Kaikan building to pick up my WonFes catalog this year, I saw that they were selling a Garamon garage kit based on the 3D data from their Art Master 3D Garamon as part of a new Digital Garage Kit figure line.


In fact, I now seem to vaguely remember seeing this very Garamon figure being printed as part of a demo at D-Con last year (but it could just be my memory playing tricks on me).

The kit comes in 25mm, 40mm, and 60mm sizes. It went on sale at the Kaiyodo Online Store in April.

Anyway, at the Kaiyodo booth in WonFes, there was a whole slew of different Digital Garage Kits available.


The DGKs that I was after were the Maschinen Krieger figures that are part of a product line they seem to call Comainen. I think that they were being sold earlier this year at the Shizuoka Hobby Show as well. The clear resin version of the Heinrich P.K.A. was sold out by the time I arrived, and many of the others sold out after I purchased kits for myself.

The models are printed with Formlabs resin, and come as a set of three, attached to a complex network of scaffolding.

Because I did not have my hobby tools with me, I used nail clippers and a Swiss army knife to remove the figures from the scaffold. I don't recommend this method unless you are the type of person who is willing to live with your mistakes.

For my first attempt, I cut the figure from the scaffold near the attachment points. It actually separates very easily, and the only problems I ran into were because my tools were too primitive.

On my second attempt, I just hacked away the scaffold for better access to the attachment points, and it was a lot easier to get clean separation without leaving scratches on the resin.

There is a good amount of detail on the figures, though I think that a lot of the panel lines may disappear under a coat of paint if you are not careful.

Some layer lines are visible, but they are not very prominent. I have models made from Shapeways FUD that have layer lines that are much more noticeable. One of the models had a printing defect that will have to be filled in with putty.

The resin itself is firm and slightly flexible. It cuts well, and can be filed without issues.

All in all, I really like these models and hope they expand the line. My only suggestion would be to consider reworking the models a bit to deepen panel lines and make some of the undercuts slightly deeper.

On a final note, in Hall 4 there was a well attended panel on 3D scanning/sculpting/printing going on. I think they've been holding this panel since at least 2015. I get the feeling that 3D printing of figures by big manufacturers is getting a lot closer than many people think.

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Some independent sculptors use 3d printing too!! I have a houseki no Kuni kit by Moineu. Crystal clear, no bubbles, like there are with traditional casts ^^

On the other hand I've got another cast by PuniNuko who made Diamond from houseki no Kuni. Very liney cast (from the print layers), with the sprues still attached. As well as one of her legs is made of a grey resin instead. The clear resin for her hair is still gorgeous, it'll just need more work than the other kit by Moineu needs haha. (Moineu's kit is made of white and clear resin, Puninukos has white, grey and clear resin)

I have another kit by Moineu I suspect is also 3d printed but I can't tell though.

I know user Muntoe here got a 3d printed original character kit at the recent wf2019w and it was bright green xD

3d printed kits feel like the future to me. No molds needed and if sculptors really wanted, buyers could print their own kits at home!! The cost is still a huge factor as far as I know though.

I for one welcome our 3d printed overlords. If I means less bubbles and better fitting yes please! The layering lines will probably be the biggest issue ignoring cost. I know at wf2019s they had prepainted 3d "kits" released too! (The material printed in colour!! No painting needed)

Sorry for rambling on. This subject interests me. Especially when it can relate to garage kits
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