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Bunny Figures Really Need More Motion
Bunny figures attract based on their size (1/4 typically when the manufacturer is FREEing, the seemingly top-tier one at that) and sex appeal. They are perfect as they are and accurate representations of elements to the Playboy bunny. The figures usually look confident, relaxed plus vulnerable, purely alluring or embarrassed, depending on how their character would react if in the outfit in their source material canon. Such varied expressions and poses caters to all fans of the line. However, and I’m not asking for an all-out action-oriented bunny figure, but the line could be perfected by giving the characters more motion.

In a stand-still pose, the bunny girls are at peace, (sounds like they can riot with that wording guys assemble the militia), serving you a fulfilling pose. I can’t fully explain, but the pose usually evokes that they’re waiting for you, like the Yoko Bunny seems to me, or maybe the character is feeling casual like the Black Sister Bunny. We don’t need anything more (technically.) It’s okay for the line to be all simple figures, but then again...what about new, little details that can serve as allusions to activity and can most accurately depict the character.

Aight, here’s the first example: The lovely C.C. Bunny figure! She’s lying down, but what if we depicted that she was going into that position? As though she’s being pushed onto a bed/other surface playfully or ready to y’know get it on (what’s the protocol with Bunny figures, can I assume that far?) We could instead have her hair whirling a bit above the rest of the figure or even just a few strands suspended diagonally in the air to show she’s falling fowards.

With the ass-up pose, it’d be interesting if her glutes could be further emphasized. Her hips could be turned towards one side instead of straight down, and one leg stretched closer to the ground, longer. Her ass would be at an angle. (I feel stupid as hell, okay?!) Instead of just showing you her ass, kind of indicated for me by her gaze backwards, she would be stretching, showing she’s extra comfortable with her butt being gazed at (guys take a break, google pictures of C.C.’s ass, come back.)


We could also apply this to Shiro’s Bunny figure. Maybe have her two other ahoge’s stick up more, and have one leg extended out further. Then she wouldn’t look like such a fool.


However, legs stretched outwards at different lengths don’t always work though. If too in line with the body, everything is ruined.
It looks like she’s crawling and distressed as in something is coming for her.
“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Characters from action-oriented series are especially deserving of movement. A new interpretation as a bunny means showing the sexy side to someone, and there’s not any room for motion (to most people), but I think there is. Yes, It’s fine to take a break from dynamic poses and intense expressions seen in action series’ other figs, but I prefer bunnies from such sources not to be drowned in sexiness and moe. Unless that’s characteristic of them. I love when any character I like gets a bunny, but there needs to be a remnant of the attitude maintained by the character usually.

In asking for motion here, of course I’m still speaking in terms of toned-down movement, not as though in the middle of a battle.

Take Ryūko Matoi’s Bunny as my subject for a second example of movement. (Also, I wonder why she’s embarrassed? She overcame her embarrassment of being in a waaay more scanty outfit early on in the anime. She’s so fierce and should be rocking her bunny suit rather then leaning down and making her presence smaller.) If you can’t tell yet, this article doesn’t just cover movement but also composition, like placement of limbs.

FREEing could have had her turning around to the other way with a smile on her face, looking off in the distance to what we assume she would see (Mako I’d think.) She could have her legs spread out more and her hands on her hips, and her bust would be accentuated if her hips and shoulders were pulled backwards. That pull is also movement. And I don’t mean broken-spine-pulling-your-body-forwards-like-a-snake pull.


Megumin and Aqua’s bunnies are pitiful. (Megumin would have been amazing in red ahem.) Aqua is always fidgeting, her hair is always gracefully flowing, and if she’s to be turning around like she is, her hair could have been with her, and maybe she could have been bending down some to accentuate what I perceive as shortness.

Useless bunnies at a stand-still as figures and in their quests.

As a final example, I can’t believe how bland the Nono bunny is. In my opinion, they should have went all out with her hair flowing, her arms crossed, and a harsh face. Or her clenching her fist, otherwise giving a peace sign, with one foot placed in front of the other and a big smile.


At the moment, the most movement seen in Bunny figures seems to be hand movement and leaning. I don’t really need to go in-depth about what is satisfying. Perfect examples for an ideal amount of motion would be the Teletha Testarossa Figure, or the Yukari Akiyama figure. The former is really welcoming with gesture and motion, and the latter is is turning around and also apparently greeting you.

Bunny figures don’t need to be complex or adorned with accessories, but it can certainly help strike a resemblance to the character seen in the show. Revy’s bunny figure has a gun in each hand and a cigarette, Yui Takamura’s is equipped with a blade, has flowing hair and they’re in such dynamic poses. Motion-centric bunnies exist plain as day, and those assisted by parts complimenting them do too.


If characters such as Holo The Wise Wolf or Shinobu Oshino were to get bunny figures, I would expect movement. Holo’s hair is always in motion, and she is too, whether it be dancing, ravaging a dinner plate swiftly and ferociously, or her beckoning you to come with her through a field of wheat. Shinobu has a compact and small body that has done aerial flips at impossible speeds, has her “Vampire Punch,” fair share of head-turns, and while she’s so much more docile now with her drained powers, she still would need a bunny in motion, because her standing up and gnawing on a donut has been beaten to DEATH. Also, they would definitely deserve props. An apple for the former and nevertheless, donut + katana for the latter.

Holo even falls with a twirl.

I don’t see the appeal in critiquing color or props, because that’s be more of my personal ideas (like a lollipop in the hand of the Zero Two Bunny, if her hands were visible), and I don’t think anatomy is important because we know how crazy some of these figures are and that won’t change, so that means this article is concluded. And hoping for nice bases is a pipe dream. Do not interpret this article as me being negative because a lot of bunnies are great figures, despite no motion.

What do you guys think? Should bunny figures be more in-motion? More little details needed? Better composition? (If composition doesn’t apply to 3D works then I don’t know what to do with myself.) How else can they be improved? Would it be drastic or an amalgamation of little details? Tell me below.

Thank you for reading! Have a good one.
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What a gigantic waste of time. Not the reading but actually thinking about this in detail.
1 jaar geleden
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I feel so conflicted over this, lol. Part of me wants to say, "What are you talking about! You obviously don't have any taste! They're plenty original and full of fun poses!," but the reality is the majority of them do lack in that department.

However, to FREEing's credit, I do believe most of these bunnies are sculpted with portrait photography in mind. Their pose usually give the sense that they're posing for a photo, thus the more simple and rigid pose. Even the bunny boys are designed with this idea in mind:
Junta - ITEM #806319
Takato - ITEM #806317
Shun - ITEM #806138
Hajime - ITEM #806137

Something to consider when discussing this topic.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Imasock1 jaar geleden#63582993My opinions on this are strong, hopefully people don't get too upset, but...
These are the worst figures.
They are all the exact same thing:
- Black tights
- Single main outfit color, nothing exciting here
- Boring/predictable, not unique in any way
- Nothing fun to express about the character wearing them
- Every. Single. One. Looks. The. Same.
I'll never understand why these sell and companies continue to make them.

Most i agree with that but take these for example picture/865366&...
They dont fit that.
Or kongou bunny girl ITEM #396907

Some can be a bit different, but yeah many are the same so i dont have many bunny girls for that reason as well
1 jaar geleden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmm.. i dunno knowing where the bunny suit comes from which is basically well modelling in a sexy way.. i dont see a big action pose work out. With revy it does work for me thats only cause i can imagine her using this as a disguise and then attack when needed.

I also think it has to suit the character. Some just feel out of place..
i cant imagine a holo in a bunny suit especially knowing shes a wolf.. ^^;
So no matter what i feel like some innocent characters just dont look good in em..

So yeah it really depends.. if it were louise, ive seen one tapestry as a bonus (ignore the insane pricetag here) this pose would suit her, its slightly dynamic but not too overly active. page.auctions.y...
Gives that sexy feel too. For her it would work cause shes from an ecchi serie and siesta wore an actual bunny outfit she could go along with her..
But lets take a SoL serie and most of the time i would be meh about it. For example i love mao from GJ-bu but its way out of character to put her in a bunny suit.
So thats more a dealbreaker for me rather than the tame pose.
I like the model pose but some just look a bit O shaped tho which bothers me..
a laying down pose would be cool too like kongou her bunny, shes a calm cool character, suits her.

For some childlike characters, lolis and such.. a playful pose would work like theyre playing with each other i guess? (Non sexual!) So it looks less sexy i think that would work with more “dynamic”

And bunny girls “groping” which is the typical average ecchi scene XD would be funny as well i guess.

I think these attract me cause of that and thats why i bought maria with kobato

Its a bit playful :3 and not the average one of the same bunny girl idea, different colors and poses.

Another nice pose i think would be a bending bunny figure :) while shes looking back at you in a sexy way, but i would only do that with 18 and above in age not high school girls i guess :3

Or take a tsundere for example kirino, who would be wearing this but looks bossy/angered and points a finger at you. Also kind of gives more personality to the figure and fits the character :) (i have a pic of louise with it but no idea how to upload or show it here sadly)

A kakegurui figure in bunny suit a bit similar to ITEM #464608 would be nice as well.
A poker thrme certainly fits a bunny girl suit and feels more alive
1 jaar geleden
Lots of different opinions on the subject.
From my part, I don't think bunny figures should be in motion (Even when they come from action series).
In fact the bunny Revy you mention, for me looks so weird being in such an action pose. Those suits are for modeling, not to move.
Thus, their poses should be in a calm modeling pose, like most of them are.
But I can a agree that it would be nice if they were maybe messing with their hair a bit, even in a calm pose. Something like This Kanu or This Alleyne

PS: I think Megumin and Aqua bunny figures you mention are adorable. Megumin should have used more red in her suit, that I agree.
1 jaar geleden
This is an oddly fascinating article.

Barring the fact bunny figures are and always will be essentially fetish figures (like many others), It is curious how most of these arent particularly unique in terms of posing. I guess part of the reason is the big size FREEing choses to work with when making these (they are already big and expensive, so I guess they have to keep it simple or nobody will be able to afford them).

Now I wonder If their choice of scale is related to the use of fabric for the tights. Would it make a huge difference working in smaller scales?? Who knows. I personally love their Bunny Miku, I just wish she were smaller!
1 jaar geleden
It never occurred to me that FREEing could set its sights on Holo.

I hope I don't break my wallet's neck with how fast I'd be ripping it out of my pocket to drop on that should it ever become reality. ( *-*)

Anywho, a couple of honorable mentions:
ITEM #331537
ITEM #331719


Would be nice if Miyuki had some more personality, perhaps a mischievous look to play off the sister's distress. Miya is pretty decent though, even on her own, and the amount of looking back is very realistic (read: not spine-breaking).

Also, I have my sights set on that Teletha Bestarossa as well.
1 jaar geleden
I enjoy bunny characters-- I like the whole black tights and the simple tight and body-hugging outfit. Heck, I enjoy it more than the whole nekomimi thing (I still enjoy them but not as much as bunny outfits).

That being said, I do agree with you in some points, especially the whole "being-on-all-fours" pose. Shiro, Nono, and Jibril is a great example of weird poses that could've been better or well done. I'm also not a fan of poses of girls that is standing up but slightly bending over and twisting their backs towards the viewer-- I get the idea but ouch.

Bunny figures, to me, should just be a simple or playful pose; movement is fine but I think it simplicity is better. For example, the best bunny figures, besides Zero Two (which is one of the best looking and mischievous/sexiest bunny figure), is the Hatsune Miku Bunny Outfit ITEM #604596

I love this one; it's a really fun looking figure and she totally looks like she's on stage performing... Plus that frilly dress tho.

The other bunny outfit I like is not from FREEing, it's from Skytube ITEM #604109. If I had to get only one bunny figure, it would be this:
1 jaar geleden
Imasock1 jaar geleden#63583102I know I come off strongly on these figures, I don't mean for it to be a downer on your preferences or choice of collection, I just tend to get straight to the point (probably a bad thing in some cases). I also appreciate strong colors, but I like them to be varied.

It’s not a downer at all, everyone has preferences. I can be so blunt too. I prefer varied colors over single too, just not on bunnies.
1 jaar geleden
Scones1 jaar geleden#63583013The part on how they aren’t indicative of a character’s personality is actually pretty true imo too. I like the single-color outfit, since it simplifies things and can really help colors contrast. They are predictable but I personally like them even so, but I 100% see where you’re coming from.
I know I come off strongly on these figures, I don't mean for it to be a downer on your preferences or choice of collection, I just tend to get straight to the point (probably a bad thing in some cases). I also appreciate strong colors, but I like them to be varied.
1 jaar geleden
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