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KureijiKureiji1 jaar geleden
Hello! I will be sharing with ya all the freebies I got from the con first then the merch I brought. I did attend all four days of the con to make the best of it. I was only able to make it to five panels. The panels being Crunchyroll Games Industry, Diversity in Manga, Bandai Namco, Kotobukiya: Making a Figure, and Actor Ryo Kitamura.

Here is an overview of all the freebies. Let’s get a close-up!


(Also FYI, I do not remember where exactly where I got all these items from, but I generally know where most came from)


So the Kadokawa booth was giving out free paper fans and an anime guide book. The anime guide book was nice because of the plastic and smooth feeling. The Body Improvement Club advertisement paper was something I got from a cosplayer from Mob Psycho 100. I thought it was funny and cute especially when the cosplay said he only printed 100 copies for the entire to hand out. On the right-hand side are stickers of a VR something. Basically three different voices for that character model shown in the sticker as they serve you delicious meals. Yum.


From the Shall We Date booth came two dating sims: Obey Me and Moe! Ninja Girl. Basically, play a quick demo/skit set up for AX 2019 and fill out a survey to get a bag. They also had someone cosplay as Asmodeus for people to take pictures with. Tis why I got le card. The Nyaruko stickers and The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura magnet were what I won from spinning a wheel. I remember landing on “random” on the wheel. In the upper right-hand corner is a lanyard from the upcoming mobile game called Hiraethia. I played the demo and it was lackluster as it was pretty much like other standard turn-based action rpg on the mobile with a little bit of PAD going on. The God Eater bag was what I received at the end of the Bandai Namco panel.


Speaking of the Bandai Namco panel they also gave out two advertisements for a Gundam mobile game and Sword Art Online games. Additionally, they gave out a free bag of the main characters from SAO Alicization. There was minor technical difficulty during the panel and an AX volunteer came to help with those difficulties. I remember someone in my general sitting area screaming, “give that man a job,” “give him a raise” and the crowd chanting “tech guy.” Really made me laugh and giggle a lot. Next, the to the SAO Alicitization bag was a booklet and a stamp rally for the Thors Learning Academy from the NIS booth. Honestly, like the metal pin, they gave for finishing the stamp rally. The metal pin is on the blue lanyard and the free AX lanyard that has the Catherine logo.


Speaking of stamp rally there were a couple of them. Fate/Grand Order made me go between Exhibit Hall and Entertainment Hall for stickers. I’ll live. Also, they gave a friendly beginner player guide for their mobile game. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has a passport style stamp rally and the reward was a signed poster from the creator. The bottom two items were sturdy paper fans given by Kadokawa.


I believe the postcard of Disgaea was given out by NIS. The CODEVIEN manga was given out to people who played the demo. I also recall that if the first 10 people for each day beat the boss they would get a special reward. I have never played Dark Souls, but I played God Eaters 1 and 2. I was horrible, and I could not help but feel nervous while I played the demo >w<. Kodansha Comic booth handed out a sample of their hit mangas. Viz booth gave out a manga sampler and endlessly loads of posters.


All the posters around Human Lost were from Viz while Human Lost was from FUNIMATION and Fire Force was from Kodansha Comic.


You see those panties and that scary face well FUNIMATION did that. Different booths were advertising to buy their things as you can see with buying a limited edition. Also, it seems like Fire Force was being promoted from several different booths. I remember the Crunchyroll panel and people were not that excited for this, but the panel push on.


I think the Shield Hero bag was from the Crunchyroll panel. The Tales of Crestoria was a booth in the south hall lobby. Basically, watch a skit about how the main male character must make the appear to America audience by being strong muscular and not slender and skinny and follow the game on social media. The One Punch lanyard was from participating in a punching machine for the Hero’s Examination. First few people to get S rank 900+ would receive a special prize.


Some buttons you can grab from booths. The one in the plastic bag is the 1000th nendoriod celebration button. Yea, pretty small, but hey what can ya do? The Aniplex heart-shaped sticker was given out by female cosplaying staff members in the back of the Aniplex booth.


ESP also had a stamp rally and the prize was that plastic box of Bang Dream and entering a raffle to win their merchandise. Honkai 3rd Impact has a set of requirements for getting prizes like tweeting a picture of the booth, following them on social media, playing their game, etc. I got a character card, two notepads, and a postcard.


So Disney has an educated anime like a coding game now. They gave out stickers to advertise and 50% off voucher for signing up at their booth in the Entertainment Hall. Actors was actually a sticker, not a throw-away paper.

Sorta NSFW
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/07/08/2252007.jpeg

Like Actors, Kengan Ashura was a surprise sticker that I will gladly put on the fridge and will not watch because I do not have Netflix. However when I did peel it off the sticky side was on the white sheet of paper instead of the back side of the Kengan Ashura paper. So no fridge. Okay, that erotic female body and that male prison guard was from the 18+ section. I sign up at the booth called Coolmic! I did a raffle drum and got that thin manga. I assure you all nothing sexual was in the pages because everyone still had cloth on. It was basically a set up of the plot sort of. Coolio.

Oh yeah, here is AX 2019 swag bag. Smaller than the last two years bags for sure.

Okay merch time, but I will be honest it is mostly dominated by Azur Lane merch because I been consumed by. So let me start off with non-Azur Lane stuff.


I got Zero Two limited edition version from Kotobukiya that comes with a shikishi. She stays true to the prototype on display at the booth. Her smile was what captive me and made me bust my credit card out!


I brought this t-shirt from the AX Merch store because the shirt design caught my attention and man purple was a distinctive color in the cosplaying crowd.

Okay, time for Azur Lane!


All of this was from the Yostar’s Azur Lane section of the booth. Basically I brought mystery boxes and I could get either style A or B. Oh and the gold box AKA mystery gift was from spending over $60 buck at the booth owo.


I brought two of the pink boxes and basically both boxes were style B stickers ;~;. The pin magnets were style C and my lust for style B is real. I need my Prinz Eugen…


The dakimakura came out of Akagi and Kaga. So bless the stars and the cats. Tis what I was trying to get. I remember someone hanging by the side of the Azur Lane merch line with their phone out saying, “looking for Akagi.” I hope he got Akagi…


The mystery gift contains a mug with the character Enterprise! I was told by a staff that there were some super rare ones (this was before I knew the gift contain a mug). I am assuming some of mugs had a ship girl that was super rare compare to the rest.


I brought two acrylics of Ayanami and Laffey from IDEA Factory. IDEA Factory and Yostar team up in stamp rally of buying merchandises. I only did it for the first stamp and initial prizes. The initial stamp prizes was a bag of Neptune and Unicorn, a steam code for Neptunia Shooter, a initial Azur Lane redeem code, and an inflatable beach ball.


Honestly, I was not playing to buy an art print because I did not know what to do with it at home. Well now I have it… bless the cats for Akagi and Kaga, them fox girls. I also brought two keychains from this person called Kayozia as you can see their card right there.

And that’s all to the stuff I got from AX 2019! Hope you all enjoy reading about these items.
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that azur lane dakimakura looks soooo nice!
1 jaar geleden
Kureiji1 jaar geleden#63310563I do have the previous years bags so here is your comparsion! https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Kureiji1562640233.jpeg

Wow! I am so jealous for big bags! xD Thank you for this photo. :)
About some goodies if you don't need.. it not hurt to sell them on any site if some people want to.. I just like freebies lol. xD
1 jaar geleden
angelbott1 jaar geleden#63198618Do you have any sizes of these swag bags summary in photo please? I do have the previous years bags so here is your comparsion! https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Kureiji1562640233.jpeg

Yea, the Azur Lane line was long and constantly got capped off like FAKKU line lol. Also I do agree they do give out a lot of freebies that you do not necessarily need. I spend a lot of time yesterday night and a couple hours earlier today cleaning up my room to make space for new items. While decide which items are worth keeping for display or trash. Paper bags obviously became trash bags ;D. Sturdy bags like Shield Hero became extra bags that be used in the future in the back of my car. Advertisement paper when into the trash. Play a game of placing stickers on the fridge. Ya get the point >w<
1 jaar geleden
The azur lane booth line was insane lol! Luckily managed to get everything aside from a few shirts and the towel though. Great haul!
1 jaar geleden
Yeah AX gives out a LOT of freebies. It's gotten to the point where I don't bother getting them cause it becomes excess baggage and I eventually throw most of it out cause of space constraints.

Cool haul though. Nice snag on the Zero 2
1 jaar geleden
Aside from the lines AX was pretty decent this year.
1 jaar geleden
God tier haul ma man. Being all the way on the east coast (TN) it gets hard, and expensive, to get all the way out to CA, but this definitely got me pumped about trying to make it there for next year! Enjoy the loot
1 jaar geleden
ajfunny aka Bwab
Awesome haul!

The Azur Lane booth had me as well. Really happy with my wall scrolls and Laffey shirt :)

Show obviously treated you well :D
1 jaar geleden
It feels nice hearing theses stories from Anime Expo, especially the funny ones of how you got the merch, and the contrast between expectations and reactions from obtaining said merch.
1 jaar geleden
Wow, so cool loot~! xD Yay FGO goodies~! Ooh swag bag of AX! Really? Do you have any sizes of these swag bags summary in photo please? c:
I hope you had awesome time in AX.. time get some rest! xD
1 jaar geleden
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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