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June Loot -  SAL stands for...June Loot - SAL stands for...

victorvipervictorviper10 dag(en) geledenLoot
Both the figures I had preordered for June ended up getting delayed, so I took the opportunity to track down some items that were on my wishlist. There's a little bit of everything in this loot-some old figures, a couple newish figures, some old media items, and some adventures with the USPS. Sounds interesting, right?

This month's loot arrived in three waves.

Wave 1 (Amazon)

We've got a figure, an artbook, and a DVD set that I never thought would see the light of day, an official release of Sailor Moon Stars on disc for North America!


First up is a book that was a fast pre-order, the English adaptation of ITEM #672167.


If you're an Eva fan, there's a little bit of everything in this book. There's a few huge (B4 size) full-page illustrations...


...and some interesting original artworks. This one definitely gives off a Gurren Lagann feel!


The Eva girls have made their share of appearances in Megami Magazine over the years.


Possibly the most interesting thing about this book is a number of illustrations from various product advertisements with the Eva cast!


This is definitely one of the more interesting Eva books in my collection, and so if you're a fan of the series, I'd highly recommend it.

Next up is a figure from one of my favorite series, Banpresto's Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #754542.


This figure depicts Sakura as she appears in the Clear Card reboot. There's a time skip between the end of the original Card Captor Sakura TV show/movies and the Clear Card series, and so the character designs are subtly different to reflect that the characters are slightly older. A handful of Clear Card Sakura prize figures have been made, but I think this one might best depict a slightly older Sakura.


Wave 2 (Mandarake)

The great thing about Mandarake is that they will almost always have something you're looking for. The bad thing is that while looking for that something, you'll probably find other things you never knew you needed :). From Manda, we've got a couple of figures, a couple books, some CD's, and something in a box.


USPS/Japan Post rant: I always choose EMS for my shipping option, but apparently when I was checking out, I picked SAL (Slow And Lethargic :) ) by mistake and I didn't notice until I sent payment and got the shipping confirmation. I thought about emailing Mandarake and trying to get it changed, but then I figured "let's just see what happens". The shipment sat in "dispatch" status for about 5 days, which seemed reasonable, and then it hit the New York ISC, at which point I thought that SAL might not be as glacially show as everyone says. My optimism was dashed when the package sat there for 3 days before moving 30 miles to the Jersey City facility for 4 more days, then three more to get to the closest big regional facility to me, and finally two more to travel the last 100 miles or so to my house.

Total transit time was 17 days which falls in the 2-3 week window that's usually advertised, but it'll be EMS-only for me in the future. I'm too impatient and the cost savings versus EMS just wasn't that much. Also, I'm beginning to think the USPS has two service tiers these days-Amazon Prime deliveries, and then everything else that they'll get to...eventually.

First up from Mandarake, there's an artbook ITEM #859820 from an obscure old anime that I've always liked, Agent Aika ENTRY #524 .


If you're not familiar with Aika, this page summarizes the show's premise. As was fairly common in 1990's anime, some unseen disaster befell the world, resulting in much of the world's land area being submerged under the ocean.


I've always liked Aika's sidekick Rion ENTRY #3250 :). Now, if I could only find this ITEM #19966 figure!


Agent Aika was produced by Studio Fantasia who did a number of relatively popular shows in the '90's and '00's, including Aika, Stratos 4 ENTRY #12915, Najica Blitz Tactics ENTRY #1102, and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ENTRY #35. Studio Fantasia was somewhat notorious back in the day for their (over?) use of the gratuitous pantsu shot!


Next up is another artbook commemorating the 10th anniversary of Super Sonico,ITEM #490318.


I was surprised to see that Sonico's bandmates in First Astronomical Velocity get a fair amount of attention in this book!


Miko Sonico :). How has this concept not yet become a figure?


Sonico and Pochaco.


This illustration made me chuckle a little bit :).


I think zombie hunter Sonico should also be a thing!


I also picked up some CD's. I picked up ITEM #77692 since I've had a renewed interest lately in the original iDOLM@STER. Also, I'm always looking for Gunslinger Girl items, so ITEM #97705 stood out. I picked up the soundtrack to the first season of Galaxy Angel ITEM #56940 since it cost next to nothing, and I was surprised how much of the music was instantly recognizable!


The mystery box is an item from a series where I'm always eager to acquire new old treasures, an old (1998) poster of Akari Kanzaki ENTRY #4418 from Battle Athletes ENTRY #730.


I like to run, and so I decided to hang this poster close to my computer desk, sort of a motivational tool to get me out the door every day to go running :).

Next up is an ancient (2003) figure of my favorite character, ITEM #5298.


This figure definitely shows signs of its age, but I've always liked the way Asuka looks in this outfit. It would be interesting to see an update of this figure made to 2019 quality standards!


Next is a relatively rare figure that I've been looking for ever since someone bought it from under me a few months ago on AmiAmi, Aomi Maika ITEM #138667.


Maika is the mascot character of the well-known dojinshi artist Karory ENTRY #38091, and I really like her hair ribbon as well as her plaid outfit!


Possibly the reason that this figure ended up on my wish list is that Maika reminds me very much of one of my favorite anime characters.


There's definitely a resemblance there. Maika is much like a happy and cheerful Taiga Aisaka ENTRY #1706 !

The item that prompted me to get this Mandarake order going was an old figure that I had been hunting for a while, C-Works' Rika Shiraki ITEM #1072.


(NSFW image behind spoiler tag). Rika hails from the classic hentai anime Bible Black ENTRY #627, and a number of things made me hunt this figure. I've always liked Rika's character design, and her blonde hair and the bondage theme also win collector points with me.

View spoilerHide spoiler
My one complaint with this figure is that the ball gag doesn't quite want to stay positioned properly, but this is a rather cool old figure! AmiAmi had the corresponding figure of castmate Kurumi ITEM #1073 the other day, and I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting it as well...


Wave 3 (AmiAmi)

The last batch of loot from the month is from AmiAmi. We've got some very small figures, and something in a plastic bag.


The something in the bag is a new t-shirt ITEM #510305 of the best Vocaloid, Rin-chan!


I've been on a little bit of a nostalgia kick, and so the first figure in this part of the loot is an old figure from a series that's stuck with me more than I expected it to, Miharu ITEM #1470 from Girls Bravo ENTRY #9105.


Miharu was very inexpensive (1100 yen) since AmiAmi graded her B/C; the box was in very good condition, but I guess the C box grade was because the blister has yellowed. It doesn't bother me...


I always tell people that Girls Bravo is a dumb harem comedy, but it's a *good* dumb harem comedy with attractive character designs, and I guess that's why the series has stuck with me. Like many shows from the early 2000's Girls Bravo didn't get too many figures, and I wonder if that would be different if the show was made today.


I like how Miharu has that classic early 2000's look!

Girls with guns is one of my favorite anime/manga concepts, and so next is a figure from a property that has piqued my interest, Maria Teruyasu ITEM #675893 from Little Armory ENTRY #87248.


Maria comes with a vaulting horse that she can use to support her rifle. However, if you want to use that prop, this necessitates cutting apart the box insert. I'll probably scan the insert, print it out and paste that on a piece of thin cardboard.


The insert includes a very pretty illustration of Maria, and I had to run that text through Google Translate. The text explains Maria's backstory, and how she is a student at a special school that specializes in arms training.


Part of the reason Maria caught my eye is that she reminds me very much of Triela ITEM #13765 from Gunslinger Girl. If they made some Gunslinger Girl Nendoroids, I'd definitely buy them!


The final item in this loot is another Nendoroid of my favorite alchemist, Totooria Helmold ITEM #61341.


I love the little Chim that's included!


Totori was graded A/B, and she was still sealed, but when I was taking these photos, I noticed the figure had begun to "sweat" plasticizer after being sealed in the box for 8 years and she was quite sticky. Thus, I'll need to give this figure the sticky figure treatment before setting her up.

So, that's it for May's loot, and as always...

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DandyCrocodile (9 dag(en) geleden) #63567699Nice loot! My Totori Nendo needed a bath too but once the sticky is off she's truly lovely. :)

The translucent parts of Totori's output were the main culprits, and my experience is that translucent/transparent parts are often prone to stickiness, but even Totori's hair was quite sticky.

It's good to know that other people have had this happen, and were able to fix her up with no real harm.
7 dag(en) geleden
ajfunny (9 dag(en) geleden) #63561862Nice haul! That Rin shirt is AWESOME

Anything Rin is awesome :).
7 dag(en) geleden
Nice loot! My Totori Nendo needed a bath too but once the sticky is off she's truly lovely. :)
9 dag(en) geleden
ajfunny aka Bwab
Nice haul! That Rin shirt is AWESOME
9 dag(en) geleden
CaptainZ (9 dag(en) geleden) #63514894Miko Sonico....
I didn't realize I needed this

Neither did I until I saw that illustration :).
9 dag(en) geleden
Cantisama (10 dag(en) geleden) #63501506Nice loot. I picked up that Eva art book as well. It has a great collection of illustrations, like the one of them standing outside a 7-Eleven. My favorite Eva art book is still Die Sterne ITEM #43947

One of the most interesting things about that particular artbook is seeing all the different products which have been "endorsed" by the Eva characters over the years. It was also interesting to see that a fair number of the advertising illustrations also became figures (like the various Lawson figures).
9 dag(en) geleden
Miko Sonico....
I didn't realize I needed this
9 dag(en) geleden
Nice loot. I picked up that Eva art book as well. It has a great collection of illustrations, like the one of them standing outside a 7-Eleven. My favorite Eva art book is still Die Sterne ITEM #43947
10 dag(en) geleden
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