Genji ☆ - Overwatch - Nendoroid GSC - Unboxing and review ☆Genji ☆ - Overwatch - Nendoroid GSC - Unboxing and review ☆Review

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Genji ☆ - Overwatch - Nendoroid GSC - Unboxing and review ☆
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Hi everyone!

Picked him up at the con for a good price! Wanted him for ages so I finally got him!
Let’s get into it! :3

Well, the box is just the same as all the nendoroid boxes. Genji’s box, though, was a bit smaller and thicker.


Out of the box! There are 2 pieces of packaging.


Genji is pretty simple to assemble! Only thing is, if you decide to put both swords on his back, you can put him in his base.

He comes with a lot of stuff, I love that! Even with the feather from the short film of him & Hanzo.

You can also pose him a lot more! Unlike other nendoroids, he also has joints at his elbows and knees.

I personally think that they “translated” Genji’s character really well into this nendoroid. If you like Genji, you must get this!(╹◡╹)♡


Final Review
+ Easy to assemble & pose
+ Comes with a lot of stuff!
- Cant attach to base when there are 2 swords on his back

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

(B.t.w. I’m sorry if my grammar isn’t correct sometimes!)
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Nice review! Looking forward for your next
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Thanks for the review, I really want to start collecting overwatch nendos :D
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