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Haul April/May

Welcome to my haul from the past two months and thanks for reading! Today I have 5 figures and some miscellaneous items to share with you.

Beginning with the scale figures, first up we have:

Asui Tsuyu (aka Froppy) 1/8 - by Bell Fine




After being delayed very briefly Tsuyu was my first arrival this month and she made for a great start to May! Spoiler: she is my favorite figure this month :) From top to bottom this figure is splendidly done. Bell Fine truly captured the silly and laid back nature of Tsuyu while also creating a dynamic pose that shows off her heroic capability. My favorite design choice is by far the base. Many figures suffer from having an underwhelming or outright ugly base, however Tsuyu's base elevates (literally) this figure to another level. The spurt of water helps the pose fit in extremely well with the environment and the 'splash' text makes it feel as if she is jumping right out of the manga!

Equally as well done we have:

Uararaka Ochaco (Uravity) 1/8 - by Bell Fine





Ochaco has many of the same strong points as her companion. The sculpting, paint, and pose are all marvelous. The base might feel a bit lack luster due to its similarity to other bases, however the design still works quite well. Between the rubble in the foreground and the 'FLOAT' text Ochaco is framed quite well, again tying her right into the environment and seemingly jumping (or floating) right off the page. The rubble also suits the character quite well recalling her big moment in her fight against Bakugo, which was one of my favorites in the whole series so far. She also came with a cute acrylic plate.

Here are both of them together:



Here is a closeup of their bases, they have a really cute pattern :)



A great April release:

Mash Kyrielight 1/7 (Grand New Year edition) - by Aniplex






I didn't think it would be possible to make Mash any cuter, but Aniplex proved me wrong. The pose really immerses me in the scene this figure creates; it reminds me of something right out of a shoujo/romance manga. The yukata and hair flow well, the colors are wonderfully vibrant without being overwhelming, and the flowers on the shield and in Mash's hair really tie everything together for me. The simple base is similarly cute and colorful without distracting from the figure.

The final scale figure is:

Jeanne d'Arc 1/7- by GSC



This figure takes up way more space than I initially thought, she doesn't even fit in my detolf cabinet. Honestly that's not a bad thing, big figures always feel really cool to have in the collection, especially one with the outstanding quality from the folks over at GSC. Jeanne herself has a simple design, so the pose for her figure is quite important and GSC absolutely nailed it. She looks both cute and fierce, but the best part by far is her banner. The thing is huge and has more flow than a Code Geass opening! (+5 points if you got that reference) My only complaint is that the banner leans too far forward since it is so bottom heavy, causing the second support to be unusable. (If you found a way around this feel free to comment pls XD) Nonetheless a great figure!

The final figure is:

Megumin - Nendoroid (Rerelease) by GSC



I am quite happy Megumin got a rerelease to go with the anniversary edition of her scale figure. Megumin is best girl, her nendoroid is cute and has a bunch of familiar props from the series that make her quite fun to pose in various ways. Simply put, she is a great addition to my collection.

~Now for a few miscellaneous items!~

Rimuru Tempest paperweight and cushion:



I completely fell in love with this series after episode one, Rimuru is one of the cutest and most fun protagonists ever! Both products are worth picking up, but do have slight flaws. The paperweight is best displayed on a light colored surface (such as paper) and viewed from above, otherwise it can be extremely difficult to see the face. The cushion just has a weird scent, it'll probably dissipate over time though. Either way both a great products that make me happy to display.

This next item isn't anime related, but it is something I am excited about so I thought I should still share it.

I purchased a sword stand from ReginsRock on Etsy. Here is a link to his amazing shop:




This took a while to find as most stands are designed as vertical wall mounts, which wasn't a route I wanted to go, so I was really happy to stumble upon this shop. The design is inspired by Celtic woodwork and was carved to look like two ravens clutching the swords in their beaks. The swords themselves are from A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones), so they match nicely with the stand. I bought the replica swords from ValyrianSteel.com: valyriansteel.c...

I've also picked up several interesting manga in the past couple months.





*I've decided to write exactly one sentence about each manga in order to keep this section brief.* (I feel like semicolons are cheating, but used them anyway :P) Here we go!

Witch Hat Atelier volume 1: After just one volume it is runner up for my favorite manga! *This is my number one recommendation from the manga this month.*

Food Wars volume 30: At last we wrap up the 'Central' arc in a surprisingly satisfying way and I finally like Erina as a character.

Gleipnir volumes 1 and 2: This story seems super weird and messed up, but is actually well done and refreshing.

Go with the Clouds North by Northwest l]volume 1:
The author has a very interesting perspective that lends to a unique and engaging story merging cultures and concepts from both Japan and Europe. *This is my number two recommendation from the manga this month.*

One Punch Man volume 16: Garo finally feels like a badass, he is now one of my favorite in the series.

Laid Back Camp volume 6: Never enough Shimarin, but the supporting cast is incredibly enjoyable as always!

Wotakoi volume 3: Well worth the wait, it is an adorable continuation from where the anime left off.

My Hero Academia volume 18:
A nice break to reset after the intensity of the last few volumes and a good start for some potential character growth.

No Game No Life Please!: Izuna is always so adorable; I can't wait to read more and get her scale figure!

The Girl from the Other Side volumes 1 and 2: Just as cute and creepy as expected; it is a great pickup for me.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime volumes 8 and 9: I love this series :)

DanMachi Fmailia Chronicles volume 3: I haven't read this volume yet, but the story thus far has been enjoyable so I expect good things from this next installment too.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: Haven't read yet, but seems promising.

Transparent Light Blue: Somewhat strange yuri.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House volume 1: Another cute paranormal romance.


The past couple of months have been great for both my collection and life in general. I have at last been able to move my collection to the basement after work completed on the new room in April. I spent a day setting up 6 detolf cases with assistance from my immensely helpful mother. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such supporting parents :) I am still working on getting some riser and led's for the cabinets. After everything is neatly arranged I plan to upload the pictures and do a room tour.

Writing these articles has been getting even more enjoyable as I gain more experience with each one. I personally enjoy reading loot articles most, let me know what you guys like to read! I plan to continue writing about my hauls, so feel free return next month for more :)

Thank you again for checking out this article!
As always have a great rest of your day :)
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LemonMIntCat1 jaar geleden#61367167Wow great haul of stuff! Your close up pictures of Mash make her very tempting ( I honestly really like her pink base). Also very neat sword display!

I agree, I think the base design is really cute and works perfectly for her. And thank you for the kind words ^.^
1 jaar geleden
Wow great haul of stuff! Your close up pictures of Mash make her very tempting ( I honestly really like her pink base). Also very neat sword display!
1 jaar geleden
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