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A look into my No Game No Life collectionA look into my No Game No Life collection

LukaLuka1 maand(en) geledenDiary
This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18
Hi Guys!
My name is Luka! This is my first time ever creating a blog so I hope you guys find this somewhat interesting. I am unlike most collectors on here as I only collect one series... Which is No Game No Life. Bet you could not tell by my profile! Here's to hoping there will be a season 2 one day... ;=; I can dream right?

I was not always a heavy No Game No Life Collector until this past year... I struggled with finding what made me happy within this hobby for many years. I can say my collection has been all over the place from being League of Legends focused to Lolis to Monogatari. With these only came slight enjoyment for a short period of time. I noticed I would eventually start losing interest in anything I bought and would end up reselling and losing a lot of money . I also found many figures I pre-ordered I no longer wanted after a month because I had a very bad problem with impulse buying... I have about 13 figures at this moment pre-ordered that I have zero interest in and no idea what I am going to do. I have learned my lesson.

With No Game No Life it was different for me. I have so much love for the show and the characters that I don't even feel like I am missing out on anything else or want anything else. My collection is centered heavily around Shiro and Schwi, who are my best girls.. but don't get me wrong I do love every character from the series. The only bad side about collecting No Game No Life is the amount of hate I do get especially since I do own Lewd posters of Shiro... can't count how many times I've been called a Pedophile or Degenerate. The haters don't really bother me it's just I wish more people would understand me and why Shiro makes me happy. :( But enough of the sad talk lets move onto my Collection!! :]

PLEASE BE WARNED IMAGES ARE NSFW (There is no nudity but I have lewd Shiro merch so be warned if you are sensitive to that stuff)

I will first start off with a complete view of my room so you can get an idea of how crazy of a fan I actually am. This is pretty much an updated picture outside of a few small things (1 Tapestry, Dresser, Plush and Detolf) which I will post below.

Low and Behold my Shrine!!



Let's start off with my Detolf and then I will move to the other items in the room.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Luka1556249288.jpeg

Here is the top of the Detolf. I don't have much yet to decorate but I have a few Acrylic Stands and a beautiful Schwi Tapestry hanging behind! I eventually want to make a Shiro Crown to hang on the side corner of the Detolf. The left and right Stands I purchased off Ebay from Chinese sellers. I know they are not official items but I am happy to have anything Shiro in my collection. I especially love the artwork from the NGNL Zero Concert so you bet I bought that immediately. The middle stand is an official item from Otaku Mode (And you can tell as the quality is a bit higher than the chinese ones).
The Tapestry is A2 Size and was made by Movic. It's a bit hard to find but I have seen quite a few pop up lately on Surugaya if anyone is interested (in fact there is one on there now at a mere 2200 yen).

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Luka1556249227.jpeg

Here is the first shelf which is my favorite! This is the lewd shelf but it's totally a coincidence. It just ended up having all the lewd figures for some reason. I'm sure when I get the new Shiro figures in everything will change. I also don't have a good idea on how to display straps and keychains yet so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

In the back I have the limited edition Shiro clearfile from the No Game No Life Artworks Bundle that released in April. It was a GAMERS exclusive so you couldn't get it anywhere else. It is actually taped up on there but hoping to get some double sided tape for a cleaner look in the future. To the right (outside of the detolf) is the MF Bunko Winter 2019 Shiro Clearfile. It's really cute and one of my favorite artworks of Shiro. I just love her hair so much when it's colorful... so unique.

To the top left we have Aquamarines Shiro. Her outfit is so cute and who doesnt love thigh highs? One of my favorites in my collection for sure. I bought her when she was re-released from AmiAmi.

To the right of her we have AZONE'S Shiro Doll. I found this on Ebay from a lovely girl in Spain. I used to own two of these but had to get rid of one unfortunately so I could afford other things. I'm not a fan of dolls but I love this! A slim chance but I am hoping they make Schwi one day .

Next is a Shiro and Schwi Acrylic Stand that I purchased off Ebay/China, the seller was super nice and gave me two free Shiro keychains. The best transaction I've ever had on Ebay by far. Below we have the Izuna/Shiro and Bunny Shiro Keychain which both were free from the seller above.

Hogging up all the space is Freeing Bunny Shiro. She was my first Bunny figure and I absolutely can't wait for Jibril and Steph to arrive. I am hoping they make the rest of the cast!

The metal charm I got from a seller on Ebay. It was smaller than expected but a cute design. Happy with the purchase.
The 3 loose straps I got in a big lot from Japan. Interestingly enough the Shiro one on the chess base comes apart and you can display her in her panties!

The 2 small figures are the Shiro phone stand and FREEing S Style Shiro. The phone stand is a pretty cute figure to own. I have placed her on top of the throne from the PHAT Shiro figure. I thought it was a good fit :p. I'm not that big of fan of the S Style Shiro... Her neck is a bit odd and the base was horrendous. I wish they made that sculpt into a larger scale :(.

The wooden sign is from the MF BUNKO 2019 Winter collection. I want to hang it up but haven't had the time yet.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Luka1556249372.jpeg

This one is a bit less chaotic but a bunch of Keychains!
We have our Kotobukiya Shiro... Which she is missing her black chess piece. I have no idea where it went. I probably vacuumed it up and it went into the trash LOL. That's what I get for being careless I guess. To Compliment Shiro , Schwi is there! Both are very nice figures for the price, I am so happy to own them. In the middle we have Good Smile Company's Shiro, now this figure is outstanding for the price it retailed. The pose, Color, everything is perfect. Unfortunately mine arrived from HLJ with a broken hair piece but I fixed it easily. I could have probably got a replacement but I am not too picky luckily. I never complain unless something is severely damaged or missing.

There is a huge variety of Keychains here. Some are official, some are not. The unofficial ones are from Ebay.

The top left is from Ebay. While not official it's really pretty and I love how vibrant the colors were. To the right we have the Acyrlic Charms from the NGNL Zero Film Concert. These bad boys are pretty hard to find but I luckily snagged them in an auction for 1000 yen. The set both includes Shiro and Sora but I don't have much interest in Sora so he is hidden from view.

To the bottom far left we have the Schwi and Shiro Tsumamare Pinched Straps. I was supposed to order them in the Keychain style but I made a big mistake while checking out in AmiAmi. Luckily they are up for pre-order again so I can order the correct style I initially wanted. The 4 loose straps (and the two in the orange packaging are from Ebay. I especially love the Sora and Shiro cat one. It's very cute. Then we have the MF BUNKO Winter Festival Acrylic Stand/Keychain from Kadokawa Store. That is it for this shelf!


View spoilerHide spoiler

This shelf doesn't have nearly as much as the others but that is mainly because the PHAT figures take up a lot of space. We have PHAT Shiro and PHAT Schwi with a cute Shiro acrylic Stand in the middle. It was from Ebay. As for the Keychains we have the Nendoroid Shiro/Sora STrap set, A Neko Shiro keychain from Ebay and two official straps from AmiAmi (Please forgive me I don't know the names of them lol).

Final Shelf:

View spoilerHide spoiler

This is the shelf where I put random items together! I will make this shelf sweet and simple and not go into depth just because there is way too much to talk about. If you do have questions please feel free to ask. I feel like I am rambling on way too much in this post. Just a few things to note the Acrylic panel, Shiro card (Where she is wearing Sora's Shirt) were pre-order bonuses. I absolutely adore the Graffart items (the items to the right with the cute chibi draw style). Also have my Shiro Nendoroid in Kobato's outfit since I love maid/lolita outfits.

Now it's time to journey outside of the Detolf.


View spoilerHide spoiler

Behind the Dresser we have a few posters, A Tapestry, A dakimakura and a towel. Now I never use Dakimakuras for the intended use.. I like to use them as wall hangings.. I feel like I am the only one who does this LOL.

At the top right we have a 3-D schwi poster which was an AMAZON JP pre-order bonus for the NGNL Zero Premium box. Below is a small tapestry that was another pre-order bonus but I forgot what it was for exactly. A large Shiro Dakimakura I decided to hang. It is from China, but I do want to say the quality was actually pretty good for what I paid. I was VERY surprised. Below we have a Schwi Towel hanging over my mirror (Id rather see her than myself LOL).

On my dresser we have my Aquamarine Izuna, Great War Jibril and Jibril Nendoroid. I also found a cute little display cubby at Goodwill for the mini figures with a crown to top it off! I mainly find all my display stands and even the Detolf I have at Goodwill. You can find really neat items, if you have one near you you should check it out!!


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Luka1556249406.jpeg


Here is the complete view of my pillows/plush.

The pillows on top of my empty display case are from China besides the middle one which is official. The Schwi and shiro pillows from China actually have 2 sides which is neat. I want to put these on my bed but I already have so many pillows on there as it is.

As for plush most of these are from Sentai, I used to have the Izuna Pillow as well for a complete set but I sold her to a lovely Shiro/Izuna collector on here. The two identical Shiro Plush that kind of have the style of Pitanui are from Sanshee . They were extremely exclusive and I have never seen anyone with these. I was lucky enough to grab a new one with the Tags (Pricey at $50) recently from Ebay and the other I got in a lot on Ebay for a decent price along with an official Movic Wall Scroll.

Tapestry/Wall Scrolls:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Luka1556249247.jpeg





This is one of my favorite parts of my collection. I just love Tapestry so much... I'm addicted and want to own them all.. but I am running out of space so I started to hang towels in my bathroom ! I also have about 10 scrolls I can't even hang up it's pretty bad... In my room I have quite a variety of different wall hangings, all of them are official items besides the middle bottom one to the right of my bed. It was purchased at an anime convention in Colorado from a vendor in the artist Alley. I had found it on Ebay and Quickly bought it since I love owning unique items. I don't really have many unique items but I would love to commission things in the future when I have the funds for it. I love to support artists.

I was a bit hesitant to display some of these because I do live with parents, but to my surprise they were very cool with it. Even got my mother to laugh. I don't know if I was a male if it would have caused a different reaction but my parents for the most part are okay with my hobby. I'm pretty lucky to have understanding parents.

On my bed I have a Shiro body pillow from RightStuf and a Comiket Schwi Bed Sheet I bought from Mandarake.

If you are wondering why my Wooden glass display case is empty it's because I am waiting on my NGNL Figure pre-orders to get here but it will be quite a few months before anything arrives. Until then I think it will remain empty unless I get some more Acrylic Plates/Stands or neat little items.

This pretty much wraps up most of my collection though. I did leave out quite a few items in my closet like towels, wall scrolls, clothing and more. I don't have the time to take them out of storage really. I also apologize for typing an essay. I just am very proud of my collection now even though it is most likely seen as cringe to most people.

Is there anyone else this dedicated to an anime or even have a NGNL collection? I'd love to see your collections as well. People who are passionate about something always bring a smile to my face.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my post. I might try to make monthly loot posts, I will see how I feel about it in the future.

Before signing off I just want to say... Do what makes you happy not what makes others happy. Live your life to the fullest it can be. Happy collecting. <3

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A beautiful and impressive collection! I have my own collection for my favorite character so I understand how happy it must make you feel having this collection <3
28 dag(en) geleden
what a great and devoted Shiro collection!
1 maand(en) geleden
Love your collection! You are truly devoted! I seriously regret selling my Shiro figures, now I have to work on getting them back into my collection.
1 maand(en) geleden
azusamukami (1 maand(en) geleden) #57889028Beautiful room, beautiful collection~

Thank you!! :)

jazzylin (1 maand(en) geleden) #57944996Beautiful collection! I only just got into NGNL so I’m excited to see all the different set ups people have! I’m so bummed I missed on on the Phat Schwi figure, I was at least able to get the GSC one tho! I actually also hang dakis on my wall, I have them hanging behind my detolfs, they fit quite well actually!blog/42627#

Thank you so much! Nice to meet a NGNL fan <3! Most NGNL collectors are super casual with just figures but I have met a few people that collect a lot of Shiro or Schwi. As for the Phat Schwi her price is a bit hefty now (Mandarake has her at 20k now) but I think she has a good chance of getting a re-release in time. Hope you can expand your NGNL collection but you already have the best figure. The GSC Shiro is perfection. :] Also glad to know I'm not the only one with the hanging Dakimakuras. For me I see them more as a long Tapestry and at $25 I feel it's super affordable and looks pretty good on the wall. If you are crafty/Can sew you could probably insert a rod to make it into a Tapestry. Only downside is my Schwi one I like both sides so it's really hard to decide which side to display :(!

PlasticInMyBlood (1 maand(en) geleden) #57954819Your collection is soooo lovely!Thanxs for sharing! :) It made me really happy when I read your article. It shows how much you love No game no life!
You can display your keyshains on a corkboard, you can glue a nice fabrik on top if you don´t want to see the cork. ^^

Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed it. Also thank you for the idea but I also have very limited room to where I can hang anything (My addiction to Tapestries needs to stop XD) But if I could find a way to display it in my empty glass case It would work perfect for me.

segasonic (1 maand(en) geleden) #57971027This is quite a collection! I used to have that same Kotobukiya Shiro (that’s on the second shelf), but I lost both chess pieces and eventually sold the figure itself since I’m not quite as into the series as I was in the past.
Nevertheless, a collection of this scale—especially one revolving around a single franchise—is amazing and inspires me to start franchise-based collections of my own (I’ve somewhat gotten started with Sonic, but I’d love to do the same with Kirby or Bang Dream!).
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for looking! Aww i'm sorry about the chess pieces. I wish they made them with magnets so it wouldn't fall out of her hand so easily. I'm pretty paranoid after that so I haven't even taken my Phat Schwi's chess piece out of the box. I just display her without it .

I also love to see collections that revolve around a series or character though they are very rare on here. Kirby and Sonic both have a lot of merchandise so I couldn't imagine how much of an amazing collection someone could acquire. Sonic and Kirby were a huge part of my childhood as they were the main video games I did play while growing up. My first video game ever was Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA so he will always remain in my heart.
I do dread the day NGNL dies ... No more merch. :( it will eventually happen but hopefully not anytime soon. I am hoping a Season 2 will be announced this year or next. I haven't given up hope!
1 maand(en) geleden
This is quite a collection! I used to have that same Kotobukiya Shiro (that’s on the second shelf), but I lost both chess pieces and eventually sold the figure itself since I’m not quite as into the series as I was in the past.

Nevertheless, a collection of this scale—especially one revolving around a single franchise—is amazing and inspires me to start franchise-based collections of my own (I’ve somewhat gotten started with Sonic, but I’d love to do the same with Kirby or Bang Dream!).

Thanks for sharing!
1 maand(en) geleden
Your collection is soooo lovely!Thanxs for sharing! :) It made me really happy when I read your article. It shows how much you love No game no life!

You can display your keyshains on a corkboard, you can glue a nice fabrik on top if you don´t want to see the cork. ^^
1 maand(en) geleden
Beautiful collection! I only just got into NGNL so I’m excited to see all the different set ups people have! I’m so bummed I missed on on the Phat Schwi figure, I was at least able to get the GSC one tho! I actually also hang dakis on my wall, I have them hanging behind my detolfs, they fit quite well actually!
1 maand(en) geleden
Beautiful room, beautiful collection~
1 maand(en) geleden
Kuhaku (1 maand(en) geleden) #57843879I'll leave the figure opinion to the author, but the shiro you were looking at for the final shelf is a preorder bonus for the ngnl artbook it's an A4 acrylic 'panel' stand.

Many thanks for your help~ Looks like I'll have to go hunting for it.

Luka (1 maand(en) geleden) #57843911Thank you for the kind words! Yuu Kamiya is something else, all his artwork is amazing and very distinct. The clearfile is very pretty... though quite lewd if im being honest...
Well I think if you have the funds you should go for a Shiro figure they are all very nice. Jibril is a nice addition too. All NGNL figures are top quality besides the S Style shiro.. That thing was such a disappointment.
Do you have a picture of the keychain? :D We all start somewhere. My first item was the Kotobukiya Shiro when I was collecting other figures and she's the only figure I still have from 3 years ago.
Oh in that last picture it is actually an Acrylic Panel it was a bonus from Melonbooks for the artbook that released in April. Here's a closer look at it (And some pages from the artbook): imgur.com/a/Z2O...

I think the artist likes lewd drawings... though I find it strangely charming with the bright and colorful artwork in contrast to the lewdness.

That's good to hear about the quality of NGNL figures. I seem to gravitate to the Aquamarine version (that red/orange jacket in contrast to her swimsuit theme makes Shiro pop more) and the Phat or Kotobukiya version just looks amazing. I actually dislike the S-style.. just judging from the stock photo, it really feels like it doesn't do Shiro any justice.

As for the keychain, if I took it, it'll probably won't come out as great so here's an instagram picture of it: www.instagram.c...
I was sold that that it's a double-sided keychain charm that maintained Shiro's awesome hair color.

And darn, if I've known about this website (and the artbook) much sooner. The acrylic panel is stunning (and so is the artbook). It looks like I'll have to hunt for the artbook first.

Overall, thanks for sharing~! I can totally feel your love for Shiro and Schwi in this post. It's also great to see other items besides the figures: from the tapestry (which I can see why you like them a lot~), the plushies, the LE pre-order items, the keychains... everything. This post will totally persuade me to burn more money now haha...
1 maand(en) geleden
That's an impressive collection! I wished I had started collecting when NGNL was airing. I would have bought its clear files and keychains. They have very pretty art.
1 maand(en) geleden
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