~Huge Haul #3, Figures and manga~~Huge Haul #3, Figures and manga~Loot

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~February and March Loot/manga/UBcon
Hi Friends!

I have been meaning to put this article out for a while, but I have been super busy for the last month and a half. Now I’m happy to finally share some of the loot I picked up! (This includes stuff from both February and March) We will begin with the figures, then a bunch of manga, and end with some final thoughts and updates.

Without further ado, let's jump right in!

~~Mash Kyrielight by Stronger, sculpted by Diera



Everything about this figure is completely stunning, sculpting, paint, and pose are all excellent. Even the box impressed me, being made of nice cardboard with a velcro door that opens to reveal the figure inside, it was fun to open.

~~Jeanne Alter Nendoroid by GSC


J'Alter is easily one of my best nendoroids. She is extremely mobile, making her easy to pose, her paint job is outstanding, and she comes with a variety of fun props.

~~Megumin by Kadokawa


Megumin has been one of my most anticipated figures and she is absolutely stunning!

~~Takdokoro Megumi nendoroid by GSC


Megumi is a low-key badass and so is her nendo. I am so excited to finally have a food wars figure to go with the manga collection. Hopefully some scales get released for Megumi or Soma.

~~Okabe Rintaro nendoroid by GSC


The long wait is finally over :-: Okabe makes a wonderful nendoroid, any pose looks good :)

~~Shima Rin and Kagamihara Nadeshiko nendoroids by Max Factory


Rin is best girl and so is her nendoroid! Nadeshiko was released back in November, but I had to buy her from TOM, so, y'know...she was shipped much later. I am, however, happy to say she was well worth the wait!

Both nendoroids live up to the same excellent quality of the anime/manga they hail from. They are so cute and relaxed looking it almost makes me wish i could join them by the campfire and share a hot pot :P

My First dvd’s:

~~Land of the Lustrous Steelboook Edition


It’s been said before, and it’s true, this anime is amazing! I found this on sale at Sentai Filmworks, I fear I am already addicted to their website o_O

~~Code Geass Limited Edition Part 2:


Code Geass will always be a favorite. Package comes with 2 dvd’s, volume 2 of the manga adaptation, and the soundtrack cd. This I found on sale at fye randomly for about $20, no brainer for me to pick it up. Hopefully I cant find part 1 and 3 at reasonable prices too. I also want to collect the rest of the manga adaptation now 

On that note, now for a whole bunch of manga:










If you’re curious about what any of the manga are I’ve written the list here along with my thoughts on them.

Click This to reveal the manga section: View spoilerHide spoiler

We will start with the manga I’ve read since purchasing it:

~~Yuru Camp collection (volumes 1—5) by Afro

I have been waiting for the English translated manga to pass where the anime left off, which it has, and I was finally able to pick this up. I absolutely love the art and color scheme, it looks great on the shelf. Also idk what the covers are made of, but for some reason I love this material.

The manga was able to deliver on all my expectations, it’s going to be hard to wait for volume 6!

~~My Hero Academia volumes 17 & 18

I don’t even know what to see after the Chisaki vs Murio fight, except maybe crying. It does pave the way for a great Nighteye scene and some great Deku moments. Toga is creepy and cute as always.

~~Food Wars volumes 28 & 29 by Yuta Tsukuda, illustrated by Shun Saeki

It was great to see Aldini finally have his moment in volume 28, plus Megumi had some great art. Volume 29 gives us a great setup for the rest of the series in my opinion. If Yukihira were to beat Tsuakasa one on one it would feel as if he achieved his goal far too early, plus the two versus two allows us to get some insight into the seemingly inevitable Yukihira/Nakiri ship becoming cannon :P Even though it was all buildup to the main event, it was still very satisfying to get some payoffs for side character plots from earlier in the series.

~~One Punch Man ~complete collection~ by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata

Soooo.... Barnes and Noble had a sale, I bought the whole set. I got everything a little over half off though, totally worth it :) Volume 8 picks up where season 1 of the anime leaves off, so I started here. We get a lighthearted spotlight on the number 4 hero "King" to ease us into the next arc. It worked pretty well as a transition being that the rest of the volumes continually increase the action to some brutal levels in volume 14. Volume 15 contains a brief conversation that reasserts Saitama's motivation, or lack there of, reminding us he is a real guy and not just an almighty god.

*Volume 9 I lent to my supervisor, it's great having a fellow nerd as a boss :)

~~Familia Chronicle: Lyu by Hinase Momoyama

Lyu is so cute, but Syr is the star of this volume.

~~Tomo-chan is a Girl volume 3 by

This series is adorable, looking forward to reading more 

~~The Beauty and the Beast Girl by Neji

Cute yuri, how could I resist? A blind girl meets a self-hating monster, they fall in love, life ensues. Neji sensei is able to deal with some heavy topics in a lighthearted way. It was a pretty enjoyable read, I will pick up the next volume for sure.
Now Loading by Mikan Uji
This manga is basically like New Game, but more focused on the relationships of its characters and less on the making of the game/advancing ones career/goals. It is my new favorite yuri, but we shall see how it competes with The Beauty and the Beast Girl next time :P

~~The Ancient Magus Bride (volume 10) by Yamazaki Kore

I read this as soon as I got home, Magus Bride is my favorite manga!
This volume marks the beginning of a new arc,
As a brief rundown, volume 10 is entirely used to set the stage for us. We are introduced to a myriad of new characters and factions with unknown motives and goals that Chise will discover and have to tend with.
The primary focus will be on the college, which was foreshadowed halfway through the last arc. We learn that there are at least two factions, those who wish to respect Chise’s freedom, and those who wish to use her. There are also several student factions that will be getting involved. A lot of volume 10 was introductions to these factions, so it is all a bit vague at the moment. We also had a brief scene of another demi human, the school nurse. She is being set up as our gateway to the mysteries of sleigh beggies and the interaction between Chise’s curses. There are lots of moving pieces here, so honestly I don’t know what to think yet, however, Yamazaki sensei seems to have lots planned still, which makes me very happy to see.

Strangely, I am most excited to see the church come into its own as the B plot following Simmon. Yamazaki sensei’s other work Frau Faust had the church as one of the main factions in the story and they were handled marvelously. The church in Magus Bride was introduced at the beginning, but not really touched on. Now we will be shown the consequences of Simmons passivity in his mission to spy on Elias and how their friendship could be the cause of a lot of pain for Simmon. This will make Elias feel all the more tragic/pitiable as one of his few friendships could be destroyed because humans are rejecting his existence and won’t allow Simmon to be his friend. It has the potential to be a simple, tragic tale and could potentially be the source of a lot of growth for Elias as a character. His growth thus far has been quite vague, my hope is the B plot will give it more definition.

And now the manga I have yet to read:

~~Golden Kamuy volumes 7 & 8 by Satoru Noda

Golden kamuy is one of my favorite underappreciated stories, can’t wait to read it!
No Game No Life volume 4 (Light Novel) by Yuu Kamiya
Again I’m picking up where the anime leaves off. I’ve only read the first 10 or so pages, but wow to we really just jump down the rabbit hole immediately. It’s great to be reimmersed in this world.

~~Mahoutsukai no Yome volume 11 (The Ancient Magus Bride)by Yamazaki Kore

I don't know enough Japanese to read this yet :P It comes with a rainbow calendar book with chibi character illustrations inside, a short story, and a "gift". The "gift" card has a qr code the brings you to a the new promo video for the next volume, which was a joy to watch even the 5th time around :P

~~BnHA Vigallantees volume 4:

The spinoff is enjoyable in it’s own right, looking forward to seeing a lot more of it 
BnHA School Briefs by Anri Yoshi
I didn’t even know this was a thing, but it seems pretty cool.

~~The Ancient Magus Bride: Silver Yarn by Misc. authors, and Yamazaki Korre

Honestly I bought this because I love Magus Bride so much, however it is pretty low on my priority list of things to read since it side stories by other authors. I’m sure it’ll be great when I get around to it though :P

~~Made in Abyss (volume 5) by Akihito Tsukushi

I am super hyped to read this and see how the group will deal with Bondrewd after his special ability was revealed in the last volume. I am hoping for some more insight into relics and Rico’s past.
Love in Focus by
Idk the art was cute, I’ll let you know what I think later :P

~~Futaribeya volumes 1 & 2 by Yukiko

A cute yuri comic, not much plot so far, I am having a hard time finishing volume 1. It is still worth picking up if you enjoy yuri :P
Sacrificial Princess and the King of the Beasts by Yu Tomonfuji
Flipping through the pages I could help feel reminiscent of Magus Bride. I am always a fan of stories about loving someone despite their flaws.

Final thoughts:

I am extremely satisfied with the haul. I've come to realize that I am enjoying manga more and more and it is becoming a very important part of my collection. I also now realize how desperately I need more room for my collection, but also for me :P

Luckily work has begun on renovating the basement, seems it’ll be finished within the next few weeks. My dad was kind enough to do the work since he is experienced with this kind of stuff and had been looking for a project since his retirement in November. That means it’ll be a lot cheaper than having to hire someone else, I might only have to pay $1000 or so, which will be covered mostly by my income tax return. It’s great when things work out, I have the best dad!

Once I have everything setup I will do a room tour, I think it’ll be fun to look back on and see how far I’ve come.

I’ve also bought a real camera! It is called the Cannon Power Shot. It’s a great basic upgrade, it should come in handy at conventions too. I didn't have much time to study up on photography, so I am looking forward to getting practice and learning how to take good pictures, setup lighting, etc.

Regarding UBcon, it is a local convention in my area, it makes for a fun weekend! This year I was able to attend on both Saturday and Sunday, where as last year I only went on Sunday. Saturday was of course the busier of the two, I was able to see some great costumes, attend a song guessing game, and explore some other cool stuff. Sunday I spent playing boardgames with my friends. We found this one called "Ice Dice" that seemed kinda weird, but we ended up playing with it for like 2 hours XD

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and enjoy the rest of your day!
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NyxLuna1 jaar geleden#56730832Lol I know that feeling, I always have at least 6 different books waiting to be read at any time :p

:clears throat: I have about 10...
1 jaar geleden
Jess-chan1 jaar geleden#56726737I'm a lil backlogged manga wise but I will get to it. It's like the books are staring at me, waiting to be read XD

Lol I know that feeling, I always have at least 6 different books waiting to be read at any time :p
1 jaar geleden
NyxLuna1 jaar geleden#56695201Both are so good, definitely my favorite chapters in this latest arc :)

I'm a lil backlogged manga wise but I will get to it. It's like the books are staring at me, waiting to be read XD
1 jaar geleden
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
What a haul! And those nendos are so cute♡
1 jaar geleden
Jess-chan1 jaar geleden#56695064Awesome loot!! Your post reminds me that I have to read My Hero Academia 17 and 18 lol

Both are so good, definitely my favorite chapters in this latest arc :)
1 jaar geleden
Awesome loot!! Your post reminds me that I have to read My Hero Academia 17 and 18 lol
1 jaar geleden
Wonderful haul!!! <3 Lots of great manga series!
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