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Help with Wobbly Nendoroid Jeanne d'ArcHelp with Wobbly Nendoroid Jeanne d'Arc

LemonMIntCatLemonMIntCat23 dag(en) geledenAsk MFC
Hi, I am having a lot of trouble posing my Jeanne, ITEM #415005. Sorry that I dont have direct pictures. She has the special kind of nendoroid peg that is longer and at an angle with a rounded tip not the hexagon, kind of see in the picture picture/1570046.... But her back has the hexagon type hole. So the peg fits loosely so she tends to just fall to the left or right because of her head being so big, it is even worse with her flag held above her head like image, picture/1570609.... I had her holding it like this image, picture/1570608... before and it seemed like the weight counterbalanced.

I previously had nendoroid Breath of the Wild Link who had a longer peg and he would fall all the time, I sold him out of frustration. But I like this Jeanne and want her to pose properly. Please does anyone know of a solution for the poor fit of the pegs, or if I could try to use a different type of stand. Also when trying to get her to hold her flag above her head her left arm joint just gives up against gravity, is there any fix to this other than letting it rest on top of her head? Also lastly her waist peg seems to get loose and her bottom half slides away from her torso, but its been holding up okay when I just push them together again.
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ZoidsFanatic2 (23 dag(en) geleden) #55220244tharglet (23 dag(en) geleden) #55199802
Thank you both for the advice I think I might try it with the tape first since that is less permanent but I will keep the nail polish way in mind!
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I’m going to second what the other said. Clear nail Polish is a fantastic way to get pegs and joints and what not to be able to hold on tight. I’ve used it to fix a couple of my figures loose joints before.
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A round peg should be held fine by a hex hole, though the hole can get damaged fairly easily if you take the peg in and out a few times without heating the figure a bit.

If the peg needs a tighter fit, there are a couple of options. Laziest is to wrap the end of the peg with a layer or few of PTFE tape. Another option is to paint a layer of clear nail varnish on the peg (give it enough time to dry so peg and Nendo don't become one!).

The internal peg may also be assisted with these methods.
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