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vhsvhs29 dag(en) geledenAsk MFC
This is a follow up to my post from yesterday (BLOG #42384). Many people in the comments seem to agree that the number of parts packaged with nendoroids has lowered over time, specifically in recent additions, and I'd like to see how many people agree with this overall. I appreciate any participation I can get in these, thank you!
Also, in relation to this, I am starting to catalog each nendoroid and their number of parts specifically. I know it's a lot, but it's something I enjoy doing very much! When this spreadsheet is finished, I would like to release it here!
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Do you feel the number of nendoroid parts has changed recently?

  • 0%Yes, I feel the number has gone up
  • 92%Yes, I feel the number has gone down
  • 8%No, I feel the number has stayed the same
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
They've definitely decreased. Snow Miku 2017 came with three face plates, multiple different poses, AND had a fancy box. Snow Miku 2019 might have 3 faces, but only comes with a mirror and a hand mirror for accessories.
Nendoroids that have a lot of poses (Shinku for example) costs the same as the standard nendoroid these days, the ones that have very few poses. And this on is actually MORE expensive, and comes with less. www.goodsmile.i...
The Fate nendos seem to be a bit better about coming with accessories, but those are sometimes hidden behind those annoying DX ones, and are definitely more expensive than they used to be.www.goodsmile.i... verses www.goodsmile.i.... Nitocris might come with one ghost thing, but one ghost thing should not drive her price up $10.
28 dag(en) geleden
I have ITEM #136444. Her original price was 3700 yen, and she comes with an insane number of parts. You can literally pose her in any situation! Recent nendoroids aren't the same. They're expensive and come with a minimum amount of extra parts, and the boxes are always smaller. Plus, now gsc have taken out the brilliant idea of the 'DX ver.'...
28 dag(en) geleden
I think it depends from figure to figure, so it's not a definite number. I do think that newer nendoroids can feel kinda lackluster when it comes to the type of accessories chosen. Of course a problem is that I don't know all the series of older nendoroids, or don't get many of the new ones either, so maybe I'm just kinda bad at really knowing what'd make better extras for a nendo.

What I noticed though, like these two trouble makers ITEM #455089 and ITEM #455088 are absolute snoozefest when it comes to extras. Counting out extra arm/leg parts since they're articulated, they come with no real extras, besides the "comic font"-stands, and hands, one explosion for the Spicy Hedgehog that's it, then their faceplates also felt lacking, like they really deserved 4 faceplates each. View spoilerHide spoilerAnd maybe some that fit their personality better... Even though both of them could have come with pretty cool extras, Izuku with a notebook, and even a AM Minifig, and Katsuki with some rubble or just something to show more of his explosions firepower.

On the other hand, Geralt, ITEM #687395 and even Rapunzel ITEM #549134 came with some pretty cute and fitting accessories to their characters.
They work with the figures, and even are something the character "interacts with" making the figure seem more "out there" and bigger than it is.

Nendoroids, and Figmas in the same go, to me always felt like they should be "small figures, but with big potential" when you take away their external extras, it kinda takes away that potential, and something I always liked doing was kinda have characters interact. or exchange their extras. It's fun using the different accessories from different figures to set up cute lil scenes or the likes. Can't do that when there's no fun extras. View spoilerHide spoilerAnd it's not like some barbie doll where there are thousands of extra sets for cheap.
28 dag(en) geleden
I own very few nendoroids, but from what I can tell from pre-release info and recent images of the sets. The number of parts has decreased quite a lot, while the prices increased.

It's a cute hobby to collect nens, display & photograph them, but it's just to expensive for there size and what you get, I'll stick to scales/prize figs.
28 dag(en) geleden
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
GSC is 100% phoning in nendoroids recently. I get that they are absurdly behind on figures and needing to churn them out, but come on ...

I just recently got ITEM #78407 which has TONS of accessories. It's incredibly easy to have TWO display options with just the one figure.

Amazing choices on this one ITEM #167077 and this one ITEM #216850

When I look at the newer Mikus and other figures they are churning out now they just don't give you as much - fewer faceplates, fewer accessories, and often the GSC exclusive bonuses are mehhh. Not to mention the prices have increased a lot pretty quickly.

I still think the quality is good and they are CUTE, but for those who really want a lot of options, them seem lacking this year.
28 dag(en) geleden
It seems to vary from figure to figure. ITEM #542378 is loaded with body parts that separate at every joint but the fingers and more weapons than you can shake a stick at. Even the horse has removable parts. On the other hand, ITEM #464700 is super barren with just two heads, folded arms, and a staff.

I'm not sure what factors go into making them - perhaps the license holders request extra, or maybe Good Smile expects better sales from certain characters? It's probably not as simple as personal interest - then again, they really like Miku and Saber...
28 dag(en) geleden
I mean... depends. I found the old Miku and her accessory count was low. Meanwhile Kamina came with a wealth of parts and accessories. So... I don’t think that all older Nendoroids had a plethora of accessories and the newer ones are bare bones. Also not going to say newer Nendoroids have a wealth of accessories either. But I just feel that the accessories and parts fluctuate between releases and characters. Fate Nendoroids will have more parts then Star Wars Nendoroids, but still not as much as a Kantai Nendoroid for example.
28 dag(en) geleden
It's hard to say because you'll have a character that people looked forward to get 2 faceplates and a couple items, and then out of left field they'll release a nendoroid nobody knew was coming with 3 faceplates and a ton of extra items.
28 dag(en) geleden
It's not just nendoroids, every toyline has decreased the number of accessories in general.
Compared to figma, SHF, SAS, I'd say nendoroids are better off. Probably because they have a bigger market.
Good luck, I'd love to see the results in any case!
28 dag(en) geleden
Best of luck on your spreadsheet! Especially once you get to the Kantai Collection ones. Parts galore!
28 dag(en) geleden
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