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shows that will never get merchshows that will never get merch

MarshmawoMarshmawo26 dag(en) geledenAsk MFC
Ive seen a lot of articles on here talking about how their favourites havent gotten a figure yet or the show is still new and their favourite character hasnt gotten merch yet but will probably be coming out with some soon, but what about shows that will likely, if not definitely, never get merch or figures?

i was just thinking about ore monogatari and how much i would love to have a figure of takeo or yamato, or even a figure of them both together! Oremono got a fair amount of merch (quite a lot of super cute rubber straps that i wouldnt mind having >w>), however they never got even a single figure- not even a GK or one of those weirdly shaped chibis! Takeo got a phone holder thing but its not the same ;_;

there are also other shows i love and would die to have some kind of merch to display to show how much i love it but sadly most of them have little to no merch, like mahou shoujo of the end that has 6 pieces of merch that are likely impossible to find now that its fandom is barely hanging on.

do you have a show that you love to pieces but know it will never get merch again/never get figures?
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kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
For me it's Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun. I'm not sure how popular it is but I would have loved a figure of Chiyo Sakura and Nozaki (I know they have one of Mikoshiba).
24 dag(en) geleden
Which is a huge shame because it honestly looked like an easy excuse to pruduce an army of swimsuit figures. The anime was full of cute girls in swimsuits, fanservice and funny references.
But it flopped in Japan and it flopped hard. The only two figures that I've been able to find are the Miyata Sayaka by Di molto bene ITEM #528674 and Kaminashi Nozomi from the same company ITEM #528674
While Miyata had a prototype already, considering years have passed without any progress and most of the world forgot about the series already, it would take some sort of a miracle to see at least Miyata releasing, not to mention Nozomi getting a prototype and releasing some day.

Log Horizon also flew under the radar, with the only Akatsuki scale being really expensive in the aftermarket with no other figures on the horizon ever again.
24 dag(en) geleden
Hotarubi no Mori e. Sadly it's not as known as its big brother Natsume Yuujinchou.
I really like this movie, but we'll never see any figures about it... (We should already be glad there are 10 goodies mentionned here).
24 dag(en) geleden
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Princess Tutu :(

I... guess I can say Umineko since there was a (bad) adaptation? There was a prize figure made of Maria, but that was it.
24 dag(en) geleden
Not shows in general but scale figure of main male protagonist outside of super popular shounen (Onepiece, naruto level) or shoujo (Yuri on ice level) never seems to get scale figure manufactured. If there are like good anime, best hope we get is 1 prize figure quality or we get none. For example Emiya from FSN, Okabe from SG, Araragi from Bakemonogatari, Kazuma (Bellfine = prize)

Being said, I can answer that many good anime with no female protagonist having huge hits by fans fails to get proper scales too. Like Darker than Black, Grand Blue, Inuyashiki, Log Horizon, Kiseijuu, and so on.

Mean while SOA (I consider bad anime when considering everything other than pure popularity) get tons of figures due to popularity. I get in terms of business but as anime fan it hurts.
25 dag(en) geleden
pomfie moeshit
gonna vouch again for princess jellyfish since im re watching it right now and its become one of my favorite shows ever.
also serial experiments lain. how can i love lain if i cant have a plastic figure of her on my shelf to look at?!?! ;_;
25 dag(en) geleden
princess jellyfish never got anything and probably never will, and azumanga daioh didn't even get any figures for its 20th anniversary, so i can't see it getting any modern figures soon sadly.
25 dag(en) geleden
I'm still waiting for Mob psycho 100 figures. I will not lose hope.
25 dag(en) geleden
I will never get a Princess Tutu scale or prepainted figure. ;_;
25 dag(en) geleden
Erased/Boku dake ga Inai Machi.
25 dag(en) geleden
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