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How many Pre-Orders do you have for 2019?How many Pre-Orders do you have for 2019?

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 maand(en) geledenAsk MFC
After getting in figures today and shifting things around with the current display I was checking what I had on Pre-Order for the year and there are a LOT of figures on pre-order for the rest of the year.

Currently have 19 Figures on Pre-Order for the rest of the year and 1 in 2020.

The Next item that I will have coming into this collection is ITEM #787974 That is the only Pre-Order for this coming month.

After that There are 3 Items on Pre-Order in April.

-Star Trek Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection XL Akira-Class Starship
-Battlestar Galactica Starships Classic Battlestar Galactica
-Power Rangers Lord Zedd

Then there is only 1 Pre-Order for May 2019
-Gundam HGUC Hazel Gundam Kit ITEM #807196

Then 6 Figures on Pre-Order in June
-Gundam Cosmo Fleet White Base ITEM #804988
-Transformers Siege Commander Class Jetfire
-Gundam HGUC Hizack and Marsai Kits ITEM #10776 ITEM #10818
-Transformers Siege Leader Class Cybertron Optimus Prime ITEM #798046
-Transformers Siege Voyager Class Springer

After all that there are 3 Figures in July
-Gundam Megahouse Aina ITEM #750420
-Fate Extella Caster Figma ITEM #396881
-Transformers Bumblebee Studio Series Voyager Optimus Prime

Then August is the most expensive month for 2019
-Kotobukiya Bishoujo Gi Joe Scarlett ITEM #696863
-Transformers Siege Titan Class Omega Supreme ITEM #805508

Last figure for the year that's on Pre-Order is in October
-Fate/Apocrypha Astolfo Figma ITEM #675833

There are 2 figures that don't have a release date but listed as 2nd Quarter 2019
-Power Rangers SPD Shadow Ranger
-NECA 1/4th Scale TMNT 1990 Shredder

The only thing I have on order for 2020 is ITEM #792619

Feels good to have things on Pre-Order I just have to deal with the old issue of where to put all of this when it comes out, after getting the latest batch of figures that were picked up off ebay in and on display finding it hard to keep collecting the random stuff that gets my attention so it's now down to having to go over what's coming in and deciding on if I need to get anything else before these figures come out.

It's been a long time since I had this many things on order.

How many Pre-Orders do you have for the rest of the year?

Will you have space to display everything you have on order?

What month of 2019 is the most expensive for you?
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About seven.

March: ITEM #763012

June: ITEM #740489 (For dat nice Summer Mordred Custom)

July: ITEM #739676

ITEM #396881

October: ITEM #739698

ITEM #675833

December: ITEM #198337

Planning to buy Figma Alicization Kirito and Eugeo, Male Arthur, and Fate/HF Sakura.

Note: They are dated the month they arrive in my country.
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For now, just ITEM #604385.

That's because I've preordered and fully paid it last August, thinking it would release on December, but got that massive delay towards May of this year... Yeah, the disappointment...
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I already have my January/Febraury items, so:

May: ITEM #525327 and ITEM #689337

June: ITEM #236142, ITEM #415011, and possibly ITEM #724044, though Prime 1 items tend to be delayed.

July: ITEM #769188 and ITEM #805409. ITEM #702041 and ITEM #707535 between July and September.

August: ITEM #689829 and ITEM #719679

September: ITEM #676272 and ITEM #713440. Possibly ITEM #675964.

October: ITEM #766753 between October and December.

April 2020: ITEM #565290

Also, these might be out by 2019: ITEM #806148 and ITEM #764917.

These will probably come up for pre-order in 2019/early 2020 and release 2020/2021: ITEM #754744, ITEM #760460, ITEM #760461, ITEM #749038, ITEM #539937, ITEM #532630, and ITEM #499004.
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I got 8 so far and am hoping that's it for this year...will try to resist ordering any more. Kinda glad most of them are already paid off:

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My preorder list is as follows:

February (just shipped):
ITEM #198329
ITEM #755474

ITEM #729700
ITEM #729702

ITEM #675839
ITEM #669067

ITEM #638637

ITEM #638638

ITEM #729423
ITEM #740156

ITEM #758994

I'm still thinking about pre-ordering ITEM #713431 - but I'm currently selling some old videogames and things I don't need anymore to not have to tap into savings for him.

WonFes didn't have too many new things I was interested in, so I don't think the list will get too much longer.
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I'm already out of budget for this year, mainly thanks to ITEM #600720 which has been shipped to me this week. For the next months I have ITEM #29305, already paid and coming in April, then ITEM #676167 on May, ITEM #604781 on June and ITEM #758994 on September. Plus I have ITEM #761396 and ITEM #787297 as gifts for my fiancée.

I don't think I'll buy anything else unless it's coming towards the end of the year, since I'm already short on money and I don't want to risk having to cancel anything. And I'm only at 7 pre-orders so far, I seriously wonder how in the world people can manage ordering 20+ items like I often see. They must have really well-paying jobs lol.
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This is my list of order/preorder for 2019:


ITEM #236266
ITEM #26700
ITEM #532059
ITEM #595821
ITEM #236355
ITEM #464716
ITEM #198579
ITEM #331471


ITEM #498420


ITEM #604385
ITEM #331616
ITEM #604001
ITEM #464669
ITEM #675307


ITEM #287683


ITEM #675890


ITEM #331473


ITEM #676022
ITEM #780589

I will probably preorder these:

ITEM #740300
ITEM #713030

Probably, 21 order/preorder for this year. I have never bought so many figurines as this year.
And I have the space to put everything :)
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Still trying to get used to this collecting thing, lol. xD However, I do have some items on pre-order:

ITEM #743164 My friend was nice enough to let me order through her since I've never used AmiAmi before. I had to get her, lol.

ITEM #755362 Second favorite Disney Princess. This was the only one out of the Disney Princess QPosket line that I liked, unfortunately.

ITEM #803963 My favorite version of Miku. To be honest, I had no idea this existed until I saw the post on Instagram.

- ITEM #809893 More from this adorable Sakura Miku collection. I was good and only got two things.

ITEM #784806 Literally ordered half of this collection.

- ITEM #784957
- ITEM #784958

ITEM #794866 For my Honoka/Chika ita bag.

I probably have more coming, but that's just what has been listed on MFC.
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Because my display space is getting to be at a premium, these days I'm only preordering items of favorite characters and items which might see price increases on the aftermarket.

Right now, I have only 7 items preordered:

ITEM #604575 My favorite Vocaloid with my favorite module. This was an instant preorder.

ITEM #397160 Pochaco is another favorite character, and no more Pochaco figures seem imminent.

ITEM #670902 Another favorite character, and I could see her increasing in price post-release.

ITEM #780987 I'm shocked it took so long to get a Nendo Yotsuba. I'll probably also add Danboard ITEM #781034 at some point.

ITEM #781911 This was the most impulse buy-ish figure of my preorders, but none of Union Creative's To Love Ru figures have dropped significantly in price post-release.

ITEM #674652 The pre-order numbers here seem really low, and not many pre-orders + Native can spell price increase later.

ITEM #740315 After seeing the original Dva skyrocket in price post-release, I made sure to preorder the recolor.
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Only one at the moment! Myth Cloth Equuleus Shoko.
I'm being careful with my money right now since I got out of grad school but nobody's hired me yet. :/
Once I get a job I'mma get a few Pullips though. I have my eyes on them! Now I just have to convince people to hire me, I have a Ph.D. in physics for god's sake lolol.
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