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http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2012/08/21/503162.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at one of GOODSMILECMPANY's many Miku Hatsune figures. This particular version is based on the Lat Miku White MMD model. She was the first MMD model to be turned into a figure. MMD stands for MikuMikuDance which is a free 3D choreography program that lets you control Vocaloids and make them dance. The program was created and distributed by Vocaloid Promotion Video Project. The program is in Japanese so that probably means most people on here won't be able to take advantage of it... Or you could snag the still free translated English version www.geocities.j... . Note it doesn't have all the features that the Japanese one has though. If you want an idea of what you can create, here's a neat video showing some of the things you can do: www.youtube.com...

This particular model is probably one of the most famous and popular models as she's commonly seen in many videos. The Lat model is considered one of the highest quality models available for MMD sporting various emotions and facial features from blushing to anger veins. Let's not forget the glasses that come with this figure. There are four "standard" variants of the Lat model, her normal appearance, white which is what this figure is based on, summer school uniform and winter school uniform. To the left you can see model that inspired the figure we'll be looking at today.

She was a standard release in August of 2011. She retailed for around 5,000 Yen and at this time is probably only available on the secondary market unless you get lucky browsing some random store. With so many Miku Hatsune figures out there the goal today is to see if she might be worth considering in joining your collection.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains panty shots proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆





GOODSMILECMPANY went with a typical window box design. There are four window panels located at the front, side and top. They are all octagonal in shape and as usual the front portal is the largest and gives you a decent view of the contents. The pictures used show off the figure nicely and the artwork used support the theme of the figure nicely. If desired you could probably leave her in the box for display purposes but you would be missing out on all of the things she has to offer.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 380 grams
H: 266 mm
W: 220 mm
D: 131 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging which definitely helped keep the weight down. I could not believe how little the packaging weighed even with the figure and all her accessories within. Protection didn't suffer and the overall size isn't that bad. They achieved a decent balance of weight, protection and size. Shipping weight should be feather light and she should get to you safely.

A typical two piece blister was used to cocoon her and her accessories. The tolerances on the various pockets were tight and nothing should shift. Instructions were included on what to do with her left foot to prevent damage to the figure.

GOODSMILECMPANY did a nice job with the packaging. It looks good but also offers decent protection without impacting shipping costs. I still cannot believe how light the packaging is especially with everything you're given. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Kawagoe Hiromitsu who has a decent number of girls under his belt. Below you can see some of his previous figures to get an idea of what to expect from him. He's been working with figures for several years and his most recent figures definitely show a steady improvement in execution, quality and detailing.

She is 1/8 in scale and measures from the top of the base to the top of head around 170 mm. She comes with two microphones and two glasses. The accessories were definitely appreciated and I loved the job they did with her metal frame glasses. I'm glad they didn't cheap out and use plastic ones. The microphones are actually pretty detailed considering how small they are so you can see the attention to detail.

As you can see she can be separated to remove her skirt. Separating her is easy and rejoining her is only slightly more "difficult" as it takes some practice to get the angle just right. Her skirt is soft enough that it should resist damage if you were to drop it or handle it roughly. However the details didn't suffer. There doesn't seem to be a paint transfer issue so you should be safe with removing and installing the skirt at will.

In any case let's move on to the main attraction.



Hopefully you can look past the bad pictures to see how she turned out. However there are some fit and finish issues. We'll look at those issues later but first let's start with her lovely face.

As you can see her Loli features look great from various profiles. This was a first time I've ever seen a Loli Miku and I like it. I would definitely like to see more versions of her. I love the job they did with her mouth in both definition and detail. They did a nice job with the transition from her jawline to her neck which was seamless. Even as a Loli she looks like Miku, just way cuter!

Even as a Loli Miku you still have her trademark twin tails. They did a decent job minimizing the seam lines. And of course her hair looks great from various angles. The details are sufficient and I love the job they did with her bangs and the ends of her tails.

Her twin tails appeared to be attached fairly securely to her head and she has survived several falls from a foot or two onto a carpeted floor with no signs of damage. However I doubt she would survive a fall from much higher especially onto a harder floor so care should be taken. Her tails have some flex so they should resist rough handling as well when you're separating her to remove the skirt. Basically they did a decent job making her sturdy while making her look fragile that just adds to the Loli look.

Taking a closer look you can see her headphones are detailed and they took advantage of the headband to cover the typical seam line at the top of her head. Unlike her twin tails, her hair accessories are attached but not very securely. If anything I'd say those would be the first things to be damaged if you're not careful. And like any other Miku you have those little pointy hairs at the back of her head. They are actually pretty sturdy and should resist damage. It looks like they put some effort into her hair and accessories and it shows.

Moving on down to her lovely shoulders and slender arms. The elegance and grace of her lithe form shows through very nicely there. I love the job they did with her shoulder muscles it just looks so hot. The transition from her lovely flesh to her shirt was also executed very nicely. It looks quite natural with some depth and dimension as it really looked like there was some substance to her outfit and that she was really wearing it. A lot of times the transition from flesh to material on a figure is pretty flat with no depth. Not in this case and that attention to detail really shows, I love it.

Moving on to sleeveless shirt you can see the same level of attention to detail was paid here. Look at how it looks like her shirt is shifting and wrinkling about as it conforms nicely to her lithe frame. There's a lot of depth in the details matching quite nicely with the rest of her. Her tie is actually quite stiff so care should be taken around it less you snap it off when it gets caught on something. The tails on her shirt are somewhat soft and should resist damage especially when you're removing and installing the skirt.

As mentioned her skirt is nicely detailed and resistant to damage. The tolerances on the fit for her skirt is tight. A nice job in both looks and feel. When you run your fingers over her skirt you can feel each individual fold.

Moving further on down we arrive at her striped panties. At first glance it looks like they did a nice job with the aesthetics. Her panties look detailed and the way they dig into her flesh causing them to spill out is pretty hot. And of course her tummy looks good as well.

And the same can be said for her rear end. She's just got a butt that won't quit. Look at how her panties dig into her flesh here as well and lovely curves. The transition from her thighs to her thigh highs was done very nicely and looks natural especially with how it looks like her flesh is spilling out from boots digging into her flesh.

If you recalled I indicated there were fit and finish issues... well if you take a closer look at her panties you see them. Her legs were not aligned as precisely as they could have and you can see gaps here and there. At the top of her panties the transition just doesn't look as good as it could. I guess that's more of a paint issue either case it looks bad. However results will probably vary and of course its not like you have to display her without the skirt. From a normal viewing distance you don't notice the issues so perhaps it's a non issue? In any case I did expect better of them and hopefully this is the exception and not the norm. Also since we're taking a closer look, note the details they put in into her panties in regards to shapes showing through.

The thigh highs are shapely and detailed. They show off her slender and long legs. The positioning of them is both cute and sexy at the same time. It's difficult to see but they put in wrinkles at the back of her ankles that add to the details. The ratio of her legs to body is pretty high. At her 170 mm height around 100 mm is just legs and they're bending so imagine how long they would be when straight. Her right leg is pretty solid and I doubt you will have to worry about leaning. The reason for the support on her left foot was more to do with the mounting point since it was pretty loose for mine so without it I could see her toppling over.

Kawagoe Hiromitsu did a fantastic job with this Loli. He was able to bring out the Miku in her but still create something new at the same time. GSC for the most part did a lovely job with her except for the area around her panties. This is a surprise since that's usually one area I normally see most spending a lot of time and effort in getting just right. I am somewhat disappointed but hopefully this is the exception and the majority of the figures are fine. In any case expectations were basically met but I was tempted to drop some points off for the mis-aligned legs.

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆






GOODSMILECMPANY usually does a good job coloring their figures using all the tools available. This figure isn't any different. There are some minor "issues" I do have though. Looking at her face you can see she has a lovely complexion but there is a slight issue here. Look at her bangs. Do you see the color bleed from her hair? I know it's not a paint issue but perhaps they could have compensated for that since her head does look greenish? Those big eyes of her were placed precisely and and most importantly she has a blush. They didn't make any last minute changes from the prototype that they seem to love doing. They also did a nice job on her mouth. Going back to her hair, I do think they probably could have more effort into it. They did a great job with her "tattoo" on her left arm. It was placed precisely and looks good.

Moving on to her outfit, look at the nice job they did with her tie. I like how they simulated it reflecting light instead of using a flat color. Her shirt is also detailed. They didn't use one flat color but various gradations and shading to give her outfit a more realistic look. The various wrinkles and folds were accentuated by the shading used. And of course that glossy finish is just a the cherry on top. They even used different colors of black to account for the actual materials of her headphone from padding to metal. Note how the "metal" was shiny while the padding actually look like padding. The lettering on her headphones could be either painted or decals, I just can't tell. And look at the detailing they put into her other accessories such as the microphones. They look pretty realistic.

Now we arrive at another area that I encountered some "issues". At first glance her striped panties looked good. But as you get closer and closer you see there were sloppy. Also as mentioned previously the top of her panties was done badly that the transition is very distracting when viewed up close. It looks like like adhesive is spilling out or that there is a seam there. Excluding the panties, her outfit looks great. I love that glossy finish and of course the job they did on her flesh tone. She's a regular porcelain doll.

GSC did a great job with the exception of her panties. Now I understand with the nature of mass produced figures there will be variations between figures. So I probably had bad luck and it doesn't impact the figure as a whole from a normal display distance especially if you have her skirt on. More importantly she has a blush. They need to stop trolling us with blushes on the prototype and not delivering with the actual figure. I'm glad they delivered this time. And of course were able to bring out the Miku in this Loli. Expectations were mostly met.

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
There really isn't anything to compare her to except the prototype. The inspiration for the figure was the MMD that isn't exactly known to for being static. So you basically have to look at her on her own. One thing I'll say is MMD model's hair is usually hanging limp by her sides so I'd say I prefer it this way. She just seems more lively and balances out the figure as a whole. The bend of her legs and the way she's holding the mic makes it look like she's dancing and singing. I can just see her dancing around in some video while singing so I'd say they accomplished their mission quite nicely.

Her accessories of course give you a few display options. Primarily glasses on or off. I don't know about you but it is glasses for me. Too many Miku figures out there without glasses and of course they make her look even cuter. The red contrasts nicely with her colors. And of course you have the choice of two microphones and let's not forget skirt or no skirt? It's a difficult decision but I think in the end she looks cuter with the skirt on. But I'm almost tempted to get a second just so I can display her both ways.

Even though they offered an alternate base to display her with one of their first Miku figures their hair makes it difficult. There's really no way you can get them side by side without tangling up their hair and risking damage. Display wise she looks best around eye level. But if that's not an option then above eye level. If you put her too far below then you basically lose out on most of what this figure has to offer.

All I can say is MOE. This figure just screams it. Lots and lots of MOE points for all to enjoy. They did a nice job capturing her in the midst and dancing and singing in the one of many videos out there of her. The various display options will add to the longevity of this figure. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Base: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Usually a figure only comes with one base. Now on occasion I've seen and own figures that come with multiple bases so you could display them different ways depending on the alternate parts and accessories installed. I really like it when they do that especially if it doesn't increase the cost of the figure. For this figure they offered an alternate base so she could be displayed with one of their first Miku figures. This was appreciated but the choice in color leaves much to be desired. Looking at the main base it does look like they put some effort into it. At least for mine the tolerances were pretty loose on the foot pegs and if I were to pick her up the base usually falls right off. I'm sure results will vary but I guess this is a blessing in disguise. I don't know how many times I dropped her while I was shooting her but that looseness prevented pegs from breaking off since she slipped off them so easily. The foot print is quite small for either base so you should have plenty of options on where to display her. The base if you need to know is 105 mm wide.

As mentioned I don't know about you but that second base looks like a second thought as it just looks tacky and cheap to me. I doubt I would ever use it even if I was to display her with the original.

As touched on previously the alternate base wasn't really needed due to how close you could display the figures together and the colors just clashed way too much. They should have made it the same color as the first.

The foot extension for her left foot is not optional at least for mine. As mentioned the fit on the foot pegs for her right foot was just too loose and she would slip off them and fall over without that extension. It's also not that distracting as you have better things to look at. For mine she's stable as long as I don't pick her up.

The base gets the job done and doesn't get in the way. The second base was appreciated but I think they could have put more thought into it. There's not much more to say.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
So here we arrive at the end. We've taken a closer look at her and what she has to offer. With so many Miku figures out there is this one worth considering? I'd have to say definitely. There isn't a lot of Miku's with glasses let alone a Loli variant. She's loaded with MOE points and she's just so cute I don't see how any Miku collection could be complete without her. I do not regret getting her even with some of the minor "issues" I encountered and believe she was worth what I paid. Looking at her going price on the secondary market it seems that she is retaining onto her value pretty well. She has met my expectations and more and I hope to see more versions of her in the future, after all as mentioned in the beginning she does have 3 other outfits they could use... *hint hint* GSC.

See you later.
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I never noticed how nice she looked thru the box when i had her over. I had ordered that one last year for a friend but of course i never see the unboxing when i buy for someone else. Wise decision, i might have kept her. :<
8 jaar geleden
AmyInWonderland8 jaar geleden#1104791I see she comes with two pairs of glasses; one normal looking and a straight pair. What's the straight one for?

That's just the way they pack them, the straight ones I mean. The bent one was what I did using the pictures as a guide. I basically showed you the before and after.

And I guess that's what I get for not reviewing a figure right away. She's been sitting there so long I forgot you could remove her hair to install and remove the glasses. Oh well.

As for the foot peg, as mentioned it will probably very between figures. Mine needed it because she would all over without it due to the loose fit on the base foot pegs.
8 jaar geleden
I didn't put the support on the left foot for mine since she doesn't need it. Looks just fine after months and no leaning whatsoever. =)
8 jaar geleden
313c7 ( °□°)- -----<
Your review touches on all the points about Lat Miku that I love. She is hands down the cutest figure in my collection and also happens to be my favorite. I don't see how any Miku fan can go wrong with this figure in their collection.

This figure was the very first figure I owned, so I have a word of warning to any new collector with this figure looking to put her glasses on: Take the front part of her hair OFF before putting her glasses on!

I put a tiny scratch in the face of my Lat Miku because I never thought to remove the front hair. The scratch isn't noticeable unless you're looking for it, but it bothers me regardless. After I scratched her, I picked up a second figure because I just can't stand the thought of not having her in my collection should I significantly damage/destroy my original one.

As for the skirt debate: I say keep it on. Her panties are cute, but its definitely cuter when she teases a view from under her skirt. :P
8 jaar geleden
I see she comes with two pairs of glasses; one normal looking and a straight pair. What's the straight one for?
8 jaar geleden
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
She really is quite cute and I've seen her for pretty cheap...kinda convinced now :p
8 jaar geleden
Nice review, been thinking about getting this figure of her.
8 jaar geleden
The pink base.... if it was mint MAYBE it would be bearable but nope. I'm not a fan of this particular pose or outfit D: But I love her main Base and hair sculpt! Really pretty!
8 jaar geleden
Great review and I agree about the pink base being tacky. I would never display her with something so cheap looking.
8 jaar geleden
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