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  • Hi guys, I saw that A&J has DHR6000, 6500 and 7000 with price difference of ~700 between the first two, and a whole 5000 with the latter two.
    Anyone can give a feedback on differences between the 3 and if it's worth it to buy the 7000?
    I do like a firmer pillow, like firm firm but if there aren't any significant differences then going 6000 would probably be ok, right?
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    take123 Bunny Farm
    I got a fake daki cover from China before since the real one wasn’t sold anywhere anymore. The color was off and the fabric was not as soft as the real one. Imo not really worth it. But I could not find it anywhere else so better than nothing.
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    PewPewK 「ホロは俺の嫁です。
    In my honest opinion, you're much better off splurging for A&J's DHR6000/DHR7000 than going with a Royal Pillows inner. Those two models are specifically designed for dakimakura covers, and their overall quality is just outstanding. If you're going to spend $100-200, spend the money on the best you can get.

    Ordering the DHR6000 or DHR7000 can be a tiny bit of a pain, but if you need help with it, just give me a PM and I can assist you through the process. It's quite easy, just a tad bit more work than normal.
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    Dakimakuras are quite the expensive hobby and 99$ is actually still on the cheap. Usually we take into account 120-150$ at best for the cover alone. As for the inner filling then pretty much the whole community agrees on the A&j DHR6000 which for me is still the one to go for (and actually getting a couple new ones quite soon). The best place I found to purchase these would be on Nippon Yassan as they have quite the inexpensive shipping and it would cost something like €120 to get it to Europe which is cheap considering I paid 3 time as much 5 years ago when I had to go through all the proxies and shipping troubles.

    As for the covers themselves, you have a whole lot of possibilities here, depending on your taste and budget you can go from quite cheap promotional dakimakuras which could be like 30$ all the way to very limited and expensive 2WT or even 4WT 300$ dakimakura covers.

    I personally tend to guide people who find the covers just too expensive to Chinese circles as they tend to be around 50$ excluding shipping. Some circles for example would be AcHobby and MoeYu, on the other take I'd also suggest Cuddly Octopus which also go for around €50 per cover and their quality is also fairly decent in terms of material and print.

    Do note however that I and mostly of the community is very against bootleg dakimakuras and we also do not suggest you getting one. It is a better thing to save up until you can purchase the real deal rather than a cheap knockoff with cheap material options and printing quality.

    So in general it's nice to see people getting interested in Dakimakuras but yes this is an expensive hobby but it is completely worth it!
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    Only DHR6000 (160cm) or DHR6001 (150cm).

    Go for it, you will not regret it ;)
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I will definitely get my pillow from Royal Pillows. Also, thank you for the suggestions in regards to the actual dakimakuras. I will keep those in mind as well.
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    << Hey friend! If you want best of the best (160cm or 150cm)
    its this A&J: www.amazon.co.j... (May need to use Proxy)

    USA Amazon: www.amazon.com/... (Don't know if real)

    This is my first and current Daki for 3 years now (I own 6 Covers so far, 2 of Rias btw).
    If you want something cheaper then go on AmiAmi.com and buy Cospa brand
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    Imasock1 jaar geleden#40786636I think he/she means the actual pillow itself that goes inside of the dakimakura, not the covers themselves.

    Oh, whoopsie. In that case, royal pillow is the way to go. You're paying for the quality. Sans that, the other option is to find the correct dimensions of pillow off of amazon. Most of these will be slightly lower quality, but i've found they work well enough.
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    Drinky_Crow1 jaar geleden#40786496Your best bet is to buy directly from Amiami, as the likelihood of getting one with a stolen image on it off of sites like ebay and others is high.
    If you're not comfortable paying the price, it's best to save up your money and wait rather than knowingly purchasing a knockoff dakiamakura cover, as the artist receives nothing from that purchase, and that just isn't right.
    As for characters, any will do. You should get a Daki with a character that you love and want to fall asleep with in your arms every night, as buying a Daki based on aesthetics or what others tell you are good won't be as personal.

    Edit - Great, can't delete a duplicate post, nice. Thanks MFC.
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    I think he/she means the actual pillow itself that goes inside of the dakimakura, not the covers themselves.
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