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Has your Taste Changed?Has your Taste Changed?

KiryuiKiryui9 maand(en) geledenAsk MFC
Has your taste in figures/goods/media changed in your collecting career?

If you were to look at one of your past figures/goods and question yourself with "would i buy that now?", what comes to mind?
Reflect upon what you bought in recent memory compared to what you bought a while back.

I apologise for the really broad question/title and formatting, I couldn't find a way to incorporate the topic without writing an essay. I'll elaborate with some simple examples to clarify what i mean.

-Did you only buy characters with an elegant pose and stoic gaze or are you more of a fierce looking dynamic pose kinda person now?
-Maybe you started with prize figures and now swear by 1/7 scales.
-Maybe you're a brand loyalist that only collects from that one line for the poseability but now exclusively buys statues.
-Did you perhaps dedicate your entire collection on one particular series and have now diverged to others.
~or vice versa.

Just on the top of my head I've noticed that my sis and I don't buy as many Nendoroids as we used to (1 per month at one point). We generally lean towards 1/7ish scales now and don't restrict ourselves to characters from media that we know of already. We constantly look out for figures that suit a theme/franchise we have in mind.

To keep things simple a 'No' or 'Yes' answer with relating reasons and a comparison of before and after if you're up for that. An example would be super sweet too.
Remember that this is purely based on what you as a collector has experienced and is no way implying that the taste of your past is inferior to the present in anyway.

Because everyone's journey is different. ^-^
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Rajke Ca fanatic
From prize to scales and Figma's. I still have the same taste about characters, outfits etc.
9 maand(en) geleden
Not really. I only buy figures of characters who I'm familiar with and like them, never pick up anything just because it looks great or there will be no end of it, and I would run out of money just when something more important comes my way. Well, there are a few figures I got from other collectors when they were downsizing their collection and got them in a bundle for a cheap price.
Never bought any male figures and probably never will. If I got the money, I rather buy a cute girl than a guy. One exception under this is TTGL Kamina. Already pre-ordered the nendo, maybe I'll hunt down the EmonToys version as well, but even that has no priority.

One thing that changed is that I started out with trading and prize figures but I do not buy any of those now - again, one exception are the petite nendoroids.
9 maand(en) geleden
Yes, somewhat. At first, I just wanted any scale figure of my favorite characters and was considering some of non-favorites from the same series or series that I liked but had few figures. I was also seriously looking at Love Live figures.

Now, I am much more picky. I try to stick to high-quality figures of favorites, though occasionally I will take a risk and pre-order something that may end up being just decent, but that I hope will good, if there are not many choices for a favorite character. If I think it is going to be outright bad, I no longer pre-order, and I also don't buy any figures known to be just okay in the aftermarket even if they are of a favorite. To get me to buy it in the aftermarket, it has to look good. I also make some exceptions and order prize figures if they are considered to be a very good/unique figure.

I also no longer consider non-favorite characters, even if they are the only ones available from that series or are extremely well-done because I realize that they are not that important to me compared to my favorites and would not get displayed in my limited space. Ditto with Love Live, which I still admire, but no longer want after watching some of the anime and realizing idols were just not for me.

Bonus: I also like Pokemon plush. I used to concentrate of reptile/dragon-like Pokemon and other cool or beautiful Pokemon I liked and refused to buy cute ones, such as Clefairy and Marill. Recently, I broke down and bought both of those, plus added several more cutemons to my list.
9 maand(en) geleden
Mmmm... I would say that yes, my tastes have definitely changed, because of the availability of more male figures now courtesy of OR and Alter's Altair line. Back in 2013 I would have wanted just any male figure out there because it was scarce; now, my favorite characters are actually being made, so I don't have to settle for just any male figure anymore. My demographic actually has choices now, lmao.

But character-wise, or aesthetic-wise... not really. Maybe the figures I've wanted just for aesthetics do periodically change I'll give it that, but my favorite characters don't really change (I just add more to them!) so my figure tastes don't change either. I'm one of those whose personal rules is only buying figures of characters I like (and who also fit my aesthetic tastes of course; just because I love the chara doesn't mean I'll buy every single figure of them), so I would say my tastes haven't changed in that sense. And even when the chara isn't so much of a favorite anymore, I'd still buy the figure for sentimental/nostalgic reasons. My collection is just very meaningful to me that way.
9 maand(en) geleden

I wanna say it wasn't my tastes that changed, more of my methods that did (as in I would get many things that was created for a specific anime). For example, I would go after small gashapons, prize figures, some statues, keychains, and so on. Now, I just mainly go after purely poseable figures such as Figmas, Nendoroids, Figuarts and the like. I guess I would say I became for focused/selective in my collecting.
9 maand(en) geleden
Not sure my taste has changed necessarily, so much as I have become fascinated with 1/6 scale action figures with actual cloth for clothing (such as Hot Toys, RAH (especially RAH), ThreeZero, etc...).

I still love 1/8 scale static figures...but am really really drawn to the RAH-type figures now....so much so I'm stalking older ones on various sites trying to find decent prices them (some of the really older ones are CRAZY expensive now).
9 maand(en) geleden
Used to focus on collecting from series known and characters in default outfit. Now more focused on best art reflection of character.
9 maand(en) geleden
Mine did a 180 turn, I used to only collect figures/merch of guys and now I mostly collect figures of cute/pastel girls.
9 maand(en) geleden
Taste in figure aesthetics haven't changed much but I used to vehemently avoid prize figures because I was concerned about the quality until I ordered a few last month. Now I've got a bunch of them on my wishlist
9 maand(en) geleden
My first collection consisted of Gundam and Dragon Ball figures. Now I have started to collect figures from other anime.
9 maand(en) geleden
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