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Review of Rem & Ram by REVOLVEReview of Rem & Ram by REVOLVE

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Hi again, MFC!

I’m so happy to be reviewing these 1/8 scale Remu and Ramu figures by Revolve and Emontoys, because I’ve wanted them since they were first announced. I missed my opportunity early on to pre-order the limited edition set that included the Roswaal Mansion base and Rem’s Morning Star, but thankfully I noticed Nippon-Yasan featuring the set on their front-page as I was scrolling by a week ago. I fail to recall the price of them when they were initially listed, but N-Y had them available for 21,900¥ (before shipping) and so I placed an order straight away.

This has been my 3rd pre-order with N-Y and all but this one instance have I received a box stuffed with thin brown shipping paper. To my surprise, my figure boxes were protected by crunched up Japanese newspaper and advertisement posters. Does this have any significance if you're deciding to purchase from them, fellow MFC users? I thought it was somewhat neat, nevertheless. Shipping BoxShipping Boxhttps://image.ibb.co/jpLunH/0102.jpg

Pro tipPro tipIf you'd like to see the full resolution of these images, right click on any one and select "Open image in new tab."


The Standard Edition Boxes:

The limited edition "set" was simply the standard edition Remu and Ramu boxes alongside the bonus brown one, which contained the marble base and Morning Star. On the brightside, I can now review these figures as if I had ordered the standard editions, as the boxes and contents should be the same. There isn't much to be said about the figure boxes, as they're quite unspectacular. That's alright. I bought the figures, not their boxes.




Speaking of which, Remu and Ramu came with their own bases! This sole concern was what kept me from ordering them after I had missed the chance to get the limited edition base. I did not know whether they would come with something, because the photos on MFC showed them without, with a square base, with a circular base, and with a clear base. For those that ordered Remu and Ramu separately, you’re in luck!

The bases are pure black plastic (not painted) — one circular, the other oval — and feature a very light matte texture on the top, which removes the issues of fingerprints but still maintains a bit of luster for effect.


The Standard Edition Figures:






I tried my very best to capture the pastel nature of Revolve’s and Emontoys’ work, despite my lackluster camera, for this is what I adored most about these figures: their color palette. I chose not to pre-order GSC’s varients because I was afraid that Rem and Ram’s outfit was too boring to be faithfully painted and still be pleasant. Boy, was I right? GSC released Rem with a flat black and white outfit — not exactly what I would call worthy of my money. However, Revolve and Emontoys produced these two with a lighter color scheme, which I can appreciate. The black is shaded toward white in some areas (as if the fabric had faded) and their hair is too a bleached shade of standard pink and blue. The above photos are only somewhat accurate of the figures, so instead see the photos following those of the limited edition extras. There, I did a better job with representing the true colors of Remu and Ramu.


The Limited Edition Extras:





The marble base is truly fantastic. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out. In the 3rd photo you might be able to tell that the surface has a slight texture to it (more noticeable with a fingernail). Additionally, the Morning Star sits in this smashed portion of the floor (don’t worry, it’s not damaged), with two slots for the tips of whichever points you’d like to place there. It holds the Morning Star in place very well. And furthermore, the chain is legitimately metal, not plastic.


The Limited Edition Figure Set:





Remu and Ramu are incredible. The rose petals on their headband are clearly sculpted. There is a nice amount of sculpting in the strands of their hair. Their maid outfits are painted a soft black, with lots of shading throughout. The stockings have creases where necessary and are painted in such a way that their skin color mixes with the flat white (suggesting that the fabric has a bit of translucency). The fine details, such as the white trim that borders each peace of their outfits and the small bows in the front, are adequately detailed for a 1/8 scale. Their poses are cute as heck, not lacking in originality. Their fingernails are painted with a gloss clear coat as a nice touch. Even their maid shoes are well done, with a bit of fading on the toes to show wear and an excellently painted buckle/strap. Despite Remu and Ramu’s rather simple character design, Revolve and Emontoys managed to produce an interesting and beautifully looking set.


Closing thoughts:

To tell you the truth, I really admire the set because of Ram’s pose and facial expression. GSC’s version showcased Ram in a way in which I didn’t want to remember her: meanspirited. I feel that Revolve uniquely captured a more feminine side of both Rem and Ram. Truly, this is a rare set that many of the “Rem best girl” fans won’t have, and I’d recommend it over the alternatives.
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SolidTitania (1 jaar geleden) #32124187I also agree that this version of rem and ram is prettier than GSC's one. the painting for gsc's rem is quite flat and i don't like her mouth sculpt and for now this is the best figure of rem and ram but I'm also excited for Alter's rem.

I just received GSC's Rem two days ago, and I must say that the paint for the hair is quite flat (the rest is flawless though).

I bought it only because of the Demon form, which when light up looks fucking cool.

If these were the last Rem/Ram figures ever made, I'd buy them in a heartbeat (as I want my next one to have the anime look), but who knows how many figures of them will come in the future.

I'll gladly wait and enjoy her demon form meanwhile :3

P.S. Nobuta is a well known sculptor from Alter....
1 jaar geleden
I've been checking their page and searching google for any review but couldn't find any. Been deciding if I should stick with the regulars, or get the set, and your review just convinced me. Thank you for sharing your review and photos so soon.
1 jaar geleden
Thanks for the review! I also received my Rem & Ram (no special base & Morningstar, however) just yesterday and I must say that I am extremely pleased with them! Revolve did a great job. The sculpt is great as is the paint, and 1/8 scale is my fave scale.
1 jaar geleden
That base is wonderful, i love that they can be placed together on it as well. Revolve will certainly be on my radar now.
1 jaar geleden
citanes Pantsu Authority
They look fantastic! I love maid outfits! ❤ One day I need to get into this story. Thanks for the review.
1 jaar geleden
I also agree that this version of rem and ram is prettier than GSC's one. the painting for gsc's rem is quite flat and i don't like her mouth sculpt and for now this is the best figure of rem and ram but im also excited for Alter's rem.
1 jaar geleden
I just received mine as well without the base and morning star. I missed the pre-sale. It is my first time ordering from Revolve so I hope they live up to the promo photos. It would be nice if Reolve did an Emilia and Subaru to complete the group but alas that is not how it works unfortunately.
1 jaar geleden
Thanks for the review! I'd buy a subaru figure like that would ever happen lol but i had no idea the tiled base was a preorder thing! For me it looks like a must compared to the standard ones. Ram is not my fave tbh but i love sets of figures where they come together to create a greater visual whole than they would seperately, and this definetely does that i think. I ordered 4 figures from nippon yassan last year and to save myself from shipping costs of death i think it was 8200 yen for sal, but i wonder how it will come. My other two orders were packaged wellish.
1 jaar geleden
Kirenisa I am a collector!
looks nice, I especially like that it has an extra "base" looks way better than their standard bland base.
1 jaar geleden
Revolve did quite a great job on these 2.
Personally, I do like the GSC ones better but these are a "good" option as well.
1 jaar geleden
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