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Pocket Monsters - Lillie - Kotobukiya | ReviewPocket Monsters - Lillie - Kotobukiya | Review

stars_n_kissesstars_n_kisses1 jaar geledenReview

As you can see it's my first time doing a figure review.

For my first try I go with the very figure I picked up on Friday:
Kotobukiya's Lillie and Cosmog from Pokemon Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon ITEM #586507

I got said figure through the proxy service WhiteRabbitExpress.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote it during midnight so there will be some grammatical errors and it's quite picture heavy.

Without further ado let get into it!


First we begin with the box:

A simple yet pretty box that matches the figure's theme and it measures a decent size. I need to point out the lower part of her box is sealed twice(it doesn't hold properly as above but nothing serious.)

What caught my attention is a little detail of the inside of the box which has a flower field pattern:
(Nice to know Kotobukiya added it in.)

And the blister does its good job as always:


Once I freed Lillie out of it we will have a full 360° degree view of her:



To be fair I got disappointed with the base.
Don' get me wrong the the base color fits nicely and flower motive is quite pretty but unless some light source shines on the flowers won't stand out greatly. Maybe another color choice would have helped...

Plus I was hoping the base got some transparency effect like Haruka's/May's picture/1757893... (still don't get why Kotobukiya dropped that after May's figure.)

However I do give credits to Lillie's base as it is screwed on her leg so at least I've nothing to worry about her leaning sometime.





Some better shading here and there would give the figure some benefits but is otherwise precious.
There are also some minor issues but nothing to be worried about.

I appreciate how Cosmog is attached to the bag to give the feeling it's about to fly away (once again...):

The empty bag will however give some problems. If you do not have a glass cabinet dust will come inside thus making it bit difficult to clean it off.

There's now only one thing left to point out:
View spoilerHide spoilerNo panties - just simple bloomers to give pervs no chance.

I decided to add a skin tone comparison between the scale and Nendoroid:
It makes me wonder why Koto didn't go with that tone of the Nendo at all(even if it will distance itself from the original illustration, it should make Lillie pop out a bit more.)


Despite some nitpicks I have with the scale I'm very glad I got her and she's indeed pretty.

I will however do NOT intent to get her Ganba Version ITEM #656360.
Not only is it because of my income not being enough to get her but I also wanted to save some money this beauty instead: ITEM #548722 And if no one will beat me to it she will be in my next review.

I will tune in again with my haul from the Manga Comic Con in Leipzig.

Until then see you next time!

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Give the pervs no chance? Jokes on you her butt is pretty defined so I like it anyway >:3
1 jaar geleden
Lovely review! Good to know about the open bag and dust being able to get into it. I can't wait to get my Lillie in the mail! ;w;
1 jaar geleden
No, it's not the case.
It's sculpted that way to make it looks like the wind will blow the hat away but Lillie holding it.

Rajke (1 jaar geleden) #31420423
Can her hat be taken off? It looks like it is possible.
1 jaar geleden
Rajke Ca fanatic
I was wondering how Lillie would turn out and she looks indeed gorgeous. From the pictures you posted she doesn't look as fragile as i expected. Her paintjob looks indeed nice and Nebby is attached in a smart way.
Can her hat be taken off? It looks like it is possible.
Thanks for posting this review.
1 jaar geleden
Very nice review that covered all the important aspects of the figure! I dont think i will ever get a pokemon related figure, but it looks like this lillie turned out pretty good!
1 jaar geleden
IMO this is one of the better (if not the best) executed pokemon scales by Koto so far.
Too bad they could not be bothered to put the same level of effort into their other products.
1 jaar geleden
I'm so happy to see a review of her! She came up for PO during my year off from collecting, so I missed out for now, but I'm hoping to get her later- and I was really excited to see this on the front page. She really looks great, I love all the little details that make up the figure... Sun was my first ever Pokemon game and she was my first Pokemon companion, and she quickly became my favorite, so I can't wait to get ahold of this beauty and the other Koto Lillie to add them to my collection.

Your photos are really nice as well!
1 jaar geleden
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