Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Stronger)Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Stronger)Review

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Hey and welcome to another review!
This will be very picture-heavy and mildly NSFW, due to the nature of the figure.

This time I picked Fate/Stay Night's Type-Moon Racing Version of Saber by Stronger. Let's be honest for a second, while I like Saber I can't say she's my favorite
(not by a long shot) and the amount of figures she's gotten and still gets will never cease to baffle me. Yet even considering all that and swearing to myself 'this is the last one' figures happen that smash my resolutions to bits. This figure was one of those instances as I had a feeling I couldn't pass it up. So without further ado let's have a look at her and if it was worth throwing my intentions out of window. x3

As always I'll start with a look at the box.
Saber comes in a kinda normal-sized box with the front featuring a big window that allows a good look at the figure. The sides and top have smaller windows and all of them have diagonal white-and-blue stripes of cardboard with cut-outs emphasizing the racing theme. Pictures of the figure from different angles and her display options can be found on every side of the box as well as the racing logo.
While I do think the box fits the style of the figure quite well, the use of pictures might seem a little bit excessive, which isn't exactly a complaint more like a remark. x3

Even if the figure is kinda askew in my picture of the blister it's a good fit and does it's job of protecting the figure just like second the smaller blister for the umbrella. I really like how they saved space with putting them together

The figure comes in 6 parts: the figure itself, the base (which is only a part of the racing logo, since Saber is part of a set of three), the umbrella's 'hilt' and shade(?),
the arm to hold the umbrella and her ahoge.

Assembling the figure is fairly easy even without and instruction sheet. Noteworthy is that the umbrella's silver weave(? Seriously is that the right word? I couldn't even find something accurate in my native language...) moves while inserting the metal rod.

As I said before the base is only a part of the whole so the true verdict needs to be put on hold, some things can be said about it regardless. It's a pretty simple base featuring a part of the racing logo (black on gold), that's still cleanly painted. A see-through peg is attached on top of it, which might not have been the best choice since you can clearly see the metal rod used to attach the peg to the base. However it is possible to rotate the peg a bit in order to adjust Saber's display angle
(I bet that'll come in handy when I complete the set).

Let's do the classic 360 degree view next (without the umbrella)...

As usual I'll be going from the top to look a the details.
Saber's face is just so beautiful, that smile is cheerful and energetic it always makes me happy when I look at her. It's also nice how they actually sculpted her open mouth in,
to add more structure.
Her hair looks good sculpting- and shading-wise, though some of the lose strands could be a bit more accentuated imo. It also really bothers me that her ahoge won't go in any deeper since it looks a bit weird like this (like some sort of fishhook),
but I didn't dare to use any more force.

The assembly of the different hair parts is quite visible from the side, but they also look the cleanest out of all the figures I reviewed so far... still a tad too visible for my taste though. Otherwise the different strands look really great especially the ones going into her ponytail. Even with the flatter coloring the sculpting more than makes up for it and gives the hair a very nice structure.

Her ponytail has similar 'issues' as her front hair and some of the strands seem partitioned a bit unclean. The overall impression is still good though and the hair gives the figure a dynamic look.
The ribbon has the same lacquered finish than the rest of Saber's clothing which makes it very shiny. Since it has no gap it also seems a bit heavy, but I'm no expert on fabrics so maybe it has to be like that.

Next up is her lacquer jacket. The fabric seems rather thin due to the way it billows in the wind on the back, but clings to Saber's skin in other places (just what you'd expect a grid girl to wear x3). This impression gets further complemented with the fabrics creases and the way they are shaded in that light pink. The right sleeve also features
the gold and black racing logo.
Lines at the sleeves, the lower part and the rims of the jacket suggest seams and if I had to complain about anything it'd be the blue lines on her pulled up sleeves
which look a tad bit scruffy.

Her arms are nicely sculpted, but her hands don't actually seem that feminine. It's always nice when companies decide to add painted/sculpted fingernails to their figures, but in this case (sadly) they look a bit blotchy, which makes the fingers seem less pretty.

Going to her top you could quickly get the impression that her chest is excessively big, but looking closer the top actually is so offset that it looks padded.

In contrast to the jacket the top's folds aren't as deep, which makes the fabric look thicker (so maybe it being padded isn't all that unlikely). There are lines between the different blue-colored parts looking like seams and everything is cleanly painted,
even the buttons under her chest.
Also look at that glorious belly. >////<

Her bare back looks great too.

The sculpting and paintjob of her hot pants and belt are really awesome,
especially the creases.

Besides her butt and legs are just superb!

Her high boots look similar to the jacket in terms of color, though the material seems a tad thicker. They also have a zipper running almost the whole front and while it looks good overall I can't wrap my head around the fact that there's no fastener (I also checked the promo pics of Nero and Rin and none of them have any, so it has to be intentional). The heels and toecap look very good too and the boots as a whole look very clean and lifelike (not to forget sexy x3).

Nothing to complain on the umbrella's 'hilt', both sides look very clean
(I like how they incorporated that design).

You can actually move the upper part of the hilt up and down along the metal rod

The umbrella also looks really good top and down

There is a small paint blemish on one of the top's racing logos though and I don't want to try and fix it since gold paint is especially hard to handle from what I heard.

Finally the 360 with her umbrella.



This figure is simply gorgeous. I know there are some small issues, but there's probably no figure in the world that's perfect up close and those are definitely neglectable imo. Racing Saber easily is one of my most favorite figures while being 'just' another Saber. It's sexy without being vulgar and simply makes me happy whenever I look at her.
I'm so glad I caved and ordered her, since she turned out that great.
If no one beats me to it I might review ITEM #532059 and ITEM #595821 along with an overall impression once I complete the set too.

That's it for this review!
I hope you liked it and if you have some constructive criticism (especially on the writing and vocabulary since English isn't my native language) I'd really appreciate that. :3
Any thoughts on the figure would be very welcome too just like suggestions for my next review (though the very next one already got decided due to a request).^^
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Helsing2 jaar geleden#31342284
No, you can't, it's made out of pretty hard plastic. :/
2 jaar geleden
Just a stupid question ,maybe someone already asked it below , can you close the umbrella ? Guess not but curious.
2 jaar geleden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Valestein32 jaar geleden#31314763
Well she still has that cutout on her butt though. x3
Jokes aside, that's exactly my point. Though the incorporated a bit of gold on her boots and the like it's still overwhelmingly red (and not even the shade from her normal outfit). More white and gold on her outfit would probably helped the overall impression too, but it is what it is now...
2 jaar geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
That's the weird part! Saber WANTS to obfuscate her identity but she has a wide, open smiling face. Nero on the other hand, is more narcissistic and likes to flaunt her appearance but her face is half hidden. Whathefu-

Imo, Nero should have gotten more gold colors to help differentiate her from Rin.

In fate/extra, both she and Archer had red colors but he was Red and black while she was red, white, and gold.
2 jaar geleden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Valestein32 jaar geleden#31314584

Thank you! I'm glad I could be of some help. x3

That might actually be it, I've been discussing this with a friend of mine recently too. We both couldn't exactly wrap our heads around her being so popular. Maybe the 'plain' and not offensive part can be applied to her character too. I wouldn't go as far as to say that she's flat, but she is kinda wifey-like imo.

That's certainly a unique and indeed oddly specific way to look at it. x3 But that'd actually make the whole thing more interesting for me, though I can't quite see it like that. I get what you want to say, but my impression is just way different.

I've had a look at Nero's promo- and chan-pictures again and it's weird how there're barely any that show her face well enough to actually judge it. With the intended display angle it won't be that visible either, which is indeed ironic, just as you say, since she's that much of an attention-hogger. The color scheme is actually quite fitting for her imo, but it doesn't go well with the other 2 imo, since it's too much red overall.
2 jaar geleden
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Thanks for the review and the plentiful pictures! I've had had my eye on this for awhile but I was still on the fence. Now I have to buy it haha

You're not the only one with a Saber problem. She has so many statues of her that at least one person in the world will like one of them. Not to mention, her design is so simple and plain that it's hard to offend anyone.

Only gripes about statue are the weird red blotches on her outfit and her eyes. It makes it look like she just murdered someone and tried to wash her clothes but forgot to add lemon juice and bleach in her cleaning solution. She then tris to play it off with a cute, game winning smile while people are asking her what happened. Sorry, too specific? Lol

No, the red marks are a little odd for me and stand out too much with the white and her smile, while adorable, can come off as creepy in certain angles. The lower part of her eyes should be squinted just a little.

Other than that, this is a great statue. So great, that I passed over racing Nero but mostly because of her color scheme and obscured face which I find ironic.
2 jaar geleden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Josine2 jaar geleden#31314366
Thank you! :3
Yeah, I read that in your loot post (I think it was) and some others ofc, that's why I was so surprised she didn't have a review yet.
I'm excited for Rin too and I bet she will be just as great (at least I hope so with all the delays...). I kinda regret ordering Nero though just to complete the set and if I ever get to writing a review (or just a loot post), I think my dislike towards the character will seep through instantly. x3
2 jaar geleden
Ahh this is my favourite figure I got last year. She’s really a gem! Great review :) I’m so excited for Rin too, I’m sure she will be equally as gorgeous. (Didn’t order Nero though)
2 jaar geleden
broken-Toybox2 jaar geleden#31314345J-VrE2 jaar geleden#31314339
I did try it in every direction though and none of them worked, so yeah... that's that...

That's really a shame, but at least it didn't break!
2 jaar geleden
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
J-VrE2 jaar geleden#31314339
I did try it in every direction though and none of them worked, so yeah... that's that...
2 jaar geleden