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New merch for cons ( YOI,Spice& Wolf, No6 and Sangatsu no lion)

YlliasvielYlliasviel6 dag(en) geledenDiary
It's been a while since I've posted any of my art stuff here!

Some weeks ago I received the new haul of acrylic straps ans stands I've made for my upcoming conventions.Probably I'll make another blog talking about it later but for now i just want to show here the new desings and artworks style for the charms ❤

This time I've tried with double sided print charms with a new supplier and I'm really happy with the results!

New No6 desings, Shion & Nezumi and Nezumi as Eve



Horo ❤


Rei and Hina from Sangatsu no Lion


And for the last my first attempt to make standees! I made an illustration based on Yuuri on Concert event and I must said I'm very pleased with how this piece came out ^_^
The standees are 12 x 15 cm tall (I dind't expect them so huge) and made in transparent acrylic.The colors look very pretty,I'm really happy with the results :D



All of them are available as always in my store: ylliart.tictail...

Now I'm working on new desings for my next convention,some Fate GO charms, and really can't wait to see how they look printed *_*

And that's all for today's update! As always I would love to know your oppinion and I really appreciate your comments! Thanks for reading ❤❤
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delpha (4 dag(en) geleden) #31103918-sneaks in- any chance you plan to make one of nitocris, too? >w> need more items of my waifu

I'm gonna open some custom slots for my next preorder so I can make a custom design for you if you want:)
4 dag(en) geleden
Ylliasviel (6 dag(en) geleden) #31102848I'm making mailnly 4 an 5 star servants as Gilgamesh,Merlin,Karna...but yes,I'm planning on drawing Attila as well since I love her <3 And thank you so much! So glad you like my art,really ^_^
After having the drawings done and the keychains designed I send them to a company for print and laser cut them :)

-sneaks in- any chance you plan to make one of nitocris, too? >w> need more items of my waifu
4 dag(en) geleden
Bstra (5 dag(en) geleden) #31103884Your art is so sweet and calming! <3
If I had to pick favorites it would have to be both of the No.6 charms and the Holo charm!

Awww thank you so much! I'm really glad you like my art,it really means a lot <3

Also glad you like No6 and Holo ones ^_^
4 dag(en) geleden
Your art is so sweet and calming! <3
If I had to pick favorites it would have to be both of the No.6 charms and the Holo charm!
5 dag(en) geleden
BlueRaven (5 dag(en) geleden) #31103347Very amazing and adorable art especially Holo.^^

Thank you so much! so glad you like them ^_^

Hanatsin (5 dag(en) geleden) #31103467Your Holo charm is so cute ^^

Thank you!! <3
5 dag(en) geleden
Your Holo charm is so cute ^^
5 dag(en) geleden
Very amazing and adorable art especially Holo.^^
5 dag(en) geleden
Lobelias (5 dag(en) geleden) #31103173i love the design for rei and hina =o=

Thank you so much!! glad you like it ♡♡
5 dag(en) geleden
i love the design for rei and hina =o=
5 dag(en) geleden
MillyParis (6 dag(en) geleden) #31102870Will follow on FB when I get home :D
I don't have a twitter though D:

Oh,don't worry! you're very welcome and thanks for your interest ❤❤
6 dag(en) geleden
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