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Log_#2//Case File: Irma - 05/09/2017Log_#2//Case File: Irma - 05/09/2017

PekolaPekola11 maand(en) geledenDiary
As the storm hit, we'd be safe in our house. Irma was only hitting us from the north and the winds would not be catastrophic.

Our light went out before the storm began, as expected. All in all, it was an okay experience. No damage would come to the house--which I was extremely grateful for since I'd recently finished re-painting my room and bought new furniture.

What came next wasn't so pleasant. For the next 11 days, we were without light. Irma brought to the forefront just how damaged the light infrastructure on the island was.

And so those days came and went. We finally had light and it was awesome. I asked one of my online friends to read my tarot after Irma. I'm not one for superstitions but it was a fun thing to do and so far it'd been helpful.

In the spirit of not going into much depth, I asked them to pull a single card.

Ten of Swords


What was funny to me about this card, specifically is that my sign is a Taurus. So it seemed oddly fitting in a way. Other depictions feature a man stabbed by swords---but the specific one shown to me presented a bull; not just pierced in the back, but also in the eye.

"The man laying on the ground with ten swords in his back symbolises hitting rock bottom. The ten swords in asymmetrical order symbolise defeat and endings that are completely unmanageable to the man on the ground. The red cape symbolises his flesh. It has six swords in it symbolising having nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The four swords in the man’s upper body symbolise unwanted endings and loss. The sun is rising in the background dispelling the darkness, symbolising a new beginning."

Not one day later, I learned the meaning of the reading: Maria was coming.
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That's very cool art for the tarot card. Most decks that I've seen have much prettier, less morbid art.
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cremareo (11 maand(en) geleden) #27096931uhhh

What is it?
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11 maand(en) geleden
card games on motorcycles ?
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