Alisa Ilinichina Amiella – God Eater – 1/8 GSC REVIEWAlisa Ilinichina Amiella – God Eater – 1/8 GSC REVIEWReview

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Hello MFC!
Today I am very thrilled to present to you all a figure that I have been personally waiting a very long time for - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella from the God Eater series! This particular iteration of Alisa is based off of official character art for the “God eater “ TV anime series. This figure is 1/8 scale and has been manufactured by Goodsmile company!

Over the years Alisa has gotten a few different iterations of figures, from scales, pose-able, chibi’s and even 2 Dollfie Dreams! Spanning different designs from multiple God eater Video game titles as well as the anime series. The one element of God eater that has always stood out was their designs – the character designs are instantly recognizable from their gigantic weapons and vibrant outfits. I have been hanging out for the best Alisa and I can safly say I am so very pleased that I waited.
So without further ado, lets dive into the review!


– BOX –
Let’s start by checking out the box; As soon as I opened up my package I was met with a smile – the overall design work that has gone into the box art is really eye catching. The Box has quite an irregular shape, spouting a much more vertical shape then horizontal to allow the figure enough breathing room on the inside. The box features are a light grey pearly white marble texture with some rather nice red triangle indents around the side. I love the way these marks kind of cut into the boxes viewing window of the figure – the colours along with the aesthetical design choices really just screams “God eater “from all aspects. In saying that, it also has a simplistic nature to it as well as being rather eye catching from afar.

The side of the boxes features the original artwork that the figure is based on and a few close up/turn around shots on the back to give an idea of what lies inside.


Once the box has been opened we are greeted with one solid blister – housing all the necessary elements together. This shot actually helps to give a grand scope of how big her God Arc weapon is, but before we get ahead of ourselves lets take a look at the blisters contents first!


Before we begin looking at the overall figure, I really wanted to take a moment to really appreciate what is one of the most impressive looking weapons I have seen come with a figure – Alisa’s “God Arc”. The God Arcs are the main weapons used throughout the God Eater series, what makes them so interesting is that the God Arc is not only a weapon but also has a creature inside of it known as an “ Aragami “, which is the exact type of creature the God Arcs were built to slay. The only way to beat a God is with the power of a god! God Arcs tend to activate in certain ways, but most sword like arcs are activated but twisting or pulling the handle, which unleashes the Aragami around the outside of the weapon which can then consume other Aragami’s to fuel the weapons power.


Alisa’s God arc is one hell of an impressive piece. The blade has been coated in a beautifully shiny metallic red paint that absolutely radiates unlike anything else. Every little dent and point has been carefully reconstructed in such impressive size and detail! In the image below you can see how around the base of the weapon you can see the twisting black skin of the Aragami along with its glowing yellow core. I love how it wraps around the metal holding it in place. God Arcs generally tend to hand 2 different modes, a close combat mode and a long range mode. Alisa’s God arc contains a small barrel mini gun on the underside of the blade. The sharp bladed parts on the weapons underside have this gorgeous Smokey black metallic paint applied and it contrasts so well with the red. I love those semi-circle hooks along the inside – serious damage material!


While I can spend all day talking about the God Arc, lets finish up with one overall shot show casing it in its full length. It truly is just an impressive looking weapon and really makes this figure stand out.


One element that attracts me to buying a particular figure is its base; I am a massive fan of bases that go the extra mile to create some sort of atmosphere or simulate a certain location for the figure. While this rocky structure isn’t included in the original image, Goodsmile have done an absolute fantastic job in taking the original pose for Alisa and adapting a base to suit it. While the base itself is rather small, it’s packed with impressive detail. So many little cracks and indents with a vast amount of shading working to create a realistic looking apocalyptic structure.

Thankfully the figure is held in place but a steel rod, which you can see poking out the top of the rocky structure. I am always met with a sigh of relief after seeing this, considering how Alisa is posed, you most certainly do not want any sort of lean to occur after time has passed. The rod ensures the figure will be kept in place in the most secure and safe way possible.


At the bottom of the box you will also find a set of instructions. One thing I have always loved about Goodsmile and their branching companies is that as of late they have begun to include instructions in both Japanese and English! One side for each language, while it’s never difficult to figure out just by looking at the pictures, sometimes it’s nice to have reassurance in text form that the steps you are taken are indeed the correct one! The construction process for this figure can actually be a little tricky, so let’s take a look step by step at how this all works!


Alright, let’s begin the construction process. To start off with we are going to want to attach Alisa herself to the rocky base. On the underside of her boot there is a small square hole on the leg that is stretched out the farthest. Carefully slide the rode into the square slot so that the base of the boot will be aligned with the angle surface of the rock. About half way in it might get a bit stiff, so it might require some force. To ensure you do not snap her leg, carefully hold her ankle and the bottom of her shoe and gentle apply force until the rod is no longer visible.


Next we need to attach Alisa’s signature tartan hat! Of course this is entirely optional as you may prefer her without the hat, but as it aligns with the original illustration, it really adds some personal flare once it’s on!
To do this you will first need to remove Alisa’s arm that currently has her hand place on her head. At the time I had no idea her arm was removable, the seamlines are literally seamless! I was super impressive. A small wiggle should cause the arm to pop out. Place the hat on her head so that it is slightly angled. You will notice that on the side of her hat there is a slight indent, this indent is perfectly moulded for Alisa’s hand to lock into place. If you are having trouble getting the right angle, carefully align the arm back into the slot so you can understand where her arm/hand will sit and align the hat indent accordingly so they lock into place.


The final and trickiest step is attaching the God Arc. When attached the God Arc is incredibly sturdy, but it takes a bit of tricky manoeuvring to get it right. The first step is to attach the blade of the God Arc to Alisa’s foot. About mid-way across the blade there is a small peg, this peg plugs into the inside of Alisa’s foot – the one that is bent back. In order to do this you will need to slide the blade in-between her legs so that she is sitting/riding the sword. To get the peg and the slot aligned up make sure the Smokey black part of the blade is facing away from Alisa, while the shiny red part is the part of her blade that she will “ sit on “. You will also notice there are certain parts of the skirt that are creased in a way that acts as a guideline for where the God Arc should be resting once plugged in.


Once the God Arc is plugged in, you’ll quickly notice like I did that something might not be quite right – and while this next step looks a bit risky I assure you it is intentional.
The final step is to attach the handle of the God Arc into Alisa’s hand that is stretched back behind her. But you will notice that once the God Arc is locked in place, it is absolutely nowhere near Alisa’s hand. While it may not seem like it, you literally have to push/bend the handle so that it eventually aligns with her hand and locked into place. According to an email sent out by GSC, the material of the handle was intentionally made in a way so that it could be bent into place. So while it may seem like applying too much pressure will cause the handle to snap, it most certainly won’t. Once the handle has been bent into place and has been locked together – the construction process is now complete.


With the construction process finally complete, we can now bask in the truly impressive glory that is Alisa and her God Arc. Allow me to state that this figure has very quickly become one of my favourite figures that I own now. She is absolutely breath taking, the pose is so very dynamic and stands out amongst any of the other figures I own – she is truly a masterpiece.


Here is a shot of her from the back; there are just so many wonderful elements that draw me into the figure. She is truly in motion in such a spectacular way. The way her hair flows up, the creases in her skirt – incredible!


This is a fantastic shot that really illustrates the sheer size of the God Arc in comparison to our Protagonist. The sculpt on Alisa is absolutely flawless and we will be taking a closer look at all of her wonderful details next. I think what makes this piece stand out the most is how well her weapon is in cooperated into the pose. Despite it being so insanely massive and more or less the same colour combination as the character – they both exist together in a way that doesn’t attract attention from each other – but instead complement each other beautifully!


Here is a close up on Alisa’s upper half. Personally I am absolutely in love with the face, previous Alisa figures just couldn’t quite get it right, I felt like they couldn’t really capture Alisa’s true essence in her expression. This figure however really captures her personality, strong, cold and full of determination. The paintwork is absolutely flawless, I was especially impressed on the purple lines that run along her top and collar, very nice contrast there. Metallic parts such her her emblem, button and straps are all coated in shiny metallic paint which really helps distinguish materials straight away. Ill also take the time to note in this photo how beautifully crafted the suspender straps are. I simply love the way it twists and stretches up around her arm, really nice attention to detail here. Another glorious piece of shading work is on the hair, The sculptors have done a perfect job in capturing the lushes volume that Alisa’s hair has; each lock is nice and thick and waves/curves around in such a beautiful fashion – amazing!!


This is one element of the figure I really wanted to talk about, as in some ways this is one thing that made this figure an absolute winner. For those who know the character, Alisa has quite an impressive bust size, and in most situations it’s fair to say that her outfit isn’t particular designed in a way to keep those breasts in check as she is running and jumping around fighting Aragami. All the figures I had seen of Alisa have displayed her breasts in such a way that it just looked absolutely ridiculous, I understand this might appeal to some people but to me it just ruins the figure. I absolutely love Alisa’s outfit, the mini crop top combined with the skirt and suspenders is a really dashing look! But when you have these exploding breasts falling out of her clothes it just looks silly.

This is the first figure I have seen where her breasts are actually tame and held in place and I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate that. The under-boob is an absolute given for Alisa’s design, but I am so glad they have finally created a figure where that isn’t the main point. You can tell that they have carefully re-created the original image focusing on an amazing pose and not over exposing her breasts for unnecessary sex appeal.


Let’s take a look at the bottom half of Alisa; another design element I love are Alisa’s gorgeous thigh high boots! They have this beautiful shine to them really creating that shiny leather look to it. Along with the silver buttons and purple stripe, it all connects aesthetically well with her crop top colours. At first you might think that’s a seam line running along under the buttons, but that’s actually a gap in the boot to allow it to be slipped on/acts as a way for her leg to move/breath when walking about – great attention to detail!

And look at that skirt! I own a few figures with skirts but I can’t say I have seen sculpting and shading quite as impressive as this one. I think the tartan design certainly helps in simulating that flowing effect but it looks amazing. Such a beautiful body sculpt too, Alisa is the perfect combination on “thin “with “curves “– and look at the stomach!! Suppose you would be fit after running around wielding a weapon as large as that


This particular photo really highlights Alisa’s gorgeous body sculpt. The way her chest sticks out and her arching back, really well crafted. Along with the other suspender strap, having this one hanging around by her side looks really natural in the way that it is sitting.


Even without Alisa’s impressive God Arc, she still stands on her own as impressive looking figure. I’m simply blown away with the amount of Charisma and character that radiates from this pose and her expression. Absolutely stunning!


To finish up here is a shot from above capturing the dynamic pose and incredible detail.


Straight of the bat its fair for me to say that Goodsmiles Ver of Alisa is not only the best iteration of her so far but dentally one of my all-time favourite figures currently in my collection.
The box has a aesthetically pleasing design that not only keeps the figure safe but instantly creates the atmosphere and design work that is “ GOD EATER “.

The God Arc is a beautifully crafted weapon that truly radiates like nothing else – using a gorgeous red metallic and Smokey black paint work combined with the twisted bumps and wrinkles of the Aragami creature that lays dormant inside. This combination creates a beautiful contrast to the weapons design, not to mention the absolute sheer size of this thing – very impressive.

The figure perfectly represents the original artwork as well as taking it to the next level by creating a rocky base that is integrated into the figures design flawlessly. Using detailed texturing and line work to create an apocalyptic detailed rocky structure to add even more character to what is already a beautifully crafted figure.

Alisa herself is simply full of impressive details; from the wrinkles and folds in her skirt, the twisting suspenders, shiny thigh high boots, beautifully flowing hair and her perfect expression and face sculpt. A truly impressive figure that really captures the essence and atmosphere of the God Eater series.


Price wise she is currently sitting at a good price – hopefully she won’t become as rare as her counterpart “Ciel “, but if you are thinking of picking up this absolute gem, now is certainly the time to do so!
I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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Nice review! Thanks for making it interesting to read. ;D
8 maand(en) geleden
mine, her right arm cant fully attach on the shoulder. It's still left minor joint to be seen (not really visible until I look closely). Do yours has the same problem?
2 jaar geleden
Really helpful!!! <3 Thank you so muccch!!!!
3 jaar geleden
Very nice review! I've had her for some time now but haven't opened yet, and I'm glad you mentioned that bit about the God Arc handle being flexible, I would have worried about it breaking while assembling her.
3 jaar geleden
Nice review and photos
3 jaar geleden
Excellent review! Also, thank you for providing her assembly instructions because she can be a bit difficult.
3 jaar geleden
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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