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AmiAmi Grab Box "S" For GirlsAmiAmi Grab Box "S" For Girls

agentmozellagentmozell1 jaar geledenLoot
This blog will be photo heavy,

Hello everyone! After taking a break from the grab boxes on AmiAmi I decided that it was time to try my luck again! Surprisingly, this one went well! Before I begin, here's a quick FAQ for you:

Q: Why do you do grab boxes?

A: Despite not having much luck I do like the surprise of what you get! Overall, its just fun!

Q: Why are your pictures like this?

A: Whatever I don't like gets listed to my Depop, so when I take photos I try reduce the work I have to do since I'm very lazy by nature. So I naturally take photos as if I'm going to sell because I save time by not having to do "group photos" for the blog and individual photos for my shop.

Q: Can I buy the items you don't like?

A: Yeah! You can even make offers on items that I'm "on the fence" about too. Overall I want to see items I don't care for go to homes that will love them. Feel free to comment what you're interested in and shoot me a PM! Be sure to include your location for tracking purposes.

Q: If the database link isn't listed can I link you to the item?

A: YES!! I haven't been able to look for the items here yet, but please! By all means send me the item link if you know it. I appreciate all the help I can get. Also feel free to correct me on a series if I haven't it wrong.

Now then, let's begin!


First off, I gathered all the Osomatsu-san march I found and piled them all together. There's always so much of this particular series that I wonder just how much AmiAmi has in their warehouse. Do they actually have an entire warehouse full of nothing but Osomatsu-san? I noticed that Hobby Search ALWAYS has a ton of merch from this series too and that its always on discount. I thought this was a fairly popular show, but I guess I was wrong?

Anyway, I don't like this series. I only watched three episodes, but I knew that it wasn't the show for me. I think the only character I did like was Ichimatsu, which I never seem to get haha The blind box is Karamatsu btw!


Next up is the first item I actually saw when I opened the box! I assume these are clear files, but I have no idea what series this is from. They look cool though! But at the same time it also looks like a series I wouldn't be too interested in. ;;


The second item I saw was this adorable towel! I think this is from Natsume's Book of Friends, which is something I've been meaning to look into. I was pretty excited when I saw this because it has a cat and its adorable as hell. ♥ Even if I'm wrong about the series I'm def keeping this!


When I saw this I got very excited! KnB was the first sports anime I watched that I liked, so this is def welcome in my collection! The button set features Taiga, Kuroko, and Niigou!


I've never heard of Dance with Devils, but I may check it out when I get the chance. Do any of you know this series? Is it pretty good? Let me know!


A keychain of Izuminokami Kanesada from Touken Ranbu. I knew there'd be a Touken Ranbu keychian in here, I think I've seen one in every grab box. While I'm excited I'm also disappointed that its not Yamanbagiri. Not saying I don't like Kanesada, I do. But Yamanbagiri is my best boy. haha


I think this is a bookmark of sorts? It features Phichit from Yuri on Ice wearing an absolutely adorable green kitty jacket. I'm going to give this one to a friend of mine who loves Phichit. ♥


I was super excited when I saw something Detective Conan in here! I'm very, very, VERY behind in the anime since I only got into it last year, but I do enjoy it greatly! And Hattori is my favorite so far. ♥ This is the first DC merch I own and I'm glad its of my favorite boy.


I don't really know what this is. I think its a postcard set? In super small print on the top it says "Your Name" so I think this is from that new anime that came out recently? I'm not too sure. Without much context I can't really determine what this item is. ;; Either way, I don't collect this kind of merch so this is wasted on me in all sorts of ways. If you know what this is please tell me!


The package says "Kings Prism" but I don't know the character at all. I think this is another idol game or anime? Its adorable either way but its not something I would keep even if I were a fan of the series. The reason is that this is a big ol' felt keychain. When I saw it I did open it up to figure out what I was looking at and then quickly resealed it once I determined it was a felt keychain. I've never seen this kind of item before so it makes it interesting to say the least.


K Project!! I was pretty excited when I saw this. Its a pouch of sorts. I'm not sure if I'll keep it though because even though I haven't finished the second season, I'm really not the biggest fan of Jungle. Still, seeing something K related was pretty exciting.


Here's where I get in trouble, I think this is a Kyon petite from Haruhi Susumiya. I only watched a few episodes back when it was coming out and just never got into the series. I might show this to a friend to see if he wants it since he's a big fan of the series. I just hope I'm right about the character haha


I think this is from Gintama? Again, another series I saw a few episodes of and even tried reading the manga a couple times but it was so chaotic for me that I couldn't continue with it. I will say that the sparse clips I've seen since are hilarious and I do enjoy the humor. Its just too chaotic for my brain.



This must be a cruel joke that someone planned somewhere. I love Touken Ranbu and I was excited when I saw Kashuu on the box, but it quickly turned to disappointment when I noticed that they're hair ties. My hair is super short so this is 100% useless to me. ;;



When I saw this I got pretty excited, even though I never watched Free in its entirety I do like the series Makoto Tachibana. So I was hoping I'd have some good luck with this since the item seems adorable. I ended up with Rei, who isn't bad by any means, but he's not my favorite character in the series. ;;


A Tales Of Series badge! I have no idea who this is! :D

I've only played ToZ and I'm only in the beginning area still since I got distracted with a certain game Persona 5. But then again this could be from any of the Tales games. ;;


This is a ruler of a character that I haven't met yet in Tales of Zestiria! Nice! Even if I did like the character though, I have no use for a ruler. Especially one so small.



Again I don't have a lot of context for this one. The name on the box is "Beautiful Word Beautiful World". If that's correct I'll go check it out. But right now I'm staring at this keychain wondering who this is and what series she's from. Looks cute.


A mirror of Rokuya Nagi from Idolish7. I've heard of this series before and I believe this is another idol anime/game. I don't know the series at all and don't really plan to watch it anytime soon. ;;


Another Idolish7 merch. I don't know this character but the item is a plush keychain. Cute, just wasted on me.




Just end my suffering. I still have the AoT cushion from the last grab box I had ( blog/32198&... ). I don't like this series for personal reason and I can't stand having merch from it in my home. The top item is a sticker set and the bottom item is a rubber keychain that you can place on a stand. The keychain doesn't have a ball chain to go with it though. I don't know what the marketing ploy here was. Probably just milk AoT for all its got.

The sad thing is, is that I used to like AoT a lot. Just...too many toxic people I knew love it. They left a bad taste in my mouth and it just transferred to AoT since they're super hardcore into it. Oh well, not everything can be pure forever.



Yet another idol game I don't know anything about. This time is Ensemble Stars! I like these mochi mascots, but since I don't know the character I'm a little lost with it.



Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas keychain. I know this series, its just something I've never been interested to watch. In my last grab box for girls I actually got another one with Diana (long sold), so I guess AmiAmi has a bunch of these laying around.



Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Io Naruko Rossetti Badge.

Boy that's a mouthful. No wonder AmiAmi has a bunch of these laying around. I actually got another one in my last box with the blondie, probably the only character I liked from the six episodes I watched. Never finished the series nor do I have any intention to. So I'm not attached to this in anyway.



When I saw Lavi I freaked out and got so excited! I love DGM and I love Lavi. Then I read it was one of those "universal" phone cases and I got so disappointed. I've seen these in action and I'm not a fan of this style of phone case. This was probably the best item in the box and its something I'm never going to use. I guess this happens.


This was a surprise to see in the box! A plush of Haru from Free. I don't really like how he looks otherwise I'd keep him. Maybe if he was makoto I'd change my mind though. ♥

Anyway, that's all I got for this grab box! I probably won't be buying these for a while. This was just a splurge since I had some extra money come my way. Now to begin the long search of looking for these items in the database. ugh

Good vibes to you all!
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Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
agentmozell (1 jaar geleden) #23100180I'm actually selling what I got as a blind box if you were interested! :3Aww, if it was vol. 1 I might take you up on that (that's the one with Gokotai, I think?) I'm not really into Touken Ranbu anymore because it won't let me play no matter how hard I try...Gokotai is just my son, orz
1 jaar geleden
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Shaerileth (1 jaar geleden) #23055366Aww, the touken ranbu hair tie! I actually really wanted to hunt down the Gokotai one when they first came out...now I kick myself for not doing so, lol. Nice box, always lurking on people's blogs when they post these. XD

I'm actually selling what I got as a blind box if you were interested! :3
1 jaar geleden
Shaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Aww, the touken ranbu hair tie! I actually really wanted to hunt down the Gokotai one when they first came out...now I kick myself for not doing so, lol. Nice box, always lurking on people's blogs when they post these. XD
1 jaar geleden
Found both Tales of items for you:
First one is Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia: ITEM #436298
The second one is Dezel from (obviously) Tales of Zestiria: ITEM #528332

You should finish playing ToZ, it's a really nice game. :-) If you have the chance, go and play Tales of Xillia too. :-) ToX was my first Tales of game and it's absolutely lovely. :-)
1 jaar geleden
i'm definitely interested in the your name postcards for a friends birthday! feel free to pm me if you're willing to sell. :)
1 jaar geleden
I'd never buy a girls box myself since I have no interest in 90% of the series they put in these boxes, but the selection is pretty nice and varied if you do like the series, I like that they include plushies!
I really like the style of that rosette badge, I'd love to see badges like that become more common for other series too.

I guess so much Osomatsu-san stuff ends up on clearance because even if the series is popular, WAY too much stuff got produced at one point. While the series was airing there was Osomatsu-san everything you can imagine released, 1000 badge and keychain sets, etc. It's a popular show but there is way too much merch for all of it to sell so retailers were likely overstocked. (Plus stuff like the Figma ends up on clearance cause they included literally no accessories, copy paste bodies, overall those really sucked)
1 jaar geleden
I found the "Your name" item in the database : ITEM #520503
It's a really beautiful movie =)

And Gintama is quite chaotic, yes, but I love it. Because sometimes I need an anime without a big story who last for like 100 episodes or more. Plus it's hilarous (when I'm sad, it never fails to make me smile or laught). But now, it looks like the end of the manga so now the author is following the real story (after like 55 mangas xD) and it stopped being one or two episodes/chapters for a short funny story.
Osomatsu-san is a bit like that. So if you don't like both, it's def' not your kind of anime =)

But thanks for this loot, it was interesting to look at what you get =)
1 jaar geleden
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
xxkurenaixshixx (1 jaar geleden) #23000298The second photo is Terra Formars ITEM #337923 I've read the manga but never finsihed watching the anime. Just to say probably for me it pisses me off lol. The mangaView spoilerHide spoilerTOO MANY awesome characters die
Kimi wa na wa.(Your name) Seems like its www.banprestore... Good movie to watch.

1 jaar geleden
The second photo is Terra Formars ITEM #337923 I've read the manga but never finsihed watching the anime. Just to say probably for me it pisses me off lol. The mangaView spoilerHide spoilerTOO MANY awesome characters die

Kimi wa na wa.(Your name) Seems like its www.banprestore... Good movie to watch.
1 jaar geleden
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
630_LOV (1 jaar geleden) #22999167From the petite from Haruhi Susumiya, it's not Kyon its Isuki: ITEM #2791
The Natsume's Book of Friends Nyanko-sensei towel is ITEM #41060
The series is quiet lovely, has six seasons and is definitely at least worth giving it a try.
From Gintama it's Kamui ITEM #426709. He seems to pop up in these boxes quiet often. I believe he has been in the amiami sale section for a while too.
"Beautiful Word Beautiful World" is actually called Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda/The Anthem of the Heart, and it's an anime movie. Haven't gotten around to watching it but it has mostly positive reception, so I am might watch it some day. The character's name is Natsuki Nitou ITEM #334001

Thank you!!! I appreciate this so much.
1 jaar geleden
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