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S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 2...S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 2...

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Greetings everyone, it's time again for a new review!

5 years have passed since the strange game-based virus known as 'Bugster' first appeared, and now new cases are appearing rampantly all over the city! To combat this infectious danger, a simple intern looking to become a Doctor, also known as the genius gamer 'M', dons the mantle of Rider, becoming...

Kamen Rider
Mighty Action X Level 2


The titular character of the 18th series in the Kamen Rider saga arrives in a unique way, packed together with his fellow Riders; Brave and Snipe, all within the 'Beginning Set' three pack, a limited edition release to kick off the Ex-Aid Figuarts.




While he may come packed initially in a three pack set, I'll be focusing primarily on Ex-Aid himself for this review, and if I find the time I'll do separate reviews for Brave and Snipe. To start, Ex-Aid comes packed to the gills with the typical variety of Figuarts joints, from double jointed elbows and knees to plastic ankle rockers.


The molding and paint work on Ex-Aid is top-notch, and does a great job in recreating the genius gamer in all of his glory. The chest details are very well done, as well as the eyes, mixing the large, Chibi Gundam-like pupils with the compound backing really makes them pop.



As far as accessories go, Ex-Aid has a decent amount. To start, he comes with four sets of hands; two fists, two relaxed hands, two wide-splayed hands, and two sets of gripping hands.



His primary weapon, the Gashacon Breaker, is included and is broken down into three pieces, with the handle being plugged into the base of either upper section to recreate its Hammer or Sword modes.



Lastly, as he is part of the Beginning Set, a large stage is included for all three of the Riders to be posed upon. It makes more sense to include it in Ex-Aid's review of course, since it does feature the name of his Gashat, and yes, while it is the same stage that was included with Gaim some time ago, it's a neat little extra that you receive simply for purchasing the three pack.


Ex-Aid's Gashat, Mighty Action X, is removable from his driver, though disappointingly it does not have the full-length cartridge face, but instead a simple peg.


While it is a bit unfortunate, it also means that it fits snugly into either slot in the driver face, the Kimewaza Slot Holder, and both modes of the Breaker.


The Actuation Lever on the front of Ex-Aid's driver is also hinged, allowing it to swing closed.


As expected from the Figuarts line, Ex-Aid is incredibly posable, utilizing the amazing central body construction that had originated with Gaim and continues to produce great figures.



There is very little limitation in any of his joints, and each are stable and nicely tight, allowing him to be quite expressive when it comes to whatever sort of poses you can dream up.



The Beginning Set was quite the gamble that Bandai played, but it seems to have been a good idea. It shows us what to expect from the Ex-Aid series with three excellent starts to the line, with more coming down the pike already(although I know we're all waiting for Genm Level 10).


If I had any issues with the figure, they'd be small nitpicks really. The smallest of which would be the Gashat being cut down like it was, though I can easily understand the reasoning behind it. A few others are that I wish he had the pull-forward shoulder joint system, and that his ankle rockers weren't quite as limited as they are.


All in all, Ex-Aid is an awesome start to the line. Although his design may not sit that well with a lot of people, it's outgoing colors and appearance are quite an eye-catcher, and the Figuart does a spectacular job in bringing him to life in all of his Leveling Up glory.



Strange isn't it though, that a Kamen Rider show with such an unusual motif for it's characters also has an intense and very enjoyable storyline?

"Hiro-san, let's make this a co-op --"
"No thank you, intern."

"Taiga, we can do this together --"
"There only needs to be one Kamen Rider."

I definitely recommend him, he's a great figure coupled together with an interesting and unuiqe design. The solid joints and bold colors really make him stand out, and while it may appear a bit too over-the-top, I strongly believe that he would be a more worthwhile addition to your collection than the previous entry in the Figuarts Kamen Rider line.



As always, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my review, I hope that it was informative, and aided you in deciding whether or not to add this hardcore gaming Doctor to your Rider collection.



'Till next time!


You can find more of my reviews here!

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He looks great! Usually I'm wary of Figuarts (they have been quite hit or miss with me) but this one looks like he's done well.

I do find it frustrating that if they can do this well on one thing they should be able to do well on EVERYTHING, but alas...
1 jaar geleden
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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