Catwoman - Bishoujo Statue - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)Catwoman - Bishoujo Statue - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)Review

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Hello, today I will review 1/7 scaled figure Catwoman from Batman's franchise and Kotobukiya's Bishoujo series.

Catwoman is a fictional character associated with DC Comics' Batman franchise. Historically an antihero, the character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The original and most widely known Catwoman, Selina Kyle, first appears in Batman #1 (Spring 1940) in which she is known as The Cat. She is an adversary of Batman, known for having a complex love-hate (often romantic) relationship with him.

This figure was made by Kotobukiya and was released on February, 2011. It was sculpted by Takeuchi Gotaro.

Let's start with the box!

Packaging: 8/10

Height: 30 cm (11.81 in)
Width: 20 cm (7.87 in)
Depth: 20 cm (7.87 in)
Diagonal: 36.05 cm (14.19 in)

This is a rather big package considering that the figure itself is not that big, it still can be shipped with SAL. Kotobukiya used its typical layout for their Bishoujo Series, with a white box covered with Shunya Yamashita's illustration. You can see Kotobukiya's logo, DC Comics's logo and the name of the character on the front. The window allows you to see Catwoman completely as well as her accessories. At the back you can see pictures of the prototype and a synopsis about the Bishoujo Statues you can also see Wonder Woman's preview.

From the sides you can see Shunya Yamashita's illustration with detail. You also have another windows that allows you to see the figure as well as the illustration and Kotobukiya and DC Comics's logos.

Here you can see a window on the upper part of the box and some warnings at the bottom.

A typical two-piece blister was used to protect the figure. Kotobukiya used tape to avoid the blister opening by itself. The blister has six joining points in total. It is rather big and uses a lot of unnecessary space that could have made the box a little smaller, not a nice decision from Kotobukiya's

A view from the sides.

A shot of the cats and the instructions' paper that came at the bottom of the box.

The instructions are in Japanese and English, so you will not find troubles following them.

Here you can see Catwoman's face inside the blister as well as her full body.

Nothing worth mentioning about the inside of the box. The effect is nice. though.

Base: 9/10

Catwoman's base matches Shunya's illustration nicely. The cats do not look that nice but they get the job done. The gargoyle looks fantastic and it is beautifully detailed.

You can pose the cats as you please as I did or follow the illustration.

It is easy to mount and unmount Catwoman on her base, as always be careful or you might damage something. Logically, you cannot display her without her base.

Sculpting: 9/10











Starting with her face, it looks nice but you can notice something is lacking. The eyes are kind of off when compared to the illustration and also no blush was added, nevertheless, her lips are nice and the way she is biting the rope is really sexy and her showing teeth are great. Her hair is barely visible but that twisted forelock looks great on her. Her face allows you to play with angles to make more expressions but I guess the eyes look weird displayed in another way than the original illustration.

Her hood, as all of her clothing, are black and with a nice glossy painting. I have read that some people do not like glossy on their figures but I find it nice and beautiful. Her googles are acurate to the illustrations as well as her beautiful car ears.

Catwoman's chest was executed perfectly here, her collarbone was one of the first things that catched my eye. Her breasts look good and the line on her belly was a nice detail. Her open costume is great and all the creases around her breasts look natural. Her arm and hand were detailed perfectly comparing it to the illustration and I loved the way her claws were performed.

Personally, I love backs, and Catwoman surely has a good back of her own. The creases were nicely sculpted and her hips look provocative and sexy, matching Catwoman's personality perfectly. Her body lines are beautiful, I kind of want to complain about her butt, but this is the Bishoujo figures line, so men are the target here. Her stretched arm makes a clear difference between the suit and her gloves, which is an appreciated detail.

Moving onto her hips, they surely are great but, as I said before, I believe her butt is not that proportional to her body but I will not complain too much about it because we are talking about a male-oriented figure here. Her belt looks nice but it just lacks details.

The creases around her butt look nice and I loved how her pelvic bone was sculpted. You can also see the hole where the whip will be displayed.

Catwoman's legs are beautiful, feminine and really long. I really liked them and they way they bent is truly graceful. The little case around her tights was nicely detailed and looks great, despite nor being on the original illustration. The division near her boots was nicely done and the creases at the back of her knees look nice and natural.

The separation between her legs gives her a more sexy look and I have seen it in many works for men, so I guess it was a clever move on Kotobukiya's side.

Her boots were nicely detailed and I loved the belt around them. The creases near her ankles make the great effect that each boot is a separate piece from the rest of her suit. Her heels look great and they look really smooth.

Both feet are identical in details, so no issues to report with this part of the figure.

A couple more shots.

The installation of the whip is really easy and straight-forward. You can arrange the whip as you please but be careful with the ropes because they can break if you pull them too much.











Painting: 9/10

The paint job was nicely done and I love the glossy paint Kotobukiya used. No visible or distractive flaws at all but, in my opinion, the lips could have been redder.

Posing: 8/10

The pose matches the illustration nicely but there are some things that are lacking. The paint job lacked essential things like the blush on her face and the way her head bents and her sexy looking eyes are not present at all. I does not make too much justice to Shunya's illustration.

Enjoyment: 8/10

This figure is a must if you are fan of the most deadly trio of women in the Batman universe out there (Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Queen) but if you think you will enjoy her alone, I guess you can pass on her. This figure lacks some details and it does not feel like it was ripped out of Shunya's illustration. I got her because I believed I could also get the other two girls, but money issues happened and now I do not have a big budget like before. Think about it carefully.

If you had doubts about getting this figure, I hope this had helped you.

Next review will be Nagisa Kaworu Plug Suit ver. so look forward to it!

Here is Orihara Izaya's review BLOG #2648

Have a nice day!

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thx you helped me so much i mean the face was my favorite part of this figure and being a girl it was awkward because of her cleavage so THX
6 jaar geleden
oh back when I was a young thang Catwoman was the one I wanted to be (I thought she kickass in the movie Batman Returns..the others vers don't count to me lol XD ) I think the figure is good but you are right about the face. They should release a updated version of her to fix that problem (discount for those that bought the original too!). :/ I might be tempted to nab her if they did. XD Good review! I enjoyed it! :3 (also is it me are did they get the cats opposite poses than from the illustration? Bit..lazy on that one. XD;; )
8 jaar geleden
One of the best Bishoujo. The posing seems so nice... I'm kinda upset I lost the preorder, I can't find her anymore. I'd like to take her with Mystique, the 'new' Black Widow and Liara from Mass Effect.
8 jaar geleden
Bleuberry8 jaar geleden#971563Wow that is one sexy figure! Great review and I agree with everything you said. I wish her face was a bit more sexy like the illustration but her body is a winner for me. I've never seen such a sexy figure that shows as little skin as she does.
Thank you very much for reading! I actually like her body but I wish they had done a better job about her face, I love Catwoman and I want a figure that represents how sexy she is.

Raithos8 jaar geleden#971606This one is definitely one that has been on my wishlist for some time. I need to stop slacking and get around to getting her one of these days, excellent review
I still need to learn how to make my pics small like that and arrange them side by side in rows like you and Starshippooper do. Still, great review indeed, very detailed and informative!

Thank you very much for reading! I wish you can find one and enjoy her!

shinhawk8 jaar geleden#971667Catwoman is one of my favorites of the Bishoujo line. She's a bit tough to find these days for her regular price. I really have to dig deep and check more comic shops.
Catwoman is really sexy but I can't say she is my favourite because I don't have any more bishoujo figures, I was only going to get her, Ivy and Harley. I liked how Ivy's official photos looked so I will see if I can get her to go with my Catwoman.
8 jaar geleden
Catwoman is one of my favorites of the Bishoujo line. She's a bit tough to find these days for her regular price. I really have to dig deep and check more comic shops.
8 jaar geleden
Raithos Stagnant
This one is definitely one that has been on my wishlist for some time. I need to stop slacking and get around to getting her one of these days, excellent review
I still need to learn how to make my pics small like that and arrange them side by side in rows like you and Starshippooper do. Still, great review indeed, very detailed and informative!
8 jaar geleden
Wow that is one sexy figure! Great review and I agree with everything you said. I wish her face was a bit more sexy like the illustration but her body is a winner for me. I've never seen such a sexy figure that shows as little skin as she does.
8 jaar geleden
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