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MFC Club Drive!MFC Club Drive!

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http://theyasminshow.com/mfc/2016drive/01.pngHello Shiny MFC! Welcome to the non-annual
MFC Club Drive! ₍₍◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜₎₎

So, some of you reading may be new to MFC and not know about Clubs/Forums. Most discussions take place in Blogs since they're right on the front page, but even more discussions can take place in Clubs, which you can easily find under the Community tab, and it looks like this:

Clubs are various groups that can fall under Community & Help, Shopping & Trading, Figures & Goods, Artists & Companies and Miscellaneous, and the forums are the discussions that take place within each club. By clicking on the Forum tab you can see the most recent active forum threads, but to comment you will have to join the club. For most clubs you just need to click "Join the club" on the club page. Select closed clubs may ask you to request membership. This is usually for clubs that involve peer-to-peer transactions. Let's look at the main Forums page:

The gray bar at the top has your links to Clubs by Categories, Full list of Clubs, (Over)All Forum Threads, Personal Comment Tracker, and Forum Thread Subscriptions. Regardless of what page of MFC you are on, the gray bars are always full of handy tools!

With blogs, there's a limit to what you can post (just as one example, no shop-related blogs) and there's no "Sticky" function so once a discussion sinks down into the abyss, it most likely will stay there. Forums are the opposite, they pretty much work the way any other internet forum works. You can approach topics that aren't allowed in blogs (yes! you can complain about THAT shop to your heart's content!), as well as pretty much anything else you feel like discussing, collecting-related or not! Posting a comment will bump the thread to the top, unlike blogs. And, Clubs can link to related blog posts, which works as a sticky within the club, so blogs with valuable information aren't "lost".

Now, I KNOW, most people aren't keen on using clubs for harboring discussions or getting answers to their urgent questions because simply put, people don't respond as fast, sometimes not at all!

So today, let's also talk about something important: the power of subscription.

You already know that when checking for information about a figure's release, you can subscribe to Changes on the item page, as well as Comments and Pictures. Well, the same applies to Clubs and all of the forums! To ensure full coverage:

First, subscribe to the main feed on the club page. This will be below the Related Articles and Forums, if any.

Then, click on the Forums tab and subscribe there. This will alert you of any new topic threads.

Lastly, if there are any relevant active sticky threads, be sure to subscribe to those too.

Joining a club is a good start, but the more subscriptions, the more active a club will become. (Otherwise you will likely forget to check in on it!)

By the way, subscription power carries even farther than that!

If there's a certain photographer whose work you enjoy, you can click to their Profile > Pictures > Subscribe. Same goes for blog writers: Profile > Blog > Subscribe

http://theyasminshow.com/mfc/2016drive/11b.png http://theyasminshow.com/mfc/2016drive/11.png
Even if you're too busy to visit MFC, you can still have your favorite parts delivered to you via subscription!

With that said, there are some important clubs and forum threads you should consider:

Helpful threads: FAQ Updates / Scam Alerts / Suggestions / Bug Reports / Help
*I heavily recommend subscribing to FAQ Updates and Scam Alerts

Question & Answer Club CLUB #99
Helpful threads: Translation Requests / Help Identify This! / Simple Q&A

Figure Shop & Site Review CLUB #72
If you have questions or reviews (positive or negative) about a particular shop or proxy, talk all about it here!

Bootleg Finders CLUB #139
Wondering if a figure is a bootleg? Wondering if a shop or eBay seller is legit? This is the best place to ask.

Database Managers CLUB #828
If you want to learn to contribute to the database and need help, or just have general questions not worthy of an alert, this is the best place to ask and get a response from staff.

Bargains/Sales/Coupons CLUB #29
If you're looking for sales or coupon codes, this is the place. Use the User Sales thread to promote your sales, post requests or get free stuff!

And last but not least,
Myethos CLUB #1507 and Hobby Max CLUB #1528
The database guidelines prohibit figures of non-Japanese origin and maker, but you can still keep track of figure news and view pictures in clubs!

"Ah, I don't have enough subscriptions for this!"

It happens, it happens! I suggest periodically cleaning out your subscription list manage.php?mode...
Once a figure is released you can usually safely unsubscribe unless you want to see a re-release added. Old discussions and the like can also be removed.
(Emphasis on periodically! In my last subs clean-out I removed something like 300 in one go...)
If you've got a bit of coin to spare, becoming a Supporter is a way to instantly boost your subscriptions and gain lots of other sweet perks. about/subscribe...


I hope that was helpful to those of you unfamiliar with clubs and forums! Now with that said, I'd like to invite you club owners to promote your clubs! Non club-owners, feel free to link your favorite clubs or clubs you'd like to see revived (or club ideas you'd like to see come into fruition!) And please - if a club is for NSFW material, please note it as such. I'll be right over
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
R_Kasahara (2 jaar geleden) #15692747T-B Steam Community CLUB #269 - Did you know there's an MFC group on Steam? There's so many gamers here, so it's a shame that this group doesn't have more members.
o m g I would love to have a Halloween MFC L4D/2 shootout but I won't be home until like 2am EST D:
2 jaar geleden
CLUB #1477
'nuff said.
2 jaar geleden
Clubs I think need a boost. >.< Thanks for this blog, THEYASMINSHOW !

Baccano! (I feel like a spammer over here, some other people join in too, please xD) CLUB #1015

In case some Dutch people are reading this, the Dutch club: CLUB #167 Activity varies a lot right now, I noticed it becomes more busy when a (big) convention is near.

For people also into cute snacks, both eating/making the real stuff and seeing it combined with figures Food & Sweets: CLUB #1514 (it has most, if not all, food-related blogs on here linked too!)

Considering the rising popularity of Mecha Musume now with Kan Colle, maybe some more people are interested now in this club too? Mecha Musume CLUB #127

Already mentioned in the blog, but I want another reminder to the question and answer club CLUB #99 , so much useful information and forum topics there! Also seems to be one of the more popular clubs and answers the most common blog questions.
2 jaar geleden
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Thanks for making this post; something like this has been long overdue ^^

I'd like to call attention to some clubs that I feel are underappreciated (a couple are my own, but most aren't):

Crowdfunding Forum CLUB #1591 - Here you can post threads about Kickstarter, Unbound, and other crowdfunding campaigns you find interesting, or promote your own.

Prize Figure Hunters CLUB #157 - I feel like this club needs revival especially now that prize figures are getting harder to buy from many shops.

Local Shopping Guides CLUB #314 - I run this one, and would love to hear about the anime shops in your city! Come help out!

T-B Steam Community CLUB #269 - Did you know there's an MFC group on Steam? There's so many gamers here, so it's a shame that this group doesn't have more members.

Figure Spaces CLUB #267 - I run this one as well! This club is devoted to the topic of displaying and storing figures. Show off your display cases and setups, share tips, and/or ask questions.

Travel to Japan CLUB #1338 - There are so many Ask MFC questions about going to Japan and so few people in this club. Let's revive it!

ETA: Remembered one more!

Tsuki Meetup CLUB #1039 - Another club I run. I created this so that anyone who would like to meet fellow MFC members at a convention, in a new town, or just because can organize meetups.
2 jaar geleden
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