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Here's another first figure from me, this time from Griffon Enterprises' brand figutto.

figutto 008 Light Yagami

I went surfing around AmiAmi checking on new items on a daily basis. When I saw a product entry of a Light Yagami figure, I checked it out. Seeing the product itself gave me a big "WOW" and I had to put it in my December wishlist. After much (self) debate, I preordered him (along with another toy). It got delivered early January 2012 and went through the trouble in customs to get the package containing this figure and the other toy.

I will cover that other toy in the future. For now, let's check out Death Note's lead character, Light Yagami!

First Impressions
This is a new brand of Japanese articulate figures from Griffon Enterprises. I have to say even though he looked plain and simple, he was handsome in some way (given the fact he's a popular character). I wasn't expecting him to do poses like what superheroes or active characters do. The figure stands approximately 6" tall.

Standing with poise

Since this brand of toys is fairly new, I'll cover what the whole package has. Every figutto comes with a transparent plastic box to keep the extra parts and it even comes with a base and support.

What's included in the packaging

He comes with three faces: a blank expression, a friendly look and a menacing-looking smile. The menacing smile doesn't look to evil. I bet it's mild versions of his devious smiles when he plots something or is successful in his plans. Also, the front part of the hair is kept attached by a magnet, rather than a snap on part. It makes it easy to pull off the hair part and place it back when changing faces.

There are ten pieces of hands available. A standard pair, a pair of wide open palms, two closed hands, five hands that are meant to hold the included accessories and a left hand with an open Death Note attached. The hands are fully detailed, with some color blending and noticeable nails.

Check the detail on the hand

The accessories include a closed Death Note, cellphone, pen, wrist watch, Light's favorite brand of potato chips and a pair of handcuffs. Not to spoil readers who haven't tackled the series, these items have significance in Light's role. I heed caution to future owners of this figure: the cellphone, wristwatch and pen accessories are tiny! Take extra caution handling them!

Quick Stress Test
Given that this is a new brand, testing it's limits should be necessary. I did manage to look at figutto's concept page on how flexible they claim these toys are.

Rah rah!

But this is just quick stress test. I plan to provide more extensive tests in the future. By the looks of it, his thighs doesn't seem to go past the 45 degree angle.His hands bend and twist well. His arms have a good range of motion.

Floor stretches(?)

His knees can reach the 90 degree mark but to so much, even with the double joint. His elbows doesn't "squeeze" much. For his head, it can twist but there's a minimal range of titling it upwards or downwards. His feet can twist but can't tilt so much.

The only thing that bothered me is how hard it was to attach the support on the figure. No matter how hard I tried to put it in, I don't get that "secure" feeling that would stay attached. Well, I would rarely need the stand since he balances well on his own.

Feel like doing a dance... or not

I don't know if this affects me only but my figure's right leg seems loose. It tends to fall off when I move it too often and it gets me worried when I'm setting a pose.

If you're a fan of the character and/or the series, you should give this toy a go. Despite the figure's semi-minimal movement range, it fits his character. figutto is new in entering the articulated figures arena and I do hope the get more figures to come with better flexibility.

I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!

Character Background
Light Yagami is the lead character of the series Death Note. He's a high school student who leads a boring life but comes across a notebook labeled the Death Note. This Death Note has the power to end the life of an individual when their name is written on it. After experiencing it work, he encounters a shinigami named Ryuk and he goes on a streak of ending criminals' lives until a detective begins to suspect the killings on him. Read on the Wikipedia article if you want the whole plot in one sitting.

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Thanks for the detailed review. I've been hesitating to get him for quite a long time. I love Light (he's my hasubando XD), but I think this figure doesn't make him justice. I think I'll wait for the figma version... Even though I know it's just a dream.
8 jaar geleden
I have him and the peg for his back to the stand was a pain to get it in. I love him though. I do wish he came with a Kira face though because all my other Lights have one and it would of been so nice for him to have the "I'm scheming something." with my two Ls all bug-eye or glaring at all the ebil Kiras among them. XDDD

But really he is one of the best figures I got. He has little flaws but nothing major or to stop people from getting him. :3 (now if only they bring out a L to go with him and Misa wouldn't hurt either >.> )
8 jaar geleden
doku999Just an observation: Wouldn't it make more sense to put the character background at the top?Well, I decided to put it in the bottom to give readers the "trivia" they needed on the character after focusing on the review. Just my thing...
8 jaar geleden
Just an observation: Wouldn't it make more sense to put the character background at the top?
8 jaar geleden
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