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Hey all! I've noticed that there is some commonly held belief here on MFC that you cannot post a loot post unless you spend a few thousand dollars and get insane amounts of things in one shipment. I am of the belief that even one figure is enough for a loot post! Plus, it gives that magical figure more focus and spotlight time!

Speaking of magical figures, today we have a rather uncharacteristic magical girl, Sento Isuzu from Amagi Brilliant Park. There are several other figures of her out or coming soon, but they just don't appeal to me, or are to expensive in my opinion. And really, the main reason I picked this one up was there was a sale going on, and she was the only figure in the sale that I was kinda interested in. I'm very glad for that sale, because this figure is pretty awesome!

Sento Isuzu Unboxing

This was my first Stronger figure, and they did a pretty good job. I do notice some of the lines are a little fuzzy if you get up really close, but from normal distances, there's no issue. The sculpt is pretty much flawless. Some people have complained that she looks different than her anime counter part, and that is true. This figure is based off the original light novel artwork.

Her gun has some nice detailing on it. I do wish they had painted the inside of the barrel black though. I think it would have looked more authentic.

Another common complaint found in her comments section is the positioning of the hand on her ribs. People claim that it is unnatural, impossible, or would be extremely uncomfortable. Umm, I've done it myself, and there is no problem. And no, I am not flexible at all. So I don't really see a problem with it.

There are two trade mark aspects of Sento that are present here. She is a former soldier, and has seen some shit, so it is difficult (not impossible) for her to smile, so she has a kind of scowl on her face. It's still super cute!

She is also wearing, as the young child said, her standard equipment, blue and white shimapan. This is a feature missing on so many figures, I am glad they included it here.
Panty ShotHide Panty Shot

I did experience one major QC fail on my figure though. Her base is absolutely amazing, but the peg for her left foot is completely missing. This was a real disappointment to me. She is fairly stable with just one foot pegged down, but not as stable as she could be. I've thought about it though, and it doesn't bother me enough to make me try and contact Stronger and try and get a replacement base. It would be more trouble to me than it's worth. I know it's not an opinion that is shared by many here, but it's my opinion none the less.

All in all, I am really glad that sale came along, because I really like this figure. Sento looks amazing, and in my opinion is smack dab in the 1/8th scale range. Not to small, not to big. My only real disappointment was the missing peg, but it's not enough to make me hate the figure. I'll leave you off with some more pictures under the spoiler, ENJOY!
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BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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Palluxz4 jaar geleden#9763985Oh my, she's gorgeous :3. I'll get mine after I finish watching the anime which I haven't even started yet :p. Btw great review, are you also planning on getting the Alter Isuzu?
She's on my maybe list. Not sure about her pose.
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Oh my, she's gorgeous :3. I'll get mine after I finish watching the anime which I haven't even started yet :p. Btw great review, are you also planning on getting the Alter Isuzu?
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If it's not a loot post then it's a figure review, if the loot does not have many items then the user just has to talk a bit more about the few figures he or she bought too make an article long enough to pass for an article.

That spinning sento though @-@ and nice review !
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I don't think loot posts have to have a vast and expensive amount of figures covered, it's just that most people cram it all into one post because it's easier than making multiple posts. Plus, the more figures covered in a post, the more likely there will be something in the post that a given reader will enjoy.

Spinning Sento made me dizzy :D
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