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I decided to separate my February loot into two sections since I got really tired of trying to take pictures of everything together and more things came in after I had already begun opening and taking pictures of everything. So let's start off with the crown jewel of this loot....

♡ Angewomon G.E.M ♡http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/04/1493917.pnghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/04/1493918.pnghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/11/1498392.png
I have no words to describe how pretty she is. She's just...amazing. And beautiful. And everything I ever dreamed of. I ordered her from JFigure and although her box came in kind of dented, she herself is perfect. Hikari on the other hand does not want to stay on her base. I have to stick her on at an angle and literally drive her foot into the base and wiggle it back and forth so she stays and even then she floats a bit. I do plan on displaying Angewomon, I just don't know where. She doesn't really fit into the theme on my figure shelf which is divided by characters. One day she'll find a good home on a shelf in my room, just not any time soon.

Let's have a moment of silence for the next figure....

Angemon G.E.M

If you read my "R.I.P, Takeru :(" diary post, the story is that T.K got decapitated during shipping. I contacted JFigure and they contacted Megahouse for me and a new one is on his way! Sadly all I have of him right now are his base and staff so here you go:
(...so tragic...)

Itachi Uchiha G.E.M
I just really have a thing for Itachi even though I'm not the biggest Naruto fan out there. His G.E.M figure is one of the most well sculpted figures I've seen. Something just draws me to him and I don't know why. Sadly mine has two tiny defects. The first is a dent in the plastic of his headband which makes it look like paint has been scraped off. It's very small but it just had to be on his face didn't it? The next one I can actually get rid of since it's just a little threat of plastic on his hair that didn't get sanded off. Overall he's amazing and I love his little crow friend. I also feel like he looks like he's bird whispering or something.

Akemi Homura: You Are Not Alone Ver.
How cute is her glasses face?! I personally don't even want to display her with the bow or anything other than the golf club and her braids. I knew I wanted to start collecting Homura figures and I'm really happy I was able to get this version of the figure. I suggest if you can find this version at a good price to buy it. She comes with so many little interchangeable parts.

Magical Nia
Her name says it all. She really is magical. I've been eyeing this Nia figure since even before I started figure collecting but could never find her at a decent price. Finally got her on an auction for around $75 and brand new! I really want to display her but just like Angewomon I don't have a shelf that she would fit in :(

Jeanne D'Arc Perfect Posing Figure
Jeanne is one of my favorite servants in the Fate franchise. She's my main servant in Fate/Grand Order so of course I had to go and buy this figure! All her little details are pretty spot on. She's also a figure that takes up a ton of space thanks to her huge banner. I plan to display her on her own shelf along with the chibi version that's coming out later this year and the FuRyu prize figure. I even bought an acrylic plate with her art on it to put on the shelf with her.

Akashi Kai Prize Figurehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/11/1498386.pnghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/11/1498387.png
I'm not even a Kantai Collection fan and yet somehow I've fallen into the trap. Akashi is my favorite ship girl and I've already gone ahead and pre-ordered her nendo and will continue to order any and all figures that she gets. She's just so cute! I have a weakness for pink haired girls....

Akashi Kai Trading Figurehttp://i66.tinypic.com/3582p3a.png

I actually somewhat hate this little trading figure. The stand makes no sense. It comes with a pole to keep her up and yet there's no hole in her hair to put the pole. She can't stand on her own either so it's really frustrating to try and make her stand. I don't know what they were thinking.... I thought maybe I got a bunk one but I checked the box and the Kadokawa sticker is on there so I don't know how this is supposed to work. I don't really want to try and put the pole between her hair and body but it looks like that's how it's gonna have to be when I start displaying her.

Princess of the Crystal Prize Figurehttp://i65.tinypic.com/vwsu8n.pnghttp://i64.tinypic.com/j9tx5c.png

This figure is literally so ugly. I bought her because I want to start a POC collection but man. I couldn't bring myself to upload these to MFC because I find her that crusty. I'm just gonna display her sideways when this POC shelf becomes a thing. The beauty of all her other figures will distract from this. It's kind of sad too since her box is really pretty! I know she's just a prize figure, but still. This needs to be put away.

Dark Magician Girl Prize Figure
I was not expecting this figure to be as cute as she is! My expectation for prize figures after seeing the one before this was really low, but somehow she's so cute? She does lean oddly which makes me worry for future display. What if she just falls over? Aside from her odd lean she is very nice! I'm surprised DMG doesn't have more prize figures, since she seems to be getting all the love in the YGO figure world. I can't complain though. I love DMG.

Those are all the figures this month! I'm very happy with all of these except for the POC one. We won't talk about her anymore. I'll definitely be sure to include Angemon in my next loot. Let's hope T.K isn't decapitated again! Thank you all for reading ♡
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pinefairy4 jaar geleden#7310351I got really lucky with her, I got her via a summoning ticket. FGO seems to give you better servants if you use the tickets and not quartz and thank you ^_^

Acually,I never got anything good from tickets...Now there is event with avenger and you can win 1 ticket a day and I already used two and got 2 3star CE :( It is confirmed that you get the biggest chances when you make 10 summoning at once(that's how I got my Saber-she was the first card XD)
4 jaar geleden
Halcione4 jaar geleden#7357311I love the format you used for this post. I may do something similar if I ever make a loot post.
I've been really interested in the Jeanne figure, but I find her size a tad intimidating since I have so little display space >.<
Have you had any difficulty finding a nice place for her in your display area?
I have a bookshelf with adjustable shelves so I made one really big for her, but the problem is that it shrunk the one under it so nothing can be put on there T _T She really is big, and her base takes up a lot of room. I haven't put her on the shelf yet. I'm debating if I should just keep her boxed because of it :(
4 jaar geleden
I love the format you used for this post. I may do something similar if I ever make a loot post.

I've been really interested in the Jeanne figure, but I find her size a tad intimidating since I have so little display space >.<

Have you had any difficulty finding a nice place for her in your display area?
4 jaar geleden
You had me at Itachi♥ Really nice loot.
4 jaar geleden
Aimmessanger4 jaar geleden#7291467Mega jealous of everything you got! Great loot! Ty ♥
4 jaar geleden
bambipie4 jaar geleden#7291919I really enjoy looking at your photos :) Thank you ♥
4 jaar geleden
solluxcaptor4 jaar geleden#7297900Your photos are so nice!! I love the magical Nia too but I haven't seen the series yet Thank you! And it's been a long long time since I saw TTGL, but I highly recommend it!
4 jaar geleden
Dizzy4 jaar geleden#7298906That little Taito Akashi Kai has the hole for the stand in her back! You slip it in between her hair and her back, line it up with the little hole, and then squeeze her torso and hair on top of it and it should go in. It's a little difficult to wedge sometimes, but that's why you can't find a hole in her hair. :) Ah thank you! I kept wondering why her hair had no hole but trying to put the pole between her back and hair seemed odd since I would have to force it, but now I know ^_^
4 jaar geleden
Frania4 jaar geleden#7298913So envious that you have Joan in G/O my only 5☆ sevant is Shiki saber that Was limited to garden of order event. And od course beautiful figures :) I got really lucky with her, I got her via a summoning ticket. FGO seems to give you better servants if you use the tickets and not quartz and thank you ^_^
4 jaar geleden
Necroid_Neko4 jaar geleden#7298969Those are some hella lovely photos! Well done! Thank you ^_^
4 jaar geleden
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