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WARNING: This post is image-heavy.

Last fall, I thought it was a smart idea to combine order on top of order at AmiAmi, making my January haul pretty big compared to what I usually get. I also needed a new wallet and was looking for something a little stylish, so I browsed through TOM to get what I needed. Although my bank account has yet to recover, I got a bunch of cute straps to add to my collection, some of which I have been wanting to grab for over half a year.

Considering how many straps I had, I decided I should finally make some display boards for them so that I would no longer keep them in storage. I dumped two-thirds of my entire strap and keychain collection into a small drawstring bag and left it in my purse because I had no room for it in my room. ;_; "I MUST FREE THEM!!!" In order to do that, I raided two dollar store craft aisles for cork boards and thumbtacks.

To start, my first order I received this month was from Tokyo Otaku Mode. They included bonus items like a free poster, a clear file and a sticker. They also included a little postcard coupon, but I had received the package well after the coupon's expiry date. Maybe next time I'll be luckier.(´_`)


TOM omake items under the cut:

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The poster I received from TOM is on the far left. I also got a Kekkai Sensen calendar [ITEM #389659] (far right) from AmiAmi, so I couldn't wait to hang it up. I really wish there was more key visual merchandise for this series; otherwise, my room would be full of Kekkai Sensen stuff.

Below is the clear file I received. I'm a sucker for historical settings, so I knew immediately that I wanted to put this on my wall.


The wallet I got is the FLAPPER Black Book Wallet. What sold me was the vintage patterns and the book gimmick. Little details like the bookmark zipper pull and the detailed book spine show how well-crafted this accessory is. The wallet itself is also very spacious and has many pockets, so I thought it would be practical to get. I put the book wallet's French title into Google Translate and it coughed out "The Naughty Puppy". I don't know much French, so I can't say if the text is accurate, but I do appreciate the wallet's design nonetheless. It's a bit bigger than expected, but considering how much the wallet can hold, I'm happy with it.

I also got a San-X Sumikko Gurashi coin pouch to go with the wallet since I always carry cash and change on me. Turns out the book wallet is enough to carry my change, so this coin pouch is sitting by my figures and other Sumikko Gurashi stuff on my tiny bookshelf.

Here's where the actual anime goods come in. For my AmiAmi order, the Kekkai Sensen Charatoria clips I got are on my shelf by my other figures. I've crammed a lot of stuff into one spot at the moment, but I'll make sure to make more space for figures later on.



I also got a drawstring bag, clear bookmarks, and three strap box sets from AmiAmi. The bag features Sumikko Gurashi... I couldn't resist. Lol I don't know when I'm going to even use this, but the design was too precious. d(T v T;;)


These are the Onimonogatari (ITEM #391908) and Koimonogatari (ITEM #391907) clear bookmark sets. They remind me of sticker sheets except you can pop the bookmarks out of their plastic template and use them.

I accidentally ordered two of the Onimonogatari bookmarks, so I'm using one set and displaying the other on my wall. This has not been the first time I ordered duplicates (GDI). It was nice knowing you, money... I don't want to go through the trouble of sending stuff back, so I might as well use what I got. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Next up are my straps! I have been obsessively collecting charms and keychains for a while; I've always liked how artists capture the spirit of characters while also making them super-deformed. Even when they're tiny and drawn differently from the original series' styles, good product designers can still make characters recognizable to fans. I find that really cool.

I bought Nanatsu no Taizai straps that I've wanted ever since I saw them go up for pre-order last spring. Unfortunately, I was tight on cash at the time and didn't get a chance to buy them. I also forced myself out of figure and strap collecting so that I could save up money. These straps were off my radar for a while until I got back into collecting later on.


Once I started collecting again, I went nuts with buying straps. The Koedarize R product line is really cute, so I couldn't help but want more of these strap boxes. I recently got into Touken Ranbu, so I ended up buying all four Tourabu boxes in this product line. God help me they're so smol For my January order, I got Vol. 4 of the Touken Ranbu Koedarize R strap box series. Sayo, Maeda, Nakigitsune and Heshikiri are my favorites out of this box. (*´ω`)o I do hope that I get the other sword boys in-game, as I'm not too familiar with some of the characters in this set.


To feed my latest guilty pleasure, I decided to get the Yawaraka Osomatsu-san straps. They're so huge! Each strap is 10 cm x 13 cm and covers most of my hand when I hold one of these. The illustrations are adorable and the size makes them great for putting on display.


This is how the Nanatai and Osomatsu strap boxes look like:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r333/Indigo112/IMG_20160219_141408_zpsg2aiygfj.jpg

Finally, I ordered a Kekkai Sensen keyholder (ITEM #381980) from Cabinet.

http://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r333/Indigo112/IMG_20160226_153436_zpswqdq4qt8.jpg http://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r333/Indigo112/IMG_20160226_153509_zpsut77pkrs.jpg

Cabinet makes detailed charms that are double-sided, so you can see a design on the back of each charm rather than a flat white colour like some other straps out there. The company uses a lot of textures and type to make the key visuals in their merchandise stand out. I really like Cabinet's Chain Collection and the fact that this manufacturer makes merchandise for new seasonal anime, regardless as to whether they're popular shows or not.

Now that I had all these straps amassed into a huge collection, I thought about how I would display them without having to drill holes into my wall. I initially tried putting up corkboards with double-sided mounting tape, but the boards and straps kept falling to the floor due to the weight of all the straps. Thumbtacks and cork would rain down on me in the middle of the night. I had to get up, turn on the lights, and blindly scour the floor for little plastic pins without hurting myself; like holy shit pls chill Considering how much stuff I put on each board, I wasn't too surprised that the boards kept falling (I was still pissed). I had also mounted my strap collection onto cork boards that had no solid backing, making the cork pieces prone to crumbling and bending. I decided to trace the cork slates onto bristol board and cardboard in order to cut out solid back frames for each piece. I then pasted the cork and back boards together using woodworking glue. The result was this:

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http://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r333/Indigo112/IMG_20160226_140550_zpsral2vcdb.jpg http://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r333/Indigo112/IMG_20160226_140316_zpsbugrx2ma.jpg


I prefer using the bristol as a back frame for cork. Bristol is much easier to cut and is also way smoother than the side of a flattened cardboard box I broke down the box my AmiAmi order came in and ripped off the labels. I had forgotten I had bristol board I could use only after I had struggled to cut out a piece of cardboard. The work to reinforce the cork slates with either bristol or cardboard was more or less the same, but I wish I realized sooner lol ("=3=).

ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ This is how most of my strap collection looks like now:







I don't have my PVC SD figure keychains pinned onto corkboards, as I'm worried about the paint being removed from the keychains after leaning on the cork for a long period of time. Since I've seen other collectors pin their rubber and acrylic strap collections onto cork, that material seemed like a safe option and I went off to make my own boards. Now that my initial strap displays have been set up, I've pre-ordered washi tape and am thinking of getting gift wrap to decorate the rest of my blank corkboards for more straps to come.

If you managed to get this far, thanks for reading!! I hope this wasn't too long for a first blog post, and if it was...

TL;DR - I hope you liked the pictures. ヾ(´▽`*)ノ☆ I bought a bunch of straps this past January and other extraneous non-anime goods. To get my strap collection out of storage, I decided to make some displays for them.
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Exceedingly jealous you got your hands on that Kino's Journey acrylic stand! >_<
5 jaar geleden
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I love the Osomatsu-san straps!!
5 jaar geleden
Nice display!! I like how you arranged all of them on each corkboard, there is so much to look at.
5 jaar geleden
nice loot, love that DIY cork board!!
5 jaar geleden
Second scrapbooking paper, gift wrap paper is very thin and not quite as durable in a cork board situation where scrapbooking paper is either the thickness of regular paper or a little bit thicker. Fabric is also a good option.
5 jaar geleden
looove your haul! I'm with you on the TouRabu straps... I ended up ordering all 3 of the Kotobukiya strap sets since I really love the way they design their straps orz I pretty much will now order any koto straps of series I like and am even searching for the ones I've missed. I told myself "no straps!" and only books/nendos but yeah, that went out the window fast o_o;

lovely DIY corkboard! I found nice corkboard frames at the Daiso near me for $1.50. I've only bought one for now but with all my straps, I need like 2-3 more >_>; Also, instead of gift wrap paper, I used some old scrapbooking paper as background! It really does make it look a bit nicer :D
5 jaar geleden
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