Santa Senpais(theyasminshow & Ardenor gifts!)Santa Senpais(theyasminshow & Ardenor gifts!)Loot

VioMarinerVioMariner4 jaar geleden
So this Christmas I got a surprise... two BIG surprises in fact.
Accurate representation of my reaction. I literally rolled on the ground yelling "ahhhhhhhh" and "noooooooo". There were two witnesses.

Big thanks to my MFC/anime senpais theyasminshow[THEYASMINSHOW] and Ardenor[ARDENOR]. I didn't expect anything and got surprise gifts. A lot.

First the packages. As someone who can't wrap gifts for crap and who doesn't get many wrapped gifts anymore I really appreciated the extra care and time both Yasmin and Ardenor put into such beautifully wrapped gifts.
From Ardenor

From theyasminshow

The cards with such kind and thoughtful messages❤ Left from Ardenor, right from theyasminshow

And here are the goodies... first from theyasminshow I received three art books by one of my favorite artists of all time Rco Wada.
They are from left to right, Green Workbook, Toka+Toka, and Toka+Toka2. I was not a huge artbook collector but these are absolutely gorgeous. Seeing the images in person makes me appreciate and admire the art in a whole different way. The colors are vibrant, each line crisp, and I love seeing stages between sketch to finished piece. I can't stop flipping through them, pure eye candy~ A must have for any Rco Wada fan! Thank you so much Yasmin-senpai for finding me such lovely art, and of one of my all time favorite artists at that. I know there was a lot of thought and care in the gift. I also kept some of the ribbons from senpai's beautifully wrapped gift @w@ hehe~

Next are my gifts from good MFC friend and long time senpai Ardenor. He surprised me last year; see blog/18665&.... I can't believe he said he was worried this year wouldn't live up to last. USO DA!
Everything from Ardenor. Two official poster prints wrapped up on top left.

Last year Ardenor surprised me with a variety of gifts, many of my favorite anime character of all time and husbando/savior Kaiki Deishu. This year I also ended up in a waifu/husbando coma. This year's star though was my #1 Waifu, Tsukihi Araragi.

I loved EVERYTHING I unwrapped, from tiny to big, they were all difficult to find items of all my favorite characters. In particular he sneakily bought me Max Factory's 1/7 Yui Yuigahama Animaru Exclusive Pink Vers. I had been discussing purchasing her myself with him but decided to drop the hunt as she was a bit pricey and hard to find since exclusive.
The first item I unwrapped though was THIS beauty. Comiket 88 Exclusive Tapestry of the lovely Risette~♥ I had freaked out about trying to get her right after C88 but the Y!JA prices, bid wars, and proxy fees made me give up the hunt. I had planned to make a knock-off version of her but I'm so happy and fortunate to have the real thing. I've never felt such a soft yet durable tapestry with a vibrant clear print.
The second tapestry I received and the beginning of the waifu wave was this Nisemonogatari scroll of Karen, Nadeko, and of course Tsukihi. This item is one of a handful of rarer Tsukihi items I received that are not yet in the database.
I also was gifted these two large paper official art prints of Tsukihi and Karen. Again, not in database. I assume the one of the right came with a Claris album for Nisemonogatari's ED(the Claris symbol is blocked by the Monogatari BD I used to hold the print down). Need to frame these later to add to the waifu shrine.
Last year Ardenor found me a rare official Kaiki clear file and this year he returns with a clear file of my beloved Tsukihi. I can't find much info on her but she was a Comiket 82 exclusive and also came with a beautiful drawing of Tsukihi, Karen, and Shinobu inside! I believe it's made by a doujin circle though the art looks very close to the official. Will need to nag someone later to help translate the message on the sketch...
And now for some smaller goods! An exclusive heart badge handed out at a special event of my beloved Touken Ranbu Sword Husbando Heshiki Hasebe. Followed by two Monogatari Rubber straps of my ultimate husbando and waifu, Kaiki and Tsukihi once again. Lastly a swing charm of Tsukihi in her school uniform with her adorable bob cut. Longer hair Tsukihi is love♥
Now that I have most all the Monogatari Lottery Straps I want though... Deishu Kaiki, Tsukihi Araragi, Meme Oshino, and Episode. Is there any word I can make with D, T, M, E? :/

All in all... well what can I say? I feel like one the luckiest girls in the world right now. I expected nothing from these friends I look up to and yet BAM. Not only did Senpai Notice Me, Senpais noticed me SO MUCH. Kouhai is forever in your debt.

More than gifts though the friendships you both have given me, with advice, fun, and always open arms is what I am most thankful for. The MFC community has been a gift itself to me and the friends I have made through it, I could never express how grateful I am.
~Happy Holidays MFC, my best wishes to everyone♡~
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
View spoilerHide spoilerArdenor -> http://i.imgur.com/hUjYz6n.gif <- theyasminshow
4 jaar geleden
Wow ! Great gifts !

Merry Xmas !
4 jaar geleden
Im PLATINUM happy for you!!
MFC people are great!
4 jaar geleden
You've found some amazing friends here on MFC ^-^ Merry Christmas to you :3
4 jaar geleden
That is a beautiful collection of gifts but it reflects a beautiful friendship which is even more important. What a wonderful way to reflect on Christmas.
4 jaar geleden
I am in plain awe of that collection of loot. It is interesting that your Senpais got you some wicked stuff. I feel I did not spoil my Kouhai nearly enough by comparison but at the same time it isn't a contest. The fact is we give out of friendship and merriment. Best wishes in years to come.
4 jaar geleden
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
View spoilerHide spoilerkotorii4 jaar geleden#5586723Amazing!
Ugh, I love MFC. So sweet of them! So glad your senpais noticed you c:
Tiamat264 jaar geleden#5586735Merry Christmas to you and it is a wonderful blog you wrote in commemoration of this 2015 Christmas season. I am sure that your Senpai's will appreciate it.
= )
Foreverzero4 jaar geleden#5586740That special feeling only senpais can give, priceless.SHSLdespair_girl4 jaar geleden#5586769You have such awesome senpais! they got you such cute stuff. That monogatari tapestry is really cute
Merry Christmas!
solluxcaptor4 jaar geleden#5586814Ah, such lovely and thoughtful gifts!! It's always sweet to see people making really good friends over MFC, it does bring people together :D

Thanks everyone! It's just a blog for now but I hope I can repay the kindness I received from them one day. MFC really is amazing for many things, I never imagined meeting so many friends and even receiving mail from all different parts. I hope in time I can become someone's special senpai so I can spoil them likewise!
4 jaar geleden
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
victorviper4 jaar geleden#5586706What a great collection of Christmas gifts. That Risette tapestry is awesome!
secretly-otaku4 jaar geleden#5587960I wish I had a senpai that noticed me, too TT-TT... but congrats for received so many goodies and for having 2 great persons you can call friends :).
That Rise tapestry... if that ever becomes a figure... gosh!

Thank you both! The first time I saw the Rise tapestry I had never seen that artwork and outfit before. Probably one of my favorite official artworks of her. Also hoping for a figure, if they can capture the bit of translucence and sparkle in the fabric it'd be gorgeous!
4 jaar geleden
I wish I had a senpai that noticed me, too TT-TT... but congrats for received so many goodies and for having 2 great persons you can call friends :).

That Rise tapestry... if that ever becomes a figure... gosh!
4 jaar geleden
Ah, such lovely and thoughtful gifts!! It's always sweet to see people making really good friends over MFC, it does bring people together :D
4 jaar geleden