October-November Loot (CS, Ami, Mandara, Suru)October-November Loot (CS, Ami, Mandara, Suru)Loot

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Since I've cut down on my figure purchases (along with the mass cancellation, which still makes me sad to think about), I'll have less to post about, at least in regards to loot or collecting. Regardless, here's the post about the past 2 months' or so loot, spread out over a time. There's something from Candysan, a little something from Mandarake, something from a MFC user was nice enough to pick up for me, and my first purchase from Suruga-ya, as well. Despite the number of shops, there's actually not that much here, though there'll be a lot of pics (as a warning). Without further ado, let's start off with the Candysan stuff.

Since I'm actually not eating sweets much of late, I only ordered a few Gachapon from Candysan; I thought it might be fun to not know what you'll get, though I had a few hopes in regards to that either way. The order was for 3 Nyanko-sensei things and 2 Vocaloid ones; I think I got pretty nice ones, in both of them, including that most bizarre Rin ever seen.


Out of the possibilities, these are the ones I got:




I was actually happy to receive that creepy as (cough) Rin, despite having no idea how you're even supposed to display her, since she doesn't really stand on her own. Miku's hair works as a support, so she has no problems standing, at least. Nyanko-senseis were pretty nice too, and the strap was one of the better ones in that set. They were ridiculously cheap, too, so I'm happy with my first experience with Candysan.

Moving on, I also ordered something directly from Dengekiya, using a proxy - it's one of 'em Comiket88 items, which made it difficult to get otherwise.

Since it's somewhat NSFW, it's only visible through the clickity click (everything is strategically covered, but better safe than sorry).

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The thing someone on MFC was kind enough to pick up for me in NY is no other than this:


I was extremely happy to receive her, and she's one of the most gorgeous nendoroids I've seen (or owned). Definitely glad to have her! I chose to set her up with the flute, since I've been wanting that pose since I first saw it. Here's a better pic.


As usual for these background ones, the background image was hiding inbetween the cardboard background of the box (the loose one) and the box walls, themselves. If you're looking for it, or think it's not included, check there (there's even a small note that tells that, on the bottom of the box).

I've not ordered from Suruga-ya before, but when I saw some SAO mini trading figures that I've been wanting pop up there, I had to do so - I used BIJ for forwarding, and included a bunch of posters in the order to justify it to myself. While you can't see most of the posters here, I checked all of their conditions and they seem to be pretty good (didn't spot any scratches or greases or dirt, at least), and one of them is even actual cardboard paper rather than the typical poster material. I'll try to link 'em soon so you can see which ones I got.





That'd be the set I was talking about. They're all lovely, but just look at this small Silica and say no to her face!


I also got a few posters from Mandarake at some point, but that was a minor addition.


The final addition that I've been waiting for is the Makoto (idolm@ster) figure by Phat; I couldn't spot any obvious paint defects on her, like some mentioned - true, the shirt lines aren't completely straight, but they don't really look that off to me either. The only complaint I might make is that her expression looks more like a grimace than a smile, at least to my eyes, but it could either be a QC error on my Makoto, or just the way it was made (who knows). I'm unsure if I should ask Ami about it, since it's still perfectly fine otherwise. I really love her dynamic pose either way!





That concludes the loot of the past 2 months or thereabouts. Hope you're all having a good Fall / Winter so far (though it feels more like Fall with this weather we're having - where's all the snow?), and that you've gotten nice loot as well.

Here's a bonus of something they're selling at the local Post offices. Warning for some NSFW (but no bare skin) and coughmuscleymencough. Under the spoiler for that "NSFW" content.

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Great loot, lots of nice looking stuff!
4 jaar geleden
LovelyIdiot4 jaar geleden#4580879Cool loot, I can't wait for my own Miku to arrive from GSC xDDD she's so pretty!! Suruga-ya is terrible for my wallet, I always find something there and I need to justify buying that thing by buying even more things, lol.

She's lovely, and the QC looked really good as well (or maybe I just got lucky). I love all the accessories!

Suruga-ya seems to be like a massive bargain bin that you just can't get away from empty handed. The treasure trove of rare goodies~!
4 jaar geleden
Cool loot, I can't wait for my own Miku to arrive from GSC xDDD she's so pretty!! Suruga-ya is terrible for my wallet, I always find something there and I need to justify buying that thing by buying even more things, lol.
4 jaar geleden
yaiba4 jaar geleden#4575462Nice loot. How big is Larval Rin? I was kind of interested in getting one, but wasn't sure how big it was compared to Nendo Petit/Niitengo figures.

She's quite small, about half the size of the SAO trading figures in this set. You can see the Miku equivalent next to a nendoroid in one of my pics, and the Rin is about the same size (though lying on her side), so you can make a comparison~
4 jaar geleden
Nice loot. How big is Larval Rin? I was kind of interested in getting one, but wasn't sure how big it was compared to Nendo Petit/Niitengo figures.
4 jaar geleden
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