Birthday Loot! Or something like that...Birthday Loot! Or something like that...Loot

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BIRTHDAY LOOT! or something like that

So! I never made a loot post before, mostly because I never had a real 'loot' since I only buy one at a time, and mostly prize figures or books, so it's not something that worth a post on its own.

But this time I have a birthday loot! Well, not everything was intended to be for my birthday, but they started to arrive around the same time, so I thought 'why not keep them to open only on my birthday? best idea ever!' (but it was not, I was almost climbing the walls, wanting to open them badly - needless to say that I ended opening them before my birthday, yeah!)
I also wanted to open all of them together with my Sakura figma (which would be my first figma), but she got stuck in customs, so I'm not getting her too soon.

Just warning you that I tend to ramble a lot (like now!) so I'll try to put most of it under spoiler tag, so you can skip that.
Also, sorry for the crappy pictures. I'm really awful taking them and my hand is highly unsteady, but I think that (almost) everything is recognizable

Enough with the talk, to the goods!

This is the loot!
As you can see, not many of them are large enough to fit a figure inside. Most of them are books, sorry about that

About the booksAbout the booksIn my country, customs taxes can be from 60 to 90% of the item value, so that makes the figures - which, for me, aren't that cheap - really more expensive, so I tend to look for books instead, as they are tax free
And since I can't read japanese at all, I look for artbooks (when from Japan), but I'm still missing part of the content *sigh*

Let's go from the top, shall we?

First one, from an eBay seller
Hinata Shouyou - Nendoroid #461 ITEM #248117
(I opened it before taking the photos hehe)
I bought a used one without the box, but the packing for the shipping was neatly done, he was well protected and arrived without any damage.
And here he is!
I never really wanted to own a nendoroid before, but I fell so in love with this cutie, I mean, JUST LOOK AT HIM!

RamblingRamblingWhile I was looking for him, I saw that his price went up a bit, and his cost would be higher than I was willing to pay. But I got him on an auction on eBay for roughly the release price. Although it was without the box, he is in perfect conditions and with all his parts. Since I don't really care about the boxes, I'm ok with that (his box is so cute though, I wouldn't mind having it >w<)

Next one is also from eBay, a japanese seller this time
Here we have
- Card Captor Sakura Atsumete Figure for Girls - 1st OP Battle Costume Ver. ITEM #227210
- Cardcaptor Sakura Atsumete Figure for Girls ~Clow Card Chapter~ ITEM #213908
- Cardcaptor Sakura Rubber Strap Collection ITEM #219807 and ITEM #219802
- Cardcaptor Sakura Earphone Jack Accessory ITEM #234204 and ITEM #234202
- Cardcaptor Sakura Ring Collection ITEM #228197 and ITEM #228193

The seller was selling these items bundled together, but I was aiming solely for the figures, I don't really have much use for the other items (I don't use straps or anything of the sort, neither have a place to display them '-')

Now they can keep company for my ITEM #227209
awn, now Allen lost his girlfriend =(

Now we have a TOM package
TOM freebies! A clear-file and a card, both with beautiful illustrations. I already got one of these on my previous order from TOM, and I got the same illustration for the clear-file. Well, it's a freebie and it's beautiful, so no problem!
And inside we have Tsuioku Toshi Ibun toi8 ArtWorks ITEM #326567

Some pictures:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/AY2SwJA.jpg

RambleRambleI've recently discovered toi8's artwork and fell in love with it, so I really wanted an artbook with his work. Since this one is a recent release, its price was affordable for me. I'll start to look after the other ones~!

Woah, another one from TOM!
This one is actually for my birthday, a present from my parents ^_^
Now we open it and-
Heck, another one of this? Now I have 3 clear-files from TOM and the 3 are the same. It's not like I'm complaining -ok, I am- but it would be really nice if got other illustration...

Oh well, moving on to what really matters:
- Tekkon Kinkreet - Shiro Side ITEM #56747
- Tokyo Ghoul ArtBook - Zakki ITEM #251060

Some pictures:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/FCWVeVr.jpg
wait what? that's not the kind of art I was expecting!
Ah, much better!

RambleRambleI have to admit that I never saw Tekkonkinkreet, neither the movie nor the comic (I'm working on it though), but I always loved this kind of scenery and this kind of picture (holy perspective!), so it was on my 'must have' list, but the prices never were cooperative with me.

So when my parents asked me 'your birthday is coming, what do you want as a gift?' and at same time it was restoked at TOM AND they had a 'free shipping for order over $30' running, it was a sign!
I threw the Zakki artbook in too, I'm amazed how good it is for the price. And number of artworks inside!

Moving on!
The next couple ones aren't exactly MFC related (well, one is about figures), so I'm putting them under the spoiler tag
View spoilerHide spoilerThis is from Amazon
Pop Sculpture - How to create action figures and collectible statues
Some say that this is a kind of bible for figure makers, as it cover many aspects of figure-making, from concept to final steps such as painting, going throught sculping, materials, casting, and others.
I didn't intend to have it, since it's a bit pricey for someone who don't sculpt at all, but I found it on good price, and before that I had the chance to browse a copy of this from a friend, and found its contents interesting, even if you don't work with it.

Some pictures:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/h78pu7g.jpg

The next one has a bit of funny story. It's a book funded via Kickstarter last year, that I bought 'as my birthday gift'... as in '2014 birthday gift'!
The whole process of creating the content, editing the book, printing it, transport from printer to the authors and finally shipping to the supporters took a while. But now I have it in my hands and I'm eager to read it! (actually, I have it already in a pdf file for a while now, but bought it in hardcover, I'm not going to read it on a pc screen, for crying sake!)
If anyone is interested, Valor: Fairy tale comic anthology about courageous heroines is "an anthology that pays homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales". It is made of both comic and prose stories from several creators.

Some pictures:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/3lOcROa.jpg

Moving foward!
The last box - the larger one, yay - is also from TOM!
What's hiding inside~?
As you can see, it was actualy opened by customs, so I was a bit concerned about the contents (were they still there? were they repacked carefuly or just threw inside and something was damaged?)
Fortunately, everything was ok, as you can see now:
OOOOOOOH YEAAAH! Other illustration for the clear-file! The card on was the same as the others, but I'm so happy with the clear-file that I don't really mind it!
Here we have:
- Amy - Figma #202 ITEM #144363
- Tsuioku Toshi toi8 ArtWorks ITEM #305509
- Mawaru Penguindrum - Hoshino Lily Art Works ITEM #109472


RambleRambleIn the end, Amy became my first figma. When I first saw her, I thought she was so cheerful that she pulled me in. I don't have any problem in buying a figure of a character that I don't know, half of my collection is that way (ok, not half, maybe a third?) but with her I decided to going throught the process of knowing her origins before. And I regret nothing!
I was scared at first while handling her, because I've heard that figmas can be fragile, and my only experience with them is from a bootleg (I know, judge me) that literaly fell apart in my hands. So yeah. Fortunately, there's a reason why the fake ones are cheaper ^_^

Aaaaaand now I have two toi8's artbooks! Actually, I ordered them together, while the other one was still on pre-order. But since this package was stuck on customs for awhile, they arrived practically on the same time.
When I was thinking about ordering one of them, I wondered which one I should get. I had little information about them, so I couldn't make a decision. It was when I had the brightest idea: WHY NOT BOTH? And so that was how it went.

After I already had two Mawaru Penguindrum's Himari figures, I decided to finally watch the series and finally know what it was about. What grabbed my attention were the after credits illustrations. I already had seen Hoshino Lily's artwork, and never thought anything about it. But the Mawaru ones I found to be very enjoyable - don't know why. So the book with her drawings was on the order

I actually opened all of this on the begining of August, I just was slow to write the post and upload the pictures, so n the mean time some others packages arrived.

From CDJapan we have:
Cardcaptor Sakura #1 - Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition ITEM #293668
I not usually buy japanese editions, since I can't read them at all, but I have some points in CDJapan that were about to expire, so I decided to have a look at this edition. The book itself is really good quality, but I was expecting some more color pages. I still didn't access the bonus content on the web though.

Aaaaand we have another TOM package!
I little funny story this time (not!), more in the spoiler tag
Little StoryLittle StoryI bought this last year, was sent to me in the middle of January. It cost me 10 bucks, free shipping and all. Customs decided to put on it a 36 dollar tax. Yep! I tried to request a tax revision, that was denied. I tried again, and this time it took 3 months just to be denied again. So I had to pay it plus 'storage fees' that they charge if the package stays with them for more than 1 month, or let it be returned to the sender (TOM). The point is, this kind of package never really is returned to the sender, they just vanish from their tracks (aka get stolen).
So it was one of these OR I could start messing with the customs and request over and over again for the tax revision (mind you, I only would have to pay anything if I decided to get the package). I guess they snaped out of their bs and decided to tax it with the correct value (6 dollars)

So let's take a look of the infamous package that took 6 months for me to get:
The suspense is killing me!
AAAAAAND! Yeah, a cup. A freaking 10 bucks cup is what they wanted to charge a $36 tax
So here the whole package, I sucessfully got a different clear-file, and it's a lovely one *-*

And the last but not the least (sorry, I have to!)
ITEM #246547 and ITEM #141422 bought from an ebay seller
Both to the "characters that I don't know but this figure is frigging cute!" collection, he!
The main one from this package is Kanzaki, Karen just went with it
Just look at her! She's sitting on a gear! And have a clock hand! I love this so much~

AND THAT'S IT! (finally)
Thank you for reading till here and putting up with me!
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Nendoroidoodads5 jaar geleden#3448625Awesome loot!
I like your amy figma, shes so cute :3

Thanks! I didn't had the chance to properly play with her yet, so I'm looking forward to do it!
5 jaar geleden
Awesome loot!
I like your amy figma, shes so cute :3
5 jaar geleden
Kirenisa5 jaar geleden#3446760Happy Birthday and very nice haul ^^ you have a lot of awesome items!It's has been a while already from my birthday, but thank you very much!

pacificrimming5 jaar geleden#3446870Happy Bday! Also your rambles aren't super long, I don't think you have to put me under a cut :D Valor looks really really nice and that Amy figma is super cute!!!!Thank you very much! I know, right? I can't resist the cuteness *-*
Since I tend to ramble a lot, it's better to put that way, so I don't need to control myself haha

Seiidaishougun5 jaar geleden#3446974お誕生日おめでとう!\^д^/
Happy Birthday!
lol at Tom for sending three times the same clearfile XD
Also, taxing $36 for a $10 cup? XD
That's the most bloodthirsty customs I've ever seen.
Congrats on getting ITEM #246547, I've got her as well, and she's great :D
While I've seen the series, the vast majority of my collection is still "characters that I don't know but this figure is frigging cute!" :D
Feel free to join my prize figure club: CLUB #1484
Thank you! And meet the brazilian customs! They don't believe any declared value, so they just put whatever they want. It's said that they use standardized values, but I really want to know what kind of cup they think is worth $60 (60% of $60 = $36) (yeah, they identified it as a cup...)
I already joined this club, it's something I really can relate!

KaigeKrysin5 jaar geleden#3447050Wow i didnt even know tom had different clear files. Got like 5 of the image that the small card is in, its a shame they dont sell them i looove that goldfish one!
From what I've seen, they have a lot of different ones. But for the small card it's the same for me, I have 6 of them, but just two different illustrations.

hitagicrab275 jaar geleden#3447094Happy bday and nice loot! Also, the two "unknown" girls are Karen Araragi from the Monogatari series and the other one is Kanzaki Tomoyo from Inou-Battle, respectively.Thank you very much!
5 jaar geleden
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Happy bday and nice loot! Also, the two "unknown" girls are Karen Araragi from the Monogatari series and the other one is Kanzaki Tomoyo from Inou-Battle, respectively.
5 jaar geleden
Wow i didnt even know tom had different clear files. Got like 5 of the image that the small card is in, its a shame they dont sell them i looove that goldfish one!
5 jaar geleden
Happy Bday! Also your rambles aren't super long, I don't think you have to put them under a cut :D Valor looks really really nice and that Amy figma is super cute!!!!
5 jaar geleden
Kirenisa I am a collector!
Happy Birthday and very nice haul ^^ you have a lot of awesome items!
5 jaar geleden