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Sword Art Online II / SAO II Figma Kirito GGO Version ReviewSword Art Online II / SAO II Figma Kirito GGO Version Review

ReflexDinobusReflexDinobus3 jaar geledenReview
Thanks again for all the constructive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: profiles.php?us...

For this review, I will be showcasing one of the main characters from Sword Art Online / SAO! This is his form from the second season, during the "Gun Gale Online" / "GGO" game and "Phantom Bullet" story arc.

From the very popular TV anime series, "Sword Art Online II", this is Figma Kirito (GGO Version):

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Here's him in the box:


Released as #248 in the Figma line series, Kirito in his GGO ver. is the latest in the figures released so far from the Sword Art Online series in the Figma line (Kirito Original Ver., Sinon and Asuna also have releases). This version of Kirito is quite popular and has received a few other figure releases already as well.

For those who don't already know (minor spoilers) the reason why this version of Kirito is so popular has a lot to do with the fact that he looks like a girl. Of course he isn't, but the body he got when he went to GGO looks very feminine in design; a choice he didn't make (it just happened that way).

I tend to say this a lot in my Figma reviews, but I really liked the older style Figma boxes. They really felt individualized, instead of just figures in a toy line. The front of the box just feels too empty...like they could have put a small close-up image of Kirito's face in the big blank black area in the bottom right corner or the design elements from SAO and GGO instead of just purple coloring or something.

Back of the box:


The back of Kirito's box continues the new standardized professional/clean design for Figma figures; making for an easy-to-view setup with plenty of images showing the various poses for Kirito to be in and accessories for him to use.

One important thing to notice is the photo in the bottom right of the montage: The one with Sinon in it. This photo will be very important later on in the review...

Putting that aside for a moment; one thing that is really done with Japanese anime figure boxes (generally) is great usage of space and using all parts of the box. This pertains to not just the back of the box, but the whole box in general; as all sides of the box (even the inside flaps) have something on them.

All of his parts:


Kirito comes with a fair number of parts. He comes with enough parts to warrant two photos for it, as some of the parts are actually in the back of the plastic bubble insert. Here's the list:

View spoilerHide spoiler-- Kirito himself
-- Kagemitsu G4 Photon Sword weapon
-- Handgun with blast accessory
-- Alternate sword extension
-- Sword motion accessory
-- 2 alternate facial expressions
-- 7 sets of extra hands (2 partially closed fists (for holding a gun), 2 open hands, 2 partially closed fists (for holding the sword), and 1 semi-closed left hand)
-- Alternate hair front
-- 1 Figma stand with extension
-- Extra wrist joint
-- Parts bag
-- Extra hand holder
-- Instructions


For some reason the two hands for holding the sword are packaged separately from the rest of the hands on the holder. Why this is is unclear.



I'm not sure when this started (with which figure), but recently Good Smile Company has decided to include the instructions for Figmas in both English and Japanese. They are the same on each side; just one side with one language and vice-versa.

The English instructions help a lot for those who don't read Japanese and only read English...even though it ironically says "FOR SALE IN JAPAN ONLY" on the back of the box (in English).

His instructions show the figure's parts as well as how to change out the parts on his photon sword (and their orientation), how to clip the unused photon sword onto his hip and attaching the fire blast to the handgun.

Out of the package:


He comes ready to go out of the box once the plastic protectors are removed from shipping in the plastic core. He has his closed fists and expressionless, normal face in place.

Kirito has all of the joints and abilities to pose that are standard to all Figma figures. He does have two extra joints on the bottom of his jacket (in two pieces), allowing it to move up and down to a degree.

Due to the length of his hair in the back, most poses for Kirito will require the Figma base extension for the peg in his back, in order to fit underneath it. The hair can go on either side of the stand too, however.

Alternate face and hands:


Kirito has a total of 3 different faces to choose from; this being the 2nd one shown: His surprised/slightly freaked out expression. This doesn't have much application, as it was really only used when he was confronted by the random guy at the start of the GGO game (when he was mistaken for a girl) and when he was talking to Sinon later on.

There are also a total of 7 different hand options; including these two: Open hands. These tend to work well with this expression, but can be used pretty much with any of them. Also as a quick note the sword can be clipped onto his waist as shown in the photo; simply removing the beam saber part and pushing it into the soft clip on his waist securely does the trick (there is no specific orientation to it; it can go on either side of the flat clip part).

With handgun:


Kirito comes with two weapons, one of which is his small handgun. This is very similar to the one that Sinon came with, but this time doesn't have the magazine exposed (a vast improvement over Sinon's handgun). From the rear it is easy to see this and to make use of the slightly open hand; which is in an 'about-to-grab' position (relevant for the gun about to be drawn).

He also has another feature only visible from the back: A rear holster. This is mounted onto his belt, and is designed to hold his small handgun. The other feature shown from the back is the joints on the bottom of his jacket.

Slightly under his jacket on his back is the Figma stand's peg hole. Due to the fact that the extension peg actually hides the gun's handle almost entirely when the gun is in the holster; it's best to show this pose without it; using the standard Figma stand's peg only instead.

With gun drawn:


Once his gun is drawn, Kirito can hold it in either hand. Sinon had a problem where her holster was on the left side of her body...a problem corrected by Kirito (who has his holster in the middle, facing his right hand; making it easy to draw).

Firing the gun:


Kirito has slightly less arm articulation than most Figmas in the sense that he can't easily bring his arms across his chest. The joints have to be turned in such a way to bend his arms across his chest, and even then it's hard to get the hands together to achieve this pose. Using the hand from the 'about-to-draw' pose acts as a hand-rest for his firing hand quite well, actually.

Adding the muzzle flash to the gun makes it look like Kirito is firing it, and it looks really good! The fire blast has only one way to attach, with the hole on the backside of it shaped exactly like the barrel of the handgun. He also holds the gun with one of his hand types, the one specifically shaped to have a separated trigger finger. The gun easily slides into this hand with no trouble whatsoever.

It should be noted that the gun blast is actually the exact same one as Sinon's; even though the guns themselves are different (the barrels are the same, as seen here: PICTURE #1264330 ). The only difference is the color...Sinon's is solid colored; Kirito's is more translucent.

With photon sword/alternate face:


While Kirito can hold both of his weapons at the same time and in either hand; Kirito also has one other weapon in his GGO form: The Kagemitsu G4 Photon Sword. This comes in the package with the beam saber part already attached, but it comes apart into two pieces (as shown before, when it was clipped to his waist).

The sword is made of a clear-ish purple plastic. The grip part of the sword has the connetion port cut into the shape of a quarter moon (better shown in the instructions); but the saber part of the sword is barely matching...it's hard to tell which way is the proper way to put it in. That being said, it does actually follow the shape enough where you can try to push it in and notice that it fits better one way than another.

Finally in this photo is his last expression; his angry/battle face. This one is best used for any action pose, and is actually looking slightly to the right for some reason as well.

Alternate holding position/beam part/hair front:


In addition to the ambidextrous holding of his weapon, Kirito can hold it upside-down or right-side up (an option he can only do with the sword; not the gun).

The beam saber has one other option: A swooshing motion. This is made with two parts: A solid plastic extension and a softer plastic swoosh effect. The solid part plugs into the same port as the purple beam did; although this time the peg is more defined in it's shape. The swoosh effect has a small notch taken out of one corner, which indicates which way it plugs into the solid part (there is a groove in the inner part of the solid piece; which is where the notch goes into).

Lastly in this picture is the alternate hair front; the flared bangs. This simulates movement very nicely and works best with action poses; but can be used in other poses as well.

With Sinon:


Going back to the image from the bottom right corner of the rear of the box; this is probably one of the most disappointing features of this figure: The lack of a two-port Figma stand option.

It's a bit hard to tell, but there appears to be a back-to-back Figma attachment accessory in the photo; allowing Kirito to stand next to Sinon. Sinon (who's review can be seen here) came out only 7 figures before Kirito and has a lot of interaction with Kirito in the GGO arc of the anime...and so after seeing the promotional image for Kirito where he's standing with Sinon, that was a big incentive to get this figure. To not see it included was a big shock for me, and a very upsetting exclusion for me as well.

In fact, making them stand back-to-back without it is quite difficult if you include the Figma stand. Since Figma stands typically plug directly into the back of a Figma figure with the figure facing directly forward; having them off to the side proves very difficult while keeping the figure plugged in (not to mention only one figure can be plugged in, given they are sharing a base). The best way to do this pose is to have them use their mutual backwards motion when standing without a base and get rid of the base completely; leaving them to lean on each other instead.

And it's not a case of an option to get it either: There was no special Good Smile Company shop-only incentive or exclusive...this was just an option either done for the promo photos and forgotten/not included in the final release; or a case of really bad photography that made it look like this was a piece that was there; but never really existed in the first place. Either way it's a terrible mistake and a real letdown.



Kirito is pretty good overall. Like all Figmas, he has great quality, excellent sculpting and virtually limitless range of motion. This is another great example of what the new Figma 2.0 figures are striving for. Kirito doesn't have a ton of accessories, but the ones he comes with are true to his character from the anime.

The biggest problem is with the stand and it's lack of a two-figure option. For being one of the major selling points of the figure (even using the Sinon figure in the promo photos); this is a huge oversight IMHO. It's one of the main reasons I actually got this release; so to not see it included is really a big deal for me. Also the beam saber's plug point could have been done better too.

Recommended for everyone. Virtually unlimited display and play value.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Please check out my other reviews here: profiles.php?us...
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With Sinon


great review!
3 jaar geleden
ZoidsFanatic (3 jaar geleden) #3271685Funny you mention the gun improvement. The handgun Kirito is using the the FN Five-seveN, which fires the 5.7x28 round as opposed to Sinon's Glock 18 that only fires the basic 9x19 round (of course with the extended magazine Sinon has more rounds... but it's an automatic so you can go through them faster). Anyhow, point is that the the Five-seveN was marketed as being an improvement over the typical 9x19 handguns and you mentioned how you found the gun an "improvement" over Sinon's gun.
Sorry, gun-nut speaking.

Wow, thank you! This was actually very helpful and informative! I was always wondering why Sinon's gun had the magazine sticking out, but now that you say it's an extended magazine that makes complete sense! Also it's nice to give the guns names too now; instead of me always just referring to them as 'guns'.

I only meant it was an improvement over the Figma's gun; as in the plastic part itself; rather than the real in-show thing...but I'm glad that my statement works both ways. Thank you so much, ZoidsFanatic! That was really helpful! ^^
3 jaar geleden
Funny you mention the gun improvement. The handgun Kirito is using the the FN Five-seveN, which fires the 5.7x28 round as opposed to Sinon's Glock 18 that only fires the basic 9x19 round (of course with the extended magazine Sinon has more rounds... but it's an automatic so you can go through them faster). Anyhow, point is that the the Five-seveN was marketed as being an improvement over the typical 9x19 handguns and you mentioned how you found the gun an "improvement" over Sinon's gun.

Sorry, gun-nut speaking.
3 jaar geleden
tomoko (3 jaar geleden) #3271610Wow she *cough* I mean he looks adorable ^_^

XDDD I know, right?! I totally feel the same way...I love her his look! Thank you so much, tomoko!
3 jaar geleden
Wow she *cough* I mean he looks adorable ^_^
3 jaar geleden
Tarthos (3 jaar geleden) #3271593good review :3

Thank you, Tarthos! Glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the feedback! ^__^
3 jaar geleden
good review :3
3 jaar geleden
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