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Figma: Link or D/ PitFigma: Link or D/ Pit

xanxasxanxas5 jaar geledenAsk MFC
Ok so I recently got the samus figma and now i want to make a Smash bros display but dont have the money to buy 2 figs so should i buy pit now and link later or the other way round, In other words which one is going more available next month?

Also where can i get the clip/suction cup stands for pit?
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Link is more popular, so you should get him first.
5 jaar geleden
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Link! He's a really great figma (I'm extremely biased though, as I love the series.)

You can find those stands on AmiAmi www.amiami.com/...
5 jaar geleden
I would recommend to get the Link figma first. He's pretty popular (even after the second release) and attracts also a lot of Zelda Fans who are not necessarily figure collectors.
I don't know how popular pit is (never played the games nor really cared about the fandom), but I don't think he can beat the Zelda fan crowd ^^"

Don't want to offend anybody. Just my opinion ^^
5 jaar geleden
I would go for link hands down! He has one of the best figma sculpts in my opinion and looks like he's just come out of the game. Pit is good but however you could suffer the pit waist problem where his waist will like to come a part at times. It can be popped back together but it can get rather annoying. Other then that it's a good figma, but I'd go with link. Happy shopping :D
5 jaar geleden
Really depends if you like Skyward Sword Link's design. You can find the suction cup/clip stands on Amiami.
5 jaar geleden
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