Berichten Review - Aya Shameimaru by Griffon Enterprises

  • Hey Drego.

    Really nice review! I read and loved it. You covered all the interesting parts of the figure very well.

    Its a shame about all of Aya's paint flaws.

    Also thanks for the refrence.
    9 jaar geleden
    OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
    While I have no interest in this figure, I really enjoyed reading your review of it!
    9 jaar geleden
    Impressive... Meza want her
    9 jaar geleden
    Drego Neko fanboy
    Hey thanks ... ihavenoideawhatsyourname ... wtf ?

    So karasu-kun's name is Bunbunmaru ... and the Hat is a Tokin... °.° *write it somewhere*

    Unfortunately i have no other touhou figure to review for now ... Except if i find a Mimoji's figure ! :D
    9 jaar geleden
    Nice review of aya shameimaru! I have to agree that griffon does make if not the most boring bases ever, not to mention sometimes the bases is ridiculously large, and a static pose does not fit a crow tengu like aya well. though I still love griffon touhou even though I still don't have one. xD

    looking forward to another touhou figure review from you!

    p.s: her crow's name is bunbunmaru and the red hat is called tokin. /another touhou fantard xD
    9 jaar geleden
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