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At Otakon this past August, I hit a figure milestone. A small one, but a milestone nonetheless. I acquired Powergirl, who is now my 10th Bishojo figure. Considering there's 59 figures in the line, I have roughly 1/6 of the line. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Sure I have a lot of Nendoroids and Sailor Moon figures, but these are expensive, full scale figures. It's the only line that I own so many figures from, which makes it more incredible.

I'm not sure what drew me into the line, but it was probably Yamashita's art. His artwork of Marvel and DC girls started showing up in places and then before I knew it, figures were being made and I was like, yes! I need some of these. Little did I know an obession was being born.

The following is the order I received them in.


Catwoman: This was the first I picked up at Otakon 2011. I love all the Batman girls, so this one was a must for me. I couldn't pass up the figure, she is just so sexy! I never understood her as a character, but I love her outfit and that she liked cats!


Invisible woman: I didn't particually care for this one. This was one of the first figures my husband wanted more than me. I think her base is neat and I think the parts of her that are going invisible are super awesome. The more I look at her, the more I like her honestly. I was never very happy with her hair and face. But I'm still happy to have her though.


Supergirl: The first figure I ever preordered. I didn't want regular Supergirl because I thought she was kinda plain, but when the evil version came out, I needed it because she looked badass. After getting her though, I wanted the regular version then, as I'm someone who usually likes having all the varients. After getting regular Supergirl, she definitely ended up better in person.


Wonder Woman: I got her for Christmas from my husband. No shock here, I obviously love her sexy outfit (no matter how impratical). I'm not normally big on girls with muscles, but Wonder Woman has them and she makes them look good!


Binary Ms Marvel: Sadly ended up missing out regular Ms Marvel, so when I saw this one come up, I needed it. My husband hated it, but I wanted it. That pose, that body, yes please. I was also always a fan of her face. So sharp and pretty. The orange skin didn't bother me at all. When she arrived, I was shocked as she looks way better in person! Her outfit has red sparkles all over it!


Poison Ivy: Got her for my birthday in 2012. She is my favorite Batman villian as I love her love of plants. I always loved how she used plants instead of henchmen usually. Also yeah, the skimpy outfit helped too. I'm also a big fan of the red/green combo.


Batgirl: Got her alongside Ivy for my b-day last year. I never really understood Batgirl. Which is why I passed on the blue version. Then when the black version came out I was like "I NEED THIS". I'm definitely a fan of Batman's black uniform over the blue. And the black/gold really stood out. I always liked the pose, but the blue did nothing for me, which is why I ended up getting the black version. She is really nice.


Harley Quinn: Definitely my second favorite villian. She's crazy, but sexy! I always loved her outfit and the opposing colors. I think Yamashita did an exceptional job on her artwork.


Powergirl: As soon as I saw the artwork for this, I knew I needed it. Blonde, huge assets, cape, nice legs...don't need to go on, I was already sold. Like Wonder Woman, she is quite the musclely girl, but she rocks it so much it adds to her sexiness!

I have so many more of the Bishoujos on my wishlist. It must be Yamashita's influence, but there aren't too many of them I don't like. The poses, the outfits, all of them are just so great that I hope to have a whole shelving unit dedicated to them one day!
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How many figures from a specific line do you own?

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Nice list indeed! Gotta say that the one I would love to have the most is Rogue ITEM #10287, but she's so expensive! I also love how Black Widow ITEM #10288 looks like. Still, not all figures in this line look too impressive, but there are still quite a few that look great! And there're so many characters Koto can work with.

I personally can't wait for a Zatanna figure. She's like my all-time favorite comic girl. She's so freaking hot!! Also, a Mary Marvel and Caitlin Fairchild bishoujo could be great! and how about Red Sonja or Lady Death? Ok, I could go on and on, but I'll just finish my comment by asking when is Koto going to release a Mary Jane Watson?
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At me a priority only bishōnen's. :) But!.. Sometimes I buy and bishōjo's.
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Tiamat267 jaar geleden#1731546Mintbunny you are missing a selection in your pole.
0 ( Zero ) unfortunatly I do not own any of these as they are not in my prefered genre of figurine. They can be nice and maybe if i diversify one day I will own some. But for now I have to answer 0.

Ah, it's not how many Bishoujos you own, it's how many figures from any specific line you own.
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Mintbunny you are missing a selection in your pole.

0 ( Zero ) unfortunatly I do not own any of these as they are not in my prefered genre of figurine. They can be nice and maybe if i diversify one day I will own some. But for now I have to answer 0.

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I have 4 Koto Bishoujo and wouldn't mind more. I have a shelf dedicated to them: PICTURE #687102

Before getting into anime, I grew up on western comic series from Marvel and DC. The quality of the Bishoujo figures is superb. I'm really interested in acquiring Huntress, X-23, Psylocke, and Black Canary.

Some pics I took:
Black Cat PICTURE #775343
Supergirl PICTURE #776915
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Although I don't know much about the series, this is an interesting article :) Actually I kinda want to see how Black Canary turns out: ITEM #144658
She emits an atmosphere that I really like, though I'll only decide whether to get her after seeing the prototype.
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Thanks for the article, it was a good read. Koto's Bishoujo's are great figures at good prices, some with even good apparaisal values especially the older ones. I kind've see them as vanilla mass market figures so the design is fairly simplistic. However lately, I have not been liking some of their recent releases especially with the face sculpt as they are turning out pug-ugly - Power Girl on your list being one of them. However looking at some of the upcoming line up, it seems they have some plan on doing a better job for future releases (let's hope).

I own the SDCC Limited edition of Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, which personally I like better. She sports a shorter haircut and has an alternative, I'd say more sexier outfit.

I wanted to get Wonder Woman, but I could never get over the navel that you could see through her armor. It's such an eye sore and I don't know what they were thinking. How could the company have missed such a blunder? That thing is suppose to be a solid metallic belt yet it has this gaping ugly hole. Even Yamashita's reference artwork doesn't even have this.

Binary Ms Marvel just looks like a freaky clown to me, so I opted for the original one. And she is a beauty. I think she was the first of the Bishoujo's to go larger scale being about twice the size of the tiny originals which now look more like action figures.

Supergirl has a nice sexy pose and the cape is done very well which gives that sensation of flight. But God, I want to cut off that dumb cat with the cape on her base which I think is just lame.

I still want Batgirl (original grey), Catwoman, hell... all the Bat chicks. I only have Batman's daughter from the alternate universe - the Huntress which my wife got me as late b-day present.
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Yes, thanks for sharing your 10 beauties. I'm afraid to get any of these since it seems like it would be easy to start a collection that wouldn't stop. The Psylocke in the black outfit is calling my name but I am being strong.

I love your Wonder Woman the most of these 10.
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Congrats on the milestone! ^_^ The only figure I have from the Bishoujo line is ITEM #41656. She was my second scale figure and I really love her- the dynamic pose, the base, the style... I'm really happy to have such a beautiful figure (based off of one of the cuter renditions) of one of my favorite Marvel characters. I'd love to get some more figures from the line in the future- namely ITEM #102789, ITEM #150617, and possibly ITEM #78318. I'm also keeping an eye on ITEM #175116, can't wait to see how she turns out. I'd like to get the black/gold Batgirl too but her price has skyrocketed everywhere. :(
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Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
I fell a bit behind on my Bishoujo collection, hoping to get back asap.. It's usually hit or miss with this line, thankfully they have more hits than misses.
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