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(。・ω・。)ノ♡ Hello!!

I'm selling all my collection except for my CCSakura, Touken Ranbu, Kirby and goods/media~ FIGURES ONLY and Pre-Orders


For such a devoted collector as myself this was an awful hard decision~ I love my figures so much but due bigger things coming to my life and dreams and goals calling for me I must part with my collection.
I don't have anywhere to display most of them anyway and at this rate they'll keep collecting dust and even have their box deteriorate (;へ:)

I do plan on getting them all back when I have the space to display them though but for now I just hope I can find someone who can give them the figure life they deserve ♥

If it's not listed in my shop is NOT for sale.

Pre-Order give away is only available during month of release
of each figure. Do not PM me about figures that release next month+

If I've taken your pre-order or we're doing a split don't worry~ I'm still interested in those and will pay my orders as accorded.


Can you combine shipping?
As you can see I already offer free shipping on most figures I'm selling~ shipping anywhere within the US is usually around $12-$17 depending on the size of the figure so no I'm afraid I cannot combine shipping. International fees vary.

Unless you buy 3+ figures I can deduct $10 from the total but that's about it. > <

Is it original?
Don't hurt my collector soul like this xD yes ! All my figures are 100% authentic bought straight from Japanese retailers. I don't own a single bootleg so no worries.

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